2014 Quick Service Disney Dining Plan

The price of the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan for 2014 is $41.99 per adult and $16.03 per child ages 3-9. This is the lowest tier of the Disney Dining Plan, and what’s typically included with “Free” Dining at the Value Resorts. Each day, the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan includes:

  • two counter-service meals per person
  • one snack
  • a refillable drink mug

The counter-service meals consist of:

  • 1 entrée or complete combo meal
  • 1 dessert
  • 1 single-serving, non-alcoholic beverage

Children ages 3-9 must order from the Children’s Menu (if one is available).

2014 Quick Service Disney Dining Plan

The daily price of the Quick Service Plan is $41.99 per adult and $16.03 per child ages 3-9. This tier of the Disney Dining Plan is currently not subject to seasonal pricing.

If you haven’t used the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan in a few years, note that it now offers only one snack per person per night. Disney touts that the the Quick-Service Disney Dining Plan can save you up to 15% on dining, although we’ve actually found ways to maximize savings to achieve even better value.

The value of this package actually decreases slightly the more nights you stay, as you only receive one refillable mug per person per trip, regardless of how many nights you stay. So if you stay 4 nights, the daily value of the mug is its cost divided by 4, whereas if you stayed, say 14 nights, the daily value would be cost divided by 14. Not a significant difference, but it is interesting that Disney includes something that can have a variable value to Guests.

Disney Dining Plan prices increased March 2014 and are expected to increase again late-2014 and/or early 2015.

For more information about the Disney Dining Plan, refer to Disneyworld.com’s brochures on the plan:
2014 Quick Service Disney Dining Plan Brochure

Your Thoughts…

What do you think about the Disney Dining Plan? Is the Quick Service Dining Plan the best, or do you prefer the Standard or Deluxe Plan? Share your thoughts in the comments!

12 Responses to “2014 Quick Service Disney Dining Plan”

  1. Mike says:

    I’ll be in orlando during the food and wine festival and you mentioned using the Quick Service plan during that time. How can I best utilize that plan and where can I purchase that separately since i’m not staying at a hotel??? Thanks for your help!

    • Mary says:

      If you are not staying at a Disney resort, you cannot use the dining plan. It is exclusively for resort guests as it is tied to the number of nights you are staying.

  2. Angie says:

    So, how do you feed a 2 year old? When I booked, I put in all of our info, but this article only talks about kids ages 3-9. Is my 2 year old not included in this dining plan??

  3. sylvie says:

    I was wondering how easy it was to find a restaurant included in the meal plan when at a park?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I’d say about 95% of the restaurants at Walt Disney World (maybe more) participate in the Disney Dining Plan. I can’t think of a single restaurant off the top of my head that does not, besides Victoria & Albert’s.

  4. trish says:

    Hi, we just booked 12/13 through 12/21 in anticipation of free dining. My child will be 10 at the time of travel — does he count as an adult for Disney purposes? If he is “an adult,” must he order off the adult menu? Wouldn’t it be a terrible waste of money (if he is lucky, and can order off the child’s menu) to use a table service credit on macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets?


  5. Mbovee says:

    We are using the free quick service dinning in the fall. It is our first time to disney world. I have looked up slit if the quick service restaraunts and noticed that a lot of them aren’t included. I don’t want to waln around the park trying to find a place that is on the dinning plan. Do you think this would be a problem? We like to eat right away when we get hungry! Also, does one of the meals include breakfast? Or is it only lunch and dinner?

  6. Heather says:

    Hi there … We are staying at the Dolphin … I was told by the reservation agent that she THOUGHT we could purchase a dining package seperately from Disney ?? Do you know it that is accurate ??

  7. Matthew says:

    I am traveling this fall ’14. We will be using the DDP. The kids menu’s are very limited at most quick service rest. Can adults order for the kids? Are the credits now seperated out between kids and adults? I have been told in the past this was possible.

  8. MikeS says:

    I just got back from a Disney trip in Florida where we used the quickservice meal plan. Our family, which includes a 13 and 5 year old quickly got tired of what was available with this plan. It seems that certain foods are covered, like hamburgers, hotdogs, and various other junk food. Most of what was available at the parks was American food, and in the few instances where there was some variety of food some items didn’t count on the menu. In hindsight I probably wouldn’t do the quickserve meal option again. After a 5 day stay we still hadn’t used 16 of the meal options because we couldn’t muster the appetite to eat another burger. Its been two weeks and I still don’t want another burger, and I normally love burgers.

    • Amy says:

      There are soooo many options besides burgers. Doing a little research before hand would have shown you what your options were. We go twice a year and only get burgers when we want them (usually once per trip).

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