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Summer 2016 Disney World Strategy

The last couple of days have been big for planning Summer 2016 Walt Disney World vacations, as firm opening dates and schedules have finally been given to many new attractions and entertainment, most notably Frozen Ever After and The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic. FastPass+ now is available for both, plus Soarin’ Around the World. If you’ve finally

March 2017 at Disney World

This post covers what the crowds, weather, special events, etc., are like at Walt Disney World during March, but simply put, if you are able to plan a visit whenever you want, March is a month to avoid (with one exception). This is because, in the immoral wisdom of Alien, it’s “SPRINNNG BREAAAKKKKKK FOREVAAAAAA.” (There are so

August 2016 at Disney World

August is the light at the end of the tunnel for summer season at Walt Disney World, with crowds that start to improve towards the end of the month. It’s still one of the worst months of the year to visit “thanks” to the weather, but overall, it’s better than July. Actually, the end of August