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Mickey’s Penthouse Suite is a Mickey Mouse themed room in Tokyo Disney Resort’s Ambassador Hotel. With a nightly rate of ¥300,000, it is one of the most expensive Disney hotel rooms in the world. This coupled with its Mickey Mouse meets pop-culture stylization, makes it one of the most interesting Disney hotel rooms in the world, too. I had the chance to tour this cool hotel room (no, unfortunately I didn’t spend the night!), and thought I’d give you a peak inside.

Before we get to the suite itself, a little background about Disney Ambassador Hotel is in order. It was the first Disney-branded hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort, opening in 1996. While Tokyo Disneyland Hotel overlooks Tokyo Disneyland and Hotel MiraCosta is literally inside of Tokyo DisneySea, the Ambassador is located adjacent to Ikspiari, Tokyo’s version of Downtown Disney. Because overlooking a shopping complex isn’t quite as cool as overlooking a theme park, the Ambassador is the least popular of the Tokyo Disney Resort hotels, but it is no slouch.

Like approximately 50% (give or take) of Disney’s hotels, the Ambassador was designed by architect Robert A.M. Stern. He describes the hotel as having an art moderne that “looks back to an architecture that represented the promise, magic, and glamour of a time when travel and movies were a romantic escape.” This style is clear from the cool overall design of the hotel, although its presence in the design of Mickey’s Penthouse Suite is minimal.

With that said about Disney Ambassador Hotel, let’s head up to Mickey’s Penthouse Suite itself…


Here’s a wide view of what you’ll see after walking into Mickey’s Penthouse Suite and looking to the left. As you can see, this isn’t just a Mickey Mouse motif in a suite, it’s what the mouse himself would look like if transformed into a hotel room, Beauty and the Beast-style.


The details in this room are exceptional. Not just because the designers have thought of every possible way to include Mickey Mouse or elements of the character into the design, but because everything is of an unparalleled quality. This is to be expected of a hotel room with a nightly rate this high, but I was still surprised by the quality of the upholstery, the leather, and the collectibles scattered throughout the room.

Everything was in pristine condition, too. If you told me this room opened yesterday, I would not have doubted it for a second. Then again, that’s pretty much par for the course at Tokyo Disney Resort.


Here’s the far corner looking back the other direction. On the near left are two leather Mickey Mouse love seats facing a flat screen television and several Mickey Mouse collectibles on display. On the right is seating for the bar, which is out of view. In the distance is the other television, flanked by additional Mickey Mouse collectibles and the door to the Master Bedroom.


Okay, so the flamboyantly Mickey Mouse style may not appeal to everyone. I know I wouldn’t want my house to look like this, but for a one-night hotel stay, it’s pretty awesome. Given the affinity for Disney characters that many Tokyo Disneyland guests have, the prominence of Mickey Mouse in this room makes it very popular.


Moving on to the Master Bedroom, which is separated from the main living area by a door. Most rooms at Disney Ambassador Hotel don’t offer much in the way of views, but you can see Cinderella Castle and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from this room. Not quite the same as Tokyo Disneyland Hotel’s excellent Cinderella Castle view, and certainly no Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World, but not bad…


The Master Bedroom has a mouse ears headboard with accent lighting behind it. Other Mickey Mouse details abound in this room…would you expect anything less? There’s also an Art Moderne/Art Deco influence, from the carpet to the light fixtures.

Interestingly, for all of the space in Mickey’s Penthouse Suite, it only sleeps 2 adults. Before you think, “well, I could sleep about 15 adults in there,” note that this is the official, enforced maximum.


Looking bad at the room from the door to the Master Bedroom, we see the fluid sofa that merges Mickey and Art Deco, the table and chairs, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.


Here is the Master Bathroom. Certainly a nice bathroom, but not as extravagant as the rest of the suite. For those wondering, no, the toilet did not have mouse ears…just a heated seat.


Here’s the…I don’t even know what to call this…Mickey Mouse multi-purpose furniture-thing? It has drawers, display cubbies, a mirror, a television stand. I’m half surprised there isn’t a fold-out Duffy photo stand in it. Maybe there is and I just didn’t see it!

That’s it for our tour of Mickey’s Penthouse Suite. Hopefully you enjoyed this fun glimpse of a hotel room that few guests have experienced.

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