Main Street Electrical Parade Disney Photos

Main Street Electrical Parade long exposure photo! For more MSEP photos, visit:

The Main Street Electrical Parade returned to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 2010 for the “Summer Nightastic!” celebration. It came from Disney California Adventure (before that, Disneyland), and had its name changed to Disney’s Electrical Light Parade there due to Disney California Adventure having no Main Street. The Main Street Electrical parade is a nighttime parade that uses enhanced lighting technology, like LED and special effects.

There have been on-and-off rumors that the Main Street Electrical Parade would return to Disneyland at some point, but as of 2013, the strongest rumor suggests that if Disneyland Resort gets another light parade, it will be a brand new one, and won’t be for at least a couple more years.

If you’re more of a SpectroMagic fan, visit our SpectroMagic photo gallery!

Here is a gallery of some of our favorite Main Street Electrical Parade photos:

Pete and his dragon, Elliott, in the Main Street Electrical Parade! For more MSEP photos, visit:

Main carts full of treasure (and a dwarf!) in the Main Street Electrical Parade in Walt Disney World. For more MSEP photos, visit:

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10 Responses to “Main Street Electrical Parade Disney Photos”

  1. Sara says:

    Random thought: have you ever made/thought about making moo cards with your photos? One of my photographer friends (I have zero skill with a camera) showed me hers and told me about how people collect/display photography ones. Anyways, I bet yours would make an an amazing collage if you did make some!

  2. Angela says:

    The photos are beautiful. What settings were used to take them? I am planning on being there for the 40th and would love to get some beautiful pictures. I will be using a Canon T1i.

  3. Beautiful photos! I’m not very good (read: BAD) at night photography. Can you point me to any of your blog posts that define the steps for good night photos? I’ll also be doing a search for posts, but thought you might know some off the top of your head.


  4. Travis says:

    Amazing photos! Love the first two, it really captures the spirit of MSEP. :)

  5. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE Main Street Electrical Parade!! It’s my favorite Disney parade. Pete’s Dragon is awesome, but my favorite are the spinning bugs!! I love them!

  6. mitch says:

    Tom, do you think something like a Sony RX-100 or NEX-5 with kit lens could approach photos of this quality of the parade? I’m having a really hard time deciding between those options and a Nikon 5100 with a 35mm prime. I’d really prefer to have something smaller than a DSLR but still want to get good images from night parades etc.

    • mitch says:

      N/M- I got your e-mail.

      For those wondering- Tom’s response was:

      I think you could pull off what you want to do with any of the three cameras, but the D5100 is your best option if you want high quality photos–especially if you’re not going to be carrying around a tripod.

      I would eliminate the NEX from consideration. If it can’t fit in your pocket, why not just get a DSLR? Lots of people love the NEX system, though, so that might just be my bias.

      The RX100 is a great camera, and if you REALLY don’t want to carry around a DSLR, it’s a good option, but you might find the quality lacking for your purposes.

      Hope that helps.


    • Joy says:

      I hope you don’t mind if I chime in on this, as I own both a Nikon D5100 and a Sony @nex camera. I always bring both of them to Disney, and have found that the Nikon is better for daytime shots, parade shots, and firework shots. I find that the Sony nex is better at taking photos inside the rides without a flash, taking panorama shots of the park, and taking photos of the outside of the rides at night with all of the lights. The only issue with the nex that I have for fireworks is that it is hard to take photos of them without a viewfinder. So I honestly think that for shots of a night time parade, either camera would be great, but the sony is so much smaller, lighter, and with certain things takes much better photos in low light or darkness.

  7. Susan Mills says:

    I remember seeing a post from last year that “SpectroMagic” parade was supposed to be returning to Disney World this month! (P.S.–I am definitely a fan of “SpectroMagic!” I like the MSEP; but, SM is my “favorite!”)– :)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      That was the plan at one point, but I think it has been determined that SpectroMagic floats are in no condition to be used again…ever.

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