Top 10 Magic Kingdom Rides at Night

When the sun goes down at Walt Disney World, the party gets started. Well, not party, but nighttime is when the parks are best experienced, and most attractions that have outdoor portions are at least somewhat enhanced at night. At night, the parks come alive with a wonderful energy. This is especially true at the Magic Kingdom, where brilliant lighting, Wishes! fireworks, Main Street Electrical Parade, and more, all of give Magic Kingdom a fantastic ambiance that just cannot be replicated during the day.

Beyond that, the overall sensory experience of the Magic Kingdom seems heightened at night. The background music in Tomorrowland seems louder, the sweet scents from the Main Street Confectionery are more fragrant, and the Magic Kingdom is both aglow with color and more peaceful in its quiet corners. There are few things I enjoy more than walking along the wooden boardwalk along the Rivers of America in Frontierland at night. From the lighting to the lights of the Liberty Belle reflecting off of the water to the illuminated spires of Cinderella Castle in the distance, nighttime really puts the magic in the Magic Kingdom.

We’ve already covered the Top 10 Disneyland Rides at Night in a separate post, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at the best attractions are best at Walt Disney World’s castle park at night. Obviously, since the parks share a good number of attractions, so will appear on both lists, but many of our top picks are unique to each park. Let’s take a look…

10. Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid

Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid queue in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.For Little Mermaid dark ride information and photos, visit my blog:

The Disneyland list started out with Haunted Mansion as its unconventional pick, and so too will this list start out with one. Admittedly, this one is a bit more unconventional, but hear me out. I’m of the opinion that the Little Mermaid dark ride’s queue is superior to the actual attraction. I think I’m not alone in this sentiment, and while the ride experience isn’t impacted at all at night, this queue is significantly better at night. This isn’t just true in the outdoor portion where the waterfalls are beautifully illuminated and the rock work stands out, but is also the case inside, where you actually have a chance to stop and appreciate all of the little details when this line more or less empties out at night. Still think this one is a stretch? Okay, it probably is, but I think it was worth drawing attention to a less obvious one, even if maybe another attraction were more deserving of the #10 spot (my alternative ‘substantive’ pick would be the Walt Disney World Railroad).

9. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

A fairly simple attraction, but given Prince Charming Regal Carrousel’s location right in the heart of Fantasyland directly behind Cinderella Castle and directly in front of the Castle Walls leading to New Fantasyland, it’s a great choice for some beautiful views. Add to this relatively short waits at night (we typically walk right on or wait only 5 minutes), and it’s a nice change of pace and easy attraction to hit as you pass through Fantasyland.

8. Liberty Belle Riverboat

With its beautiful popcorn lights, and the leisurely cruise it offers around the Rivers of America (as noted above, strolls along the Rivers of America are one of my favorite things to do at night), the Liberty Belle could be near the top of this list. However, due to limited hours, it often stops operating well before sunset. If you have the chance to ride the Liberty Belle at night (the best chance is during the winter when sunset is earlier), take full advantage!

7. Dumbo

Dumbo missed the list at Disneyland, which might have been an oversight given its location. This Dumbo makes the list primarily not because of its location, which is actually pretty good now that New Fantasyland is fully open, but because of its beautiful nighttime lighting. When Dumbo was moved and its capacity doubled, it also received an excellent new lighting scheme that really gives it added life at night. Missing is that iconic view of Cinderella Castle, but the view is still pretty good, plus there’s some excellent lighting, so we consider the “new” Dumbo a better attraction at night than the previous one.

6. Astro Orbiter

Astro Orbiter is higher up this list than it was the Disneyland list, and that’s for one simple reason: location. In Magic Kingdom, it remains in its proper place perched atop the Peoplemover platform. While it is  just a simple spinner attraction, there’s something about flying throughout ‘outer space’ (and the future?) in that elevated position and  and the neon of Tomorrowland, it makes the list. It would score even higher if it were still on its elevated platform within Tomorrowland, which would offer an even better view of the whole park. Bonus points if you ride during the fireworks.

5. Splash Mountain

At night, Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom is even better than Splash Mountain at Disneyland. While the outdoor section seems even slower paced and more leisurely at Magic Kingdom, the bigger benefit is that Florida doesn’t have the same chilly evenings as Southern California, and you’re less likely to get wet on the Walt Disney World version at night. My favorite parts of Splash Mountain at night are at the beginning of the attraction, when you float by an elevated area with several birdhouses, and the end of the attraction after the drop when you are in a lower area passing through Frontierland. If you can keep your eyes open, the top of the drop also affords a stunning view of the park as a whole, including Cinderella Castle.

4. Jungle Cruise

I know that’s not technically a Jungle Cruise photo above, but close enough, right? Jungle Cruise is great at night because it captures the exotic and mysterious Heart of Darkness foreboding feel that a cruise through the jungle should have, but juxtaposes the ride’s normal wry and corny humor alongside that. As an added bonus, many skippers deviate from the standard script a bit more at night, especially when there are many children around.

3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Your first reaction to this might be bewilderment after my Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Review, which criticized the lack of show lighting on the mountain at night, but Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is still something special to experience at night. This is primarily for one reason: location. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has a key piece of real estate essentially in the middle of Fantasyland, with Cinderella Castle and the attractions ‘inside the Castle walls’ south of it, and New Fantasyland north of it. As you glide around the outside of the mountain, you have beautiful views of everything Fantasyland has to offer, with literally something in every direction. The other reason why this ranks so highly is because the details of the finale scene are much easier to see at night. If Disney decides to better address the show lighting of this mountain in the future, it would likely overtake Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for the #2 spot on this list!

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Big Thunder Mountain was #2 in our Disneyland list, and it’s #2 on this list. It’s this high on the list for the same reason: it perfectly embodies the “tranquil yet alive” ambiance in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom at night. Thanks to the excellent lighting on Big Thunder Mountain, the attraction’s nighttime mood is a perfect fit for what you’d expect from a deserted mining town. Plus, there are little additional details that aren’t really visible in the sunlight. While the Imagineers are great at designing artificial environments that evoke far away locations, Tumbleweed is a place that can’t possibly be fully ‘evoked’ until the sun goes down and the crickets start chirping.

1. Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

I debated over whether I should put a relatively unpopular attraction (unless you’re a serious Disney fan) in the top spot, but ultimately, I’m confident in this decision. You can’t please everyone with a list like this, and although many people won’t care about a leisurely ride through Tomorrowland since it doesn’t offer any thrills or “wow” moments, to me, it’s without question the best Magic Kingdom attraction at night. Not only are you treated to amazing views of the neon of Tomorrowland and Cinderella Castle in the distance (our tip: if you’ve already watched the Main Street Electrical Parade, ride during it for a couple neat glimpses at the parade), but you also can better notice detail in Space Mountain since your eyes will have adjusted to the light. You truly have not experienced the Peoplemover until you’ve experienced it at night.

Even if you can’t hit all of these attractions in a single night at the Magic Kingdom, you should be able to have a great night trying! If you’re looking for Disney trip planning tips, make sure to read our Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide.

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Your Thoughts…

Which Magic Kingdom attractions do you think get better at night? Any you think are worse at night? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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24 Responses to “Top 10 Magic Kingdom Rides at Night”

  1. Mike B says:

    Haunted Mansion! I know it’s indoors but nighttime is a great time to do this ride!

  2. Don Livingston says:

    I would give the nod to Big Thunder especially if you can ride it while wishes is going. 2nd would be jungle cruise which is awesome at night. And everything else is a distant 3rd.

  3. Abe H says:

    I know it’s not a ride, but the Swiss Family Treehouse is completely different at night. You also get a nice night time view of the castle and the park!

  4. Vik says:

    One of my favorite memories of our last trip is riding the PeopleMover with my 6-year-old son perched on his knees facing forward on the front seat of a PeopleMover car, watching Tomorrowland glide by at night. (But I also love riding Big Thunder at night too!)

  5. Rebecca says:

    One of my all time favorite disney moments was inadvertently riding BTMRR during the fireworks with my husband and deliriously happy 3 & 5 year olds. When the ride stopped, I looked at my husband and said. ” Let’s go back to the hotel now. I want to end this trip on a high note, and I know it won’t get any better than this!”

  6. Jennifer says:

    Your top 2 are spot on. Both at night are fabulous! Splash Mountain also wonderful at night.

  7. Dan Heaton says:

    I might put Big Thunder on the top, but the People Mover would be right there with it. Even with the less exciting Tomorrowland, it still is a great ride late in the day. It’s good to see the Astro Orbiter on there; it’s entirely different at night. The one that surprised me when I rode it at night was Splash Mountain. I was surprised by how different it really felt. You’ve hit all the big ones, but another fun ride for me at night is the railroad. While some of the sights aren’t visible, it’s a good break after a long day.

  8. Mark Willard says:

    Great list! I think I’d have to agree with all your choices, though if it were my list I’d have to put Splash Mountain at the top – night is the only time to ride Splash for me. Riding Splash at night with Wishes or the Electrical Parade going off in the distance = perfect Walt Disney World experience.

  9. Susan says:

    I completely agree with your list-when I read the title I instantly thought of the PeopleMover!

  10. Marcia says:

    Perhaps not everyone’s idea of a good time, but one of our best Disney moments was getting stuck on the Peoplemover at night. Our car stopped just at the perfect moment for viewing (and photographing) the castle. It was great. (And since we ended up having to walk down from the ride, they gave us universal fast passes to use that night.)

  11. DonnaH says:

    I have been on all at night(great list!) except the Mine Train. Dang we missed the opening by one month. I WAS lucky enough to be on Astro Orbiter during the fireworks and it was just exhilarating…so great I almost wanted to cry at the good fortune of our timing!!! I don’t think anything will top it!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      That sounds like a pretty awesome experience! Never had that opportunity, but then again, we always try to watch the fireworks from Main Street!

  12. Wes says:

    Great list! We love riding Big Thunder Mountain at night, it feels like a whole different experience at night than it does in the day time!

  13. Kristen says:

    We ride the Peoplemover at night too!! Not only do we like the silence and looking at all the beautiful MK lighting, be there is also an opportunity to check out the Mickey Mouse on the Contemporary. MK is so beautiful at night.

  14. Mendy says:

    I have been on Astro Orbiter with my kids during the Hallowishes fireworks. It was fabulous. The kids beg to do it every time now. BTW the Peoplemover is our favorite no matter what time of day it is :)

  15. Kevin says:

    I knew that TTA would be tops, because it’s AWESOME at night. Perfect pick!!!!

  16. Rune says:

    Nah, I think you’ve got it *exactly* right with the TTA / Peoplemover at the top of the list, people are always telling me ‘You can’t be serious’ but it’s always been my favourite ride at MK and the best time to ride it is definitely at night. You can’t beat zipping round Tomorrowland soaking up all that neon, and it’s even better if you can time it to get the Electrical Parade coming round the hub. =) Spot on!

  17. Lillian says:

    Haunted mansion for added creepy effects. Haven’t been to new Fantasyland yet so can’t weigh in on those. Agree with the others on list.

  18. Jeff Thomas says:

    Our last trip to Disney was finished with a couple of rounds of the Peoplemover (no one waiting so we just were allowed to stay on it). It was a great way to end the day. It seems a little odd that with all of the sights and sounds of so many of the attractions that this simple pleasure is such a fun experience.

  19. Sabine says:

    I totally agree with your No. 1 :-) I do love it too!!! And yes, I love Magic Kindom at Night! It is just perfect and again another land of phantasy due to the lights….

  20. Lori says:

    Loved the Peoplemover! Great way to relax and actually sit for a while and get a great view of the park at night. Bonus was seeing some of the Light Parade from above.

  21. Lisa says:

    We usually pick one evening to ride the TTA during the Wishes fireworks. You get a great view without having to stand in the crowds.

  22. Kara says:

    I’ve done most of this list at night, except the Jungle Cruise. I’ll have to try that! I was able to do the Mine Train at night during my last trip in May. It was gorgeous, seeing all the surrounding sites lit up. I got in the standby line as the fireworks began, and I think the wait was only about 15-20 minutes!

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