Earl of Sandwich Review (+Hotel Stay Giveaway!)

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Earl of Sandwich is a sandwich shop in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris. There are also a few other locations, mostly at airports, around the United States. The restaurant has developed a cult following among Disney fans, particularly for its inventive “Holiday Turkey Sandwich,” which is basically like a mash-up of Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich.

Each of the Earl of Sandwich locations are unique, but they share the same common backstory. It’s an interesting story that combines true historical figures (yes, there really were Earls of Sandwich) like John Montagu, the supposed inventor of the sandwich in 1762, with a bit of fiction–or perhaps just a bit of truth-stretching–about the history of the sandwich. It is true that Earl of Sandwich’s founder is a descendent of John Montagu, but it’s unclear how many other parts of the story are true. Regardless of what’s true and what’s imagined, it’s nice in that it makes Earl of Sandwich more than just a generic sandwich shop. The paintings of the various Earls of Sandwich, antique books, and things like the “Sandwich Charter” all on the walls give the various locations their own unique wrinkles.

The Earl of Sandwich at the Downtown Disney location in Walt Disney World is always incredibly busy, likely because of its inexpensive price, good sandwiches, and very positive word of mouth. We’ve heard from many Walt Disney World fans who make special trips to Downtown Disney just to visit Earl of Sandwich! Given its prominence at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World, we think this Earl of Sandwich review is the perfect place to kick-off our second Downtown Disney Area Resort hotel giveaway. Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter!


If you’ve never been to Earl of Sandwich, it’s very similar to Potbelly Sandwich Shop. This is true both in terms of somewhat ‘smart’ decor of the restaurants (Potbelly definitely wins in this regard as there’s more to its eclectic style) and the sandwiches (Earl of Sandwich wins in this regard as they’re larger and generally tastier). Still, they’re pretty comparable. Disney fans may not like to hear that, thinking Earl of Sandwich is some sort of magical creation. It’s not.


Make no mistake, we are fans of Earl of Sandwich. We’ve eaten at each of the Downtown Disney locations in Disneyland and Walt Disney World, plus the Disney Village (same thing as Downtown Disney, just a different name) location in Disneyland Paris many, many times. In fact, we ate at the Disneyland Paris location every single night after the parks closed when we were there! It may seem like a waste to eat in an American sandwich shop in Paris, but all of the park restaurants closed early, were overpriced, and they weren’t that good, anyway. Plus, Earl of Sandwich at Disneyland Paris has free WiFi.


Each of these locations are sizable, but different, and each are incredibly popular. Disneyland Paris’ is probably the largest, with a smaller footprint but a two-story seating area. Disneyland in California is the newest location, having opened just a couple of years ago. Walt Disney World’s sees the most traffic and is the original Earl of Sandwich location, having opened in 2004. The restaurant has exploded in popularity since, and already has 25+ locations in the United States and one in Paris.


In terms of the sandwiches (you know, the important part!) at Earl of Sandwich, they’re pretty good. Again, my baseline comparison is Potbelly for those who haven’t tried Earl of Sandwich. At Earl of Sandwich, you order your sandwich, then make your way through the line, picking up sides and watching the sandwiches go through the toasting and preparation line before paying. Most of the time, you receive a buzzer after you pay, because the line to pay moves much faster than the sandwich line. Even if the line at Earl of Sandwich is long, you won’t wait that long to order and pay–you might wait ~5-10 minutes (at most) for your sandwich after you pay, though.

Earl of Sandwich has many ‘standard’ sandwich shop options, such as an Italian and a BLT, but many of these sandwiches have their own unique twist at Earl of Sandwich. My favorite sandwich is The Earl’s Club, but you also can’t go wrong with The Original 1762 (I believe that’s what’s pictured above–since every sandwich at Earl of Sandwich basically looks like a ‘sandwich brick,’ I typically don’t photograph my food here), the Italian, or The Full Montagu. The only sandwich I haven’t really liked at Earl of Sandwich is the Best BLT. That might just be a personal preference thing. My bacon was too crunchy, which is probably an unavoidable result with the toasting process.

While the bread is always fresh, the meats are always flavorful, and the sauces seem to tie things together perfectly, Earl of Sandwich is not the end-all, be-all of sandwich shops. It’s better than most standard chains, including Potbelly (I prefer Penn Station to both, though), but I’m not sure by how much. It’s a really good sandwich, and a great place to go in Downtown Disney if you’re on a budget, but we definitely would not make a special trip to Downtown Disney for it. At least, not at Walt Disney World where Downtown Disney requires a special trip and a lot of time. If you’re in Disneyland Paris or Disneyland, it’s a short walk and makes a lot more sense.

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Overall, Earl of Sandwich is a great spot for what it isWith that said, “what it is” is a fast food sandwich shop chain, and given that we can’t quite understand the cult following Earl of Sandwich has developed, with it being a must-do for many guests whenever they visit Walt Disney World. While it is a great value, we do not believe it’s the best counter service restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney (it’s a comparatively better option in Paris and California, where the competition isn’t as good). Still, it’s tough to criticize Earl of Sandwich, which does offer large portions of delicious sandwiches at a reasonable price. It is a bit overrated, but “overratedness” isn’t a good reason to penalize a restaurant when reviewing it.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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Your Thoughts…

Have you eaten at any Earl of Sandwich location? What did you think of the sandwiches? Do you have a favorite sandwich at Earl of Sandwich? If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please post them in the comments. We love hearing from readers!

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232 Responses to “Earl of Sandwich Review (+Hotel Stay Giveaway!)”

  1. Jennifer says:

    My husband and I love Earl of Sandwich – mostly because it’s cheap(ish), it’s delicious, and it’s filling. We’re fans of wandering aimlessly around Downtown Disney, stopping at the Earl and then having a sundae at Ghiradelli. It’s one of those perfect Florida afternoons.

    I’m an even bigger fan now that I’ve started eating meat again… I can’t wait for all the other sandwich options!!

    • Lindsey says:

      We like earl of sandwich but have only eaten there a few times. There are so many other good choices in WDW.

  2. Corey says:

    My wife and I have never been here! We would love to go whenever we go back!

  3. We always eat at Earl of Sandwich at least once when we’re at Walt Disney World!!

  4. Ashleigh says:

    Earl is almost always our first stop at either WDW or DL!

  5. Megs says:

    Never been to the Earl- if I win, I will have a full report!!

  6. Ashley says:

    I would love to try Earl of Sandwich! Hopefully we will be able to try it on our first trip to Disney Land this fall!

  7. Kerry F. says:

    Earl of Sandwich is a mist do for us, although they recently tweaked their menu and got rid of one of our favorites (The All American). Still holding a small grudge :)

  8. Jammie Hunter says:

    my family has never been. we would love to win so we can go in October!!!!

  9. Charlotte says:

    We love Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney in WDW, especially when we’re on the dining plan and have to use up some credits before driving back to Georgia. Specifically, we love their breakfast sandwiches! They’re a pretty unique breakfast option.

  10. Rachel says:

    We love Earl because it’s cheap and tastes good! The long lines at WDW are often annoying though.

  11. Elyssa says:

    I haven’t tried this place. I need to go next time I’m in WDW because I love sandwiches! Do they taste like the ones in The Land in Epcot?

  12. Lora W. says:

    It looks yummy. I have heard good things about this place on other blogs and I would definitely want to try it.

  13. Tommy says:

    I haven’t had the chance to go to one yet, but their holiday sandwich sounds to die for!

  14. Ginamarie says:

    We love EoS. My favorite is the Hawaiian chicken. I want to try their breakfast at some point too.

  15. Tracy says:

    Best value in all of WDW!

  16. Maureen says:

    We ate at the one at Downtown Disney. It was delicious!!

  17. Amanda says:

    Earl of Sandwich is a must have for us every time we go to Orlando. Never had a bad sandwich there!

  18. carol C says:

    They just opened one in the casino right outside of Philadelphia. While it is not like being at Disney it at least gives us good memories. The sandwiches are good too.

  19. Shelly H says:

    We love Earl of Sandwich and have visited the locations both at WDW and Disneyland.

  20. Carrie says:

    Love this place. Especially the Jerk chicken sandwich

  21. Melinda says:

    Love to pick up sandwich to take to airport on trip home.

  22. Tressa says:

    I ate at Earl of Sandwich after the Disney World Marathon! I think I had something with chipotle and chicken…what I remember most is that it was my first carbonated beverage in 8 months and I know I drank two cherry cokes! I enjoyed eating here!

  23. Nancy Jo says:

    Love the Holiday Turkey sandwich!

  24. Carol says:

    My family would love to try Earl of Sandwich when we are there in December. Sounds wonderful!

  25. Joanie Raney says:

    We just ate there for the first time, April 30. It was delicious.
    We’ll definitely be back.

  26. amy says:

    Somehow we’ve never been to Earl of Sandwich but it looks great! Can’t wait to check it out ourselves.

  27. Carol says:

    Can’t wait to try Earl of Sandwich when we are there in December! Sounds wonderful!

  28. Martha says:

    haven’t been here, but am certainly willing to try now that i have read a more extensive review about it!

  29. Hilary says:

    I like Earl of Sandwich and will keep it in mind for nights where nothing is planned or when plans change. I would not go on a special trip to eat there. My must eat in DTD is Raglan Road.

  30. Lisa says:

    Earl is one of the best counter service options at WDW. I love visiting during every trip!

  31. Lauren says:

    Funny this was posted today, I just walked by the Earl of Sandwic in NYC. We finally tried the one in downtown Disney in December you see what all the hype was. This was actually a longer line than what we saw in the parks all week.
    Definitely a great option if you don’t want a sit down meal while shopping.

  32. Chris Harris says:

    We tend to go on every trip to WDW, it’s not half bad. :)

  33. Sweetpea0830 says:

    I have never eaten here but would love too. Hopefully on our next trip we can try it out!

  34. Dawn B says:

    We love Earl of Sandwich, we try to go every trip to WDW.

  35. Jennifer christensen says:

    Would love to try it sometime!

  36. kiki says:

    I’ve never eaten here, and I probably won’t go out of my way to eat here when we’re in Disney. Especially after hearing that it is comparable to Potbellys!

    • YS says:

      I agree, not a Potbelly fan. I have eaten at Earl of Sandwich once, it was ok, but not something I’d do again.

  37. Toni Nuttall says:

    When my sister and I went to the Earl of Sandwich on our last trip to Disney World, we almost left because it was so crowded. I am so glad we stayed, it was delicious! When we got home, I checked to see where other locations were, but the closest is in MA, we are in NJ & PA. But the next time I go to Disney, I will be there as much as possible!

  38. Amy Wonsil says:

    Planning on trying Earl for the first time in June!!! Will report back what I liked :)

  39. Tammy Barron says:

    I love Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney. The one in California was being constructed during my trip to Disneyland so I have not had a chance to eat there yet.

  40. Nichole Williams says:

    Never tried this. I’ll definitely have to check it out next time!

  41. MSTERRI1 says:

    I love this place, it has awesome food.. Try the potbelly…it’s so so good. Downtown Disney has great food , and this is one you must go to.

  42. Kerry says:

    We’ve never had the chance to eat there, but it is definitely on the bucket list!

  43. Jennifer says:

    Earl of Sandwich is great and is on the Disney dining plan! Great for when the parks close early and you are not ready to go back to your hotel.

  44. lacey says:

    trying earl of sandwich in june. im excited!

  45. Jennifer says:

    We would love to win!

  46. Tricia B says:

    We’ve grabbed a couple sandwiches at Downtown Disney location before but generally a quick breakfast there the mornings that we are departing from Disney. We are early risers and the Downtown Disney area opens at 8:30 am – but that doesn’t mean all of the shops, stores and restaurants do! But Earl of Sandwich is open early and ready to make breakfast sandwiches and grab yogurt parfaits for the car!

  47. Leslie says:

    Yay! I want to win!!

  48. Leslie says:

    The Earl of Sandwich at DTD is great!

  49. Brian L. says:

    We make it a point to stop at the Anaheim location every time. Besides the food being great, there is always live music nearby and never a long wait in line.

  50. Sydney says:

    One of my favorite counter-service restaurants! I love the hot roast beef.

  51. Kevin says:

    I’ve only eaten at Potbelly once several years ago and was not impressed. (In general, I’m not a sandwich chain type of guy – lunchmeat and bread are cheap and I can make my own.) So I’m not seeing Earl of Sandwich vault up my personal list.

    Thanks for the review, though. Obviously, I’m on the minority since there are 6 or 7 sandwich shops within a mile of my house!

  52. Rachel Anna says:

    I love the Earl of Sandwich! We always stay at Port Orleans Riverside, so the Earl is only a boat ride away!

  53. Jennie says:

    I’ve only been to the Earl of Sandwich in Anaheim, but their Cobb salad is one of the best gluten-free options at the Disneyland Resort.

  54. Susanne says:

    I’ve been to Earl of Sandwich in the past and really enjoyed it. It’s a place that I would eat at again.

  55. Colleen Keeth says:

    Our family has not had a chance to check out Earl of Sandwich as we have not been to Disneyland in several years…though we are definitely hoping to have the opportunity to give them a try and send you our full report! Thank you so much for all your amazing reviews, photographs, and reports on all things Disney :)

  56. Matt says:

    We went to EoS at Disneyland 2 or 3 times on our last trip. It was nice being able to sit outside and it is conveniently located on the walk to Trader Sams!

  57. Kristin Weiss says:

    I love Earl of Sandwich!! Best sandwiches by far, and for decent prices!!

  58. Angela says:

    I love Earl of Sandwich; DTD’s best kept secret!

  59. Lauren says:

    I really like Earl of Sandwich (my first visit was actually prompted by the review on this blog), but a word of warning, the Disneyland location gets extremely hot inside during the California summer. Even with air conditioning it can be much hotter inside than outside because of the ovens and when there is a long line I often find myself going to other restaurants because I can’t stand the thought of roasting while waiting for my sandwich.

  60. Jenn G says:

    Can’t wait to try Earl of Sandwich on our next visit!

  61. Dani Moore says:

    Would love to try Earl of Sandwich. Sounds like a great place!

  62. Bernadette says:

    Would have loved to try Earl of Sandwich on our last WDW trip (first visit to Downtown Disney), but since three of five family members have food allergies (including gluten) we ended up at Cooke’s of Dublin instead (which was fantastic!).

  63. Linda says:

    I cannot wait to try some of these delicious sandwiches that everyone is raving about!!

  64. Lisa C. says:

    I have never been to Earl of Sandwich. I don’t spend much time in Downtown Disney, but other restaurants have always had higher priority when I’m there. I may have to give it a try.

  65. Jodi says:

    We love Earl of Sandwich and make a point of eating there each trip. Can’t wait to try the holiday sandwich!

  66. Kara says:

    We are just planning our first trip and Earl of Sandwich will be on our list of places to try in Downtown Disney.

  67. Laura B says:

    Never been to Earl, but I’m not overly impressed with Potbelly’s either

  68. shelley says:

    I have never eaten there but would love to have the opportunity to do so!

  69. Leslie G😔 says:

    I love EoS. We were pumped to fund kind in Vegas as well!

  70. Andrew says:

    Earl is great.

  71. Samantha says:

    I’ve never heard of Earl of Sandwich but what a great storyline and I love the decor…I must check it out next time we go to Downtown Disney..it looks like a lot of fun.

  72. Marvin says:

    We ate at Earl of Sandwich long before we knew it was at Walt Disney World. (It replaced a Blimpie’s inside a strip mall close to where I used to work.)It’s a good sandwich for a decent price, but it’s not something I would go out of my way for.

  73. Melissa says:

    Have had the Holiday Turkey sandwich and really enjoyed it. Will eat there again if we are near one!

  74. sue henifin says:

    When I win I will eat at Earl of Sandwich!

  75. Karin says:

    Earl of sandwich is usually a great delicious deal compared to nearby places. We usually go to the ones in Vegas and dland.

  76. Anna says:

    I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll be visiting in November

  77. Mia Schadewaldt says:

    I have never been to WDW, but when I make it, I will be sure to try it as I love sandwiches!

  78. This is a good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Short but very precise information… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  79. Lisa says:

    Our family’s first trip to Disneyland this past march. We ate at Earl of Sandwich and loved it!!
    The portions were big and we able to share. Love the turkey sandwich.

  80. Heidi Embrey says:

    We’ve only been there once so far but Earl of Sandwich definitely lived up to the hype. The line was ok, long, but moved fast. We found a table inside which was nice. I like the buzzer they give you to let you know when your food is ready. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to hear it in the noise but once it went off I realized it would have been impossible to miss!

  81. Jennifer B says:

    I can’t believe how inexpensive this restaurant is! What a great deal if you’re paint out of pocket got your food. I’ve never ventured into the Earl because it’s always so packed. Maybe we will give it a try next trip for some quick, cheap eats.

  82. Ron says:

    I have to admit< I haven't eaten here in along time. I am going to WDW in the fall, and I will have another chance to try it out.

  83. Lori says:

    Earl of Sandwich in one word…..YUMMO!!!

  84. Jax says:

    Have yet to try this, but it’s on my to do list now, thanks for the review.

  85. Katherine says:

    Earl of Sandwich looks like it might be worth a trip!

  86. Laura says:

    I hope to try earl of sandwich sometime. It looks good! Thanks!

  87. Gary says:

    I’ve never been to Earl of Sandwich but if I win this contest, I GUARANTEE that I’ll stop there during my Disney vacation!

  88. Emily says:

    I went to Earl of Sandwich for the first time in January, and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll definitely make it go-to spot in Downtown Disney.

  89. Liz says:

    I’ve never been to an Earl of Sandwich! We love to stay in the Downtown Disney area because of the convenience. Now we have something else to try!

  90. Robyn says:

    I keep missing this place, but now I am convinced I need to make it happen on my next trip! Seems like it would be a perfect ‘arrival night’ dinner :)

  91. Nita E. says:

    Great… it’s only 8:30 and now I want a tuna melt :)

  92. Kristen P says:

    Earl of Sandwich is the BEST sandwich shop in all of WDW. Such a great place to stop for a quick bite while checking out Downtown Disney!

  93. Brent says:

    We love eating at Earl of Sandwich, Hawaiian BBQ is the best!!

  94. Rachel says:

    Can’t wait to eat at EoS!

  95. Kelly says:

    My husband is one of those “make a special stop at the Earl” fans, and while I think it’s good, I do agree with your assessment. Potbelly breakfast is the best.

  96. Jennifer says:

    Never been, but it’s on my bucket list of places to try at DTD. I keep hearing it’s very good!

  97. Bernie says:

    We have never been there but we will definitely put it on our “must do” list.

  98. Gina says:

    I make it a point to eat at the Earl of Sandwich every time I visit WDW and the one time I visited Disneyland. I love the sandwiches there, I sometimes get the same one because it is delicious, or try a new one. I ate at Earl of Sandwich every day in Vegas, it was conveniently located in our hotel.

  99. James Phillips says:

    Earl of Sandwich was great. Would love to go there again!

  100. Wendy says:

    I am planning my very first trip to WDW and I’m loving all the info I’m getting from disneytouristblog!

  101. Christine says:

    We eat at Earl of Sandwich every time we go to disney. About every 2 years.It’s amazing!

  102. Mia W. says:

    I do like Earl of Sandwich, but as a vegetarian I am not that excited by the change to the Veggie sandwich…

  103. Kay says:

    My last visit to The Earl was March 2013. They did not offer a Ruben Sandwich! So disappointed because I thought I had had an excellent one there a few years prior. From my disappointment I can’t even remember what I ordered. Definitely good sandwiches though and I agree with the 8.5 rating.

  104. I would pay way over market value for someone to deliver me a brownie creme sandwich RIGHT NOW.

  105. Maggie B says:

    My husband and I are taking our 4 kids to WDW this October. This is going to be the first time at Disney for all of us. Earl of Sandwich sounds so yummy.

  106. Jen says:

    I didn’t know that their signature sandwich was the Holiday Turkey and that is what I had in DL. It was amazing!

  107. Dia says:

    Earl of Sandwich is one of our favorite places to eat in Downtown Disney.

  108. rosey says:

    We had extra meals on our dining plan at the end of our time under the magical dome so we used them at EoS to take prepared food to our next stop in Cocoa Beach. Those were some of the best we’ve ever had!

  109. matty says:

    EoS >> Potbelly. For reals, you like the Potbelly better? Anyone who says that must be some punk with a bad camera.


    Maybe it’s just the ‘suprise’ of finding a ‘value’ in the middle of DTD, but we definitely get a sandwich there every visit.

  110. Renee Jedlicka says:

    My family and I just visited the Earl of Sandwich for the first time last week (on our first “family” trip to DisneyLand) it was great! the price and yumminess was worth the walk down there!

  111. Cami says:

    I’ve actually never tried Earl of Sandwich. I’ll have to try it on our next trip to Downtown Disney. Thanks!

  112. Jess says:

    I’ve never eaten at Earl of Sandwich, mostly because we only go to Downtown Disney once a trip and we always eat at Wolfgang Puck Epxress. I would definitely like to check it out though!

  113. Jeanne Bancroft says:

    Haven’t tried the Earl @ Downtown Disney yet, but have at the airport… I enjoyed it quite a bit!!

  114. Susan says:

    Would love to check out the one in Downtown Disney, we’ve never been! They do have exciting breakfast options and are a great way to get a filling meal at not too crazy a price! Interesting read, had no clue about the backstory, thanks!!

  115. Carrie Bricker Sheeley says:

    Thank you for the give away!

  116. Andrew says:

    I have never been to earl sandwich next trip we will for sure how close to Disney world in florida

  117. Edgardo says:

    Never eaten here but will try it next chance we get.

  118. Brianne S says:

    Haven’t been there yet, but excited to try it in November!

  119. Heather says:

    We haven’t eaten there, but would love to try! :)

  120. Laura B says:

    I admit, I’m not normally much of a sandwich person, but Earl has gotten such positive feedback that I’m tempted to make the stop on our next extended visit.

  121. Carla says:

    Great food at a great price!

  122. Alan says:

    No idea what a “Potbelly’s” is – must be a Yankee thing. Bacon should always be crispy, the way God intended. EoS sandwiches are awesome. That is all. :)

  123. Christina says:

    We loved Earl of Sandwich when we visited in March. The line was out the door and it was worth the wait.

  124. Jim says:

    Is there a mobile version of this site, if so where? If not, any plans on making one?

  125. Michelle says:

    We’ve never taken the opportunity to eat here…..always mean to, but never do! I’ve only heard good things about the food!

  126. Caroline says:

    I have never eaten at Earl of Sandwich, but I may give it a try now!

  127. Erin says:

    Earl is my favorite. Love the Full Montague!

  128. Michael says:

    As many times as I have been to WDW……i have never been to Earl’s………….i must go this week and finally give it a try.

  129. Susana O says:

    I’ve been to the Earl of Sandwich a few times and I have never been disappointed. Try their wraps, they are delicious.

  130. Thanks for any other great post. The place else could anybody get that type of info
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    I am at the look for such information.

  131. Mariah says:

    I have never eaten here! Usually whenever we head to downtown we already have an ADR but I would love to try it. Perhaps I’ll wait until the day I visit Disneyland Paris and try it there! One day!

  132. Tiffany says:

    Haven’t eaten here in years! It did not look that impressive inside when I was there. There is a deli called Capriotti’s in DE/PA that has a Thanksgiving sandwich called the Bobby. My husband loves it!

  133. Erin says:

    Earl of Sandwich is pretty good in my book but it lost some of its novelty for me when I found one at a rest area on I-95 in Maryland

  134. Jennifer says:

    We ate at Earl of Sandwich for the first time on our first trip to WDW in January. We were all very happy with our choices. Loved the fresh toasty bread! Will definitely visit again.

  135. MJ says:

    I ate at earl of sandwich for the first time in october. The quality of food is good and we were both pretty full when we left. I agree that this restaurant is very similar to a potbelly sandwich shop in that the options are pretty straight forward and generic. I don’t think that I would visit earl of sandwich again as I feel this sandwich shop is pretty run of the mill

  136. Amanda says:

    I generally don’t like sandwiches at all, but decided I had to try out the Holiday Turkey sandwich on our last WDW trip to see if it lived up to the hype — and I loved it! I’m already planning on having at least one on our upcoming trip to Disneyland!

  137. Jennifer S says:

    We have never eaten here but will definitely try to squeeze it in next time we go to DTD (we don’t make it over there often!)

  138. Nikki says:

    We are looking forward to trying Earl in September!

  139. Natalie says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Earl of Sandwich, but it sounds awesome! We’ll definitely visit when we finally get the chance to take our family vacation to Disney World :)

  140. Matt S says:

    My wife and I keep meaning to eat here, but we just haven’t gotten around to it.

  141. Megan Marlow says:

    We have tried and tried to eat here, but the line is always halfway around DTD. Depressing….

  142. Ryan says:

    Agree with the review. We love Earl of Sandwich, but it is not anything all that unique. We do make a point to stop in when we’re at Downtown Disney, but we don’t necessarily go out of our way to head there.

  143. Brien Cook says:


  144. cait045 says:

    I would love to try Earl sandwiches!!!

  145. Melissa says:

    My husband and I love the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney (WDW). Our last trip we stayed at Saratoga Springs and walked to DTD almost everyday to grab a sandwich for lunch or dinner. For our upcoming trip we planned it so that we can grab a sandwich to go right before we catch the Magical Express! I just wish there were more locations.

  146. angel says:

    I hope to take my daughters to Disney World this year! They would love it! I love all those part and advice! Can’t wait to try all your food recommendations! Well maybe not ALL….it would take weeks and my waistline would suffer…lol!

  147. Tracie Michelle Trump says:

    I love the Earl of Sandwich, its one of my favorite places to get a quick bite at Downtown Disney. I love the roast beef sandwich!

  148. Lindsay G. says:

    Tip if you are in Tampa — There is an Earl of Sandwich at International Plaza (the mall by the airport!)

  149. Jillian W-G says:

    I have to try this place now! I am going to Disneyland at the end of May and I really want to go to Trader Sam’s and now here! I’m so excited!!

  150. Melissa says:

    Not a huge fan of sandwiches in general. I tried Earl many years ago at the Disneyland location but can’t remember much about it. Didn’t really stand out taste wise to me.

  151. Angela says:

    We tried EOS in Dec of last year and loved it!

  152. Margo says:

    We eat at EOS usually once per trip. We’ve also visited the ones in Newark airport and in New York City but it’s not quite the same.

  153. Karissa says:

    The lines at WDW’s EOS are often crazy. We don’t eat there that often, especially because EOS has kiosks in the rest stops on our drive to Orlando. So we get our fill that way.

  154. Hailey says:

    this is awesome!

  155. Alexis says:

    I’ve never been to Earl of sandwich but i definitely have to try it now!

  156. desirae young says:

    We have been planning our very first Disney vacation so I have been looking at restaurant recommendations and this was SO helpful! Its on my list to try out one day while we are there. Your pictures and post make it seem amazing :)

  157. Patricia says:

    Going to Disneyland Paris in 2 weeks– may be having to swing into the Earl for a bite and some wifi! Thanks for the tips!

  158. ktikka says:

    Loved the turkey stuffing sandwich!

  159. LeeSandra says:

    I’m not a big sandwich fan, so I’m not sure if I’ll ever get here. Will be in Disney in 18 days and the rest of my group does like sandwiches. Since we are staying at OKW I might just tell them about EOS as a QS option.
    Thanks for the post!

  160. Brian T. says:

    SANDWICHES! I am a fairly large sandwich and Disney fan. So yes!

  161. Erin P says:

    Thanks a bunch for posting this review! We frequent Downtown Disney, but have yet to try this one. Mostly, because I see it, and go eh, it’s a sandwich shop, but given how much I’ve seen you highly recommend it, it will definitely be the place we eat the next time we go. :)

  162. Jamie says:

    I eat at Earl of Sandwich pretty much every time I see one at an airport, but never at a Disney resort (so far). I always just feel like there are better options. I very much agree that Earl of Sandwich is quite good, for what it is.

  163. Megan M says:

    Earl of Sandwich is delicious! I haven’t been to the Downtown Disney one, though!

  164. Shae622 says:

    One of my favorite spots @ Downtown Disney

  165. Brittany says:

    It’s a rare thing to find a truly good, unique sandwich. I’m pretty excited to check out Earl of Sandwich!

  166. Sara B. says:

    Love Earl of Sandwich! The Turkey Holiday is my favorite!

  167. Brynn says:

    I have never eaten there, but will have to try it.

  168. Jeff Thomas says:

    I have never been to this restaurant, but hope to make a stop there the next time I am able to travel to the World.

  169. Lisa Zentner Koelsch says:

    The holiday sandwich is the best! Can’t wait to go back in November and have one!

  170. serene says:

    We love Earl of sandwich and love that it is a place where we can eat that won’t break the bank.

  171. Sarah says:

    This sounds like a great place to try. Will need to do that the next time we go.

  172. Greg says:

    Been a long time since I’ve eaten at earl of sandwich.

  173. Katharina says:

    We agree that it is a good place to eat if you are there but would not go out of our way for it.

  174. Marisa Daniel says:

    Ive never eaten at an Earl of Sandwich but I can’t think of a better place than DTD to try it out!

  175. Angie says:

    I love the Earl of Sandwich. I went for my birthday!

  176. Vicki says:

    Haven’t been there yet, but I have heard great things! Definitely on our to-do list.

  177. Alison Herges says:

    Sounds like a great place to try!

  178. Tami says:

    We’re going to Disneyland soon so I would love to try this place! I love a good sandwich!

  179. Becky says:

    Never tried Earl, but would love to get back to Disney with my kids and try it!

  180. Susan says:

    It’s ‘fine’ but so many other options out there!

  181. Stephanie S. says:

    My husband and I have not eaten here but we have tried so many other things based on your recommendations and haven’t gone wrong yet! Thanks for sharing all your insight!

  182. Will says:

    We loved EOS — awesome value for Disney!!

  183. Patricia says:

    I haven’t been here but from the article and all the reviews I will definitely be stopping by the next time we go to Disney. It sounds awesome and I can’t wait to try it.

  184. McKenzie says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  185. Page says:


  186. Kr426 says:

    Excited to try it!

  187. anifled says:

    Never been to Earl of Sandwich but definitely looking forward to trying it on our next trip!

  188. Amanda says:

    I haven’t tried this yet; however we are visiting in September!

  189. Doug says:

    Never been there. Can’t wait to try Earl’s

  190. Loree says:

    Sounds good! We will have to try Earl of Sandwich next time we are there.

  191. Marc says:

    Never been there but I’ll have to try.

  192. Erica says:

    I love earl of sandwich!!!

  193. Christina C says:

    I love Earl of Sandwich. My best friend worked there when we were in high school!

  194. Sara Swain Roberts says:

    Love Earl of Sandwich. I always get the holiday sandwich ego hen we go in October. Thanksgiving dinner between two delicious pieces of bread, yes please!!!!!

  195. Elisa says:

    We love Earl of Sandwich, and try to go every time we are in WDW!!:) It is inexpensive for our family of 5 to eat there, and the food is delicious!

  196. Chris says:

    We ate there on our September 2013 trip. Long lines, but they moved much faster than we expected. Sandwiches were delicious and filling.

  197. Sasha says:

    Next up will be the brownie sandwich!

  198. Kelly S. says:

    Love the Earl of Sandwich! My friend and I ate there twice during our 3-day visit last spring.

  199. Kristina S says:

    We weren’t able to eat the last time we visited because the line was wrapped around the building! I would love to try it.

  200. Patty Sanchez says:

    Next year, we will definitely make a detour to pass by & try this place out! Thank you for all the reviews & effort put into them!

  201. Heather S says:

    I’ve never been but it looks seriously amazing! Those books are out of this world!

  202. Brian H says:

    Really enjoyed grabbing breakfast here on an early, quiet stroll around Downtown Disney in Orlando. Planning on going again next trip!

  203. Donna says:

    I’ve only been to EOS once to have the holiday sandwich which was great. I plan to go back but….so many food options…so little time! Thanks for the chance to win!

  204. Melly1075 says:

    I agree! While its not my favorite quick service spot its worth the mention! I do love the holiday sandwich though!

  205. Audrey Moore says:

    I guess I’ll finally try it! Walked by it many times at Disneyland’s downtown disney.

  206. Jay says:

    A favorite eating spot in WDW’s Downtown Disney. Even if we don’t get a sandwich it is worth stopping in for the Earl Grey Lemonade (their version of an Arnold Palmer). On top of that, you can get a discount there. The AAA discount surpasses that of DVC or AP.

  207. Jay says:

    A favorite eating spot in WDW’s Downtown Disney. Even if we don’t get a sandwich it is worth stopping in for the Earl Grey Lemonade (their version of an Arnold Palmer). On top of that, you can get a discount there. The AAA discount surpasses that of DVC or AP.

  208. Rob says:

    Haven’t been to the one in Downtown, but I love Earl of Sandwich. On my next trip to Disney, I will definitely make a stop! The original sandwich is my favorite.

  209. Erin says:

    I love Earl of Sandwich! Great place and fast, too. Hoping to go next trip.

  210. Izzy says:

    When my family and I go next year to WDW, we are for sure going to go there and get sandwiches!

  211. Katie V. says:

    My husband are looking to take our 4 year old daughter for her (and my!) first time. This place sounds like it is right up our alley!

  212. Amber says:

    My husband and I are going to try this when we get to Orlando next week! Looks tasty!

  213. Andy says:

    Earl of Sandwich has great sandwiches but on the dining plan at least, it’s a waste of a meal. :( Learned that the hard way.

  214. Ashley Tucker says:

    Earl of Sandwich looks good!

  215. May H says:

    I’ve tried Earl of Sandwich on prior trips and I agree that it tastes like Potbelly!

  216. Angela Lick-Davis says:

    We went to EOS last December for the first time…even though it was busy, the lines moved fast. We all loved our food and will certainly go back!

  217. Mickey says:

    Having visited with my family since 1984 (birth), and twice a year after I have actually never eaten at the Earl! I’ve heard great things from friends and read about it on your blog… Perhaps it’s time I finally visit this October!

  218. Andy says:

    Love Earl of Sandwich, however the last time we were there we couldn’t even get in the door.

  219. Jessica Sellers says:

    I would love to win.

  220. Bethany says:

    Sign up for earl of sandwich birthday club and recieve a free sandwich the month of your birthday!

  221. chris says:

    1762 is so good!

  222. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for the great review. I look forward to trying this on our next trip!

  223. steve r says:

    Have one in Houston, going to try before Disney

  224. Sarah C. says:

    Never been to EoS, but have always wanted to! I’ve got my eye on trying the Hawaiian BBQ and Holiday sandwiches! :)

  225. Sam C says:

    We’ve never eaten yet but it sounds like our kind of place!

  226. Andrew says:

    Hi Tom,

    As you can see by the number of comments being left… the cult is going strong! I am myself a member and was hooked the minute I took my first bite.

    Earl’s is fast service, friendly, and delicious sandwiches. I’ve had the salads as well and some of the sides and everything is very very good given the price. You really can’t beat $6 for a great sandwich that they pack quite full of ingredients and the BREAD. oh my god the bread.

    I love the carribean jerk chicken sandwich. I usually eat there as many times as I can when I visit WDW.

  227. L.H. Puttgrass says:


  228. Jenny says:

    We love Earl of Sandwich! It’s a tradition for us every time with vacation at WDW!

  229. Cristi says:

    We have never eaten there. Sounds good, though! We are heading back to Disney in July at Polynesian and Old Key West- will have to stop in!

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