Walt Disney World Memorial Day Trip Report

Over Memorial Day weekend, we headed down to Walt Disney World for the Rock Your Disney Side 24-Hour Party, Star Wars Weekends, and just some general good times. During our first trip to Walt Disney World of 2014, we dined at a variety of restaurants including Chef Mickey’s, Cinderella’s Royal Table, both Star Wars Character Meals, and more! We also took a ton of photos, and tried out new-to-us things at Walt Disney World.

This trip report takes a look at our experiences during our 5-day Memorial Day weekend trip. This trip report has all of the classic elements of a Bricker trip report: little sleep, lots of photos, tons of eating, and an incredible adventure with Nicolas Cage to kill the ghost of Osama bin Laden. Okay, that reference probably only made sense to SNL fans, sorry, but it if awkward references and unfunny jokes aren’t your thing, it’s probably time to close out this browser tab!

We hope you join us on this exciting* and terrific* trip report! Bookmark this page as it will be where we organize the updates in one convenient location. Click the links below to go to each installment…

Part 1 – Rock Your Disney Side 24-Hour Party: The First 12 or so Hours
Part 2 – Rock Your Disney Side 24-Hour Party: The Second 13 or so Hours 
Part 3 – A Salute to All Things Epcot, But Mostly World Showcase
Part 4 – Star Wars Weekends PEW PEW PEW!
Part 5 – Darkside Breakfast, Princess Dinner
Part 6 – Ending at Animal Kingdom

*Both terms used liberally. We are not liable for your lost time if this trip report proves to be neither exciting nor terrific. 

If you like the photos you see in this trip report and are interested in having them as prints to hang in your house, check out our Disney Photography Print page! If you’re new to our trip reports, make sure to check out our past Walt Disney World and Disneyland Trip Reports.

For actual Walt Disney World trip planning tips and comprehensive advice beyond these quick and random tips, make sure to read our Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide and related articles.

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