Raglan Road Review

Raglan Road is a table service Irish pub at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World. While you can stop into the bar just for drinks, the table service dining and quality Irish entertainment is the real draw here. Raglan Road has an authentic Irish menu, which (per the Raglan Road website) is a real rarity for Irish restaurants in the United States.

We have little experience with authentic Irish pubs, but Raglan Road certainly feels authentic. Between the buildings that were actually brought over from Ireland and the entertainment consisting of Irish acts, it feels authentic. The Irish decor is comprised of dark woods, brass fixtures, nice tiling, and brickwork, rather  than just a bunch of green shamrocks liberally thrown around, giving further credibility to the pub actually being Irish, not just posing as an Irish pub. Either it actually is, or they’ve sure done an incredible job faking it.

We visited at night while a band of Irish musicians were performing, and the location had a loud, pub atmosphere. We didn’t see any restrictions on children, but there weren’t any around. (We also sat down for dinner at 10 p.m., so that could have been part of it.) Guests won’t necessarily feel out of place with kids at Raglan Road, but we probably wouldn’t take them there at night. It’s loud, and about as close as anywhere at Walt Disney World gets to being raucous.

Regular readers of this blog know that we are not fans of Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World. Prior to visiting for the exclusive purpose of dining at Raglan Road, we hadn’t been to Downtown Disney since 2008, a few weeks before the nightclubs at Pleasure Island closed. We weren’t Adventurers Club fanatics, but that was the big draw of Downtown Disney for us. This is not the place for going on a tangent about why we don’t like Downtown Disney, but one big reason is that nothing there is unique. This includes much of the dining, which mainly consists of locales operated by third party restaurant groups that are found in many locations around the United States. Raglan Road is also an exception to this. While it is owned by a third party, (many restaurants in the parks are, too), it doesn’t have any other locations (there used to be a location in Kansas City, but it closed). I spent way too much time researching this, and found a bit of information about the company. This may not matter to anyone else, but we far prefer dining at restaurants in Walt Disney World that we can’t experience anywhere else. It makes them “feel” woven into the Disney experience, even if their ownership is different.


Although we probably won’t be regular visitors to Raglan Road until phases of Disney Springs start opening, we absolutely would walk over here if we find ourselves staying at Saratoga Springs Resort when park hours are short. The house band was excellent, giving Irish twists to contemporary music, and performing medleys of Irish songs. We could have sat in Raglan Road for hours just enjoying some beer (of which there are numerous options on tap). It’s a great place to eat and drink with a really fun atmosphere.


While the atmosphere is great, the food is the real star of Raglan Road. Here’s a look at what we had…


We started with bread. It was decent, certainly not a highlight of the meal.


Next up was the the Appetizer D’Lirrah. I didn’t get a picture of the entire spread, but it’s four of Raglan Road’s popular appetizers. Above is the “Heaven on Earth,” which is baby back ribs tossed in a Guinness glaze. These were tender, and amazing. Imagine combining delicious ribs with delicious beer–if your brain doesn’t explode at the prospect of so much awesomeness, you’ll have an idea of how these taste.


These are the “Nom Nom Wings,” which are sweet and spicy wings tossed in a honey, chili flake, soy & ginger sauce. The breading and sauce here gave a nice flavor to the wings, which were mild.


The “Scallop Forest” probably gets its name from being scallops on forks. These were thickly breaded, but the scallops inside were also large, tender, and flavorful. The golden batter had a nice, sweet taste, too. We unanimously agreed that these and the ribs were the highlights of the appetizer.


The “Dalkey Duo Sausages” were good, but were very rich. The combination of batter and the rich sausage flavor was a bit much here. One sausage was good, but two was a bit too many.


For an entree, our friend who was with us ordered the “Swordfish Steak.” He found it to be tender, and well cooked. Neither of us had a chance to try it, but it looked great.


Sarah ordered the “Braised Be. Beef,” which was braised beef with horseradish mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, and parsnips. She really liked it, and the portion was absolutely huge. I tried some of this, and it was incredibly tender and very flavorful. It reminded me of the pot roasts my mom used to cook all day in the Crock-Pot. This is a dish that could definitely be split between two lighter eaters.


I had the “It’s Not Bleedin’ Chowder!” based on the recommendation of a few people from Twitter. I was initially apprehensive that it actually was chowder, and I was no mood for soup masquerading as an entree, especially one that cost over $25. Fortunately, this was no soup. It was essentially seafood in a white wine cream broth. The seafood was plentiful (I’m not sure of everything in there, but I’m pretty sure there was salmon, cod, prawn, shrimp, and mussels), and all perfectly cooked with the slight exception of the shrimp. The white wine cream gave the entree a nice, rich flavor, and the vegetables balanced it out and made it another incredibly filling dish. I couldn’t eat it all, but that’s not for lack of effort or enjoyment. They’re right, it’s definitely not chowder.


Over half the people who responded to our recommendations request on Twitter recommended “Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding.” The fact that our server asked if this is what we wanted before even giving us a dessert menu suggests that this is their most popular dessert. And for good reason.


It was served with a caramel sauce and a cream sauce. Our server recommended spreading out the bread pudding on a plate and mixing all of the sauces onto it. This was an excellent suggestion, and it ended up tasting like a heavy, buttery sponge of sweet deliciousness. Normally, I couldn’t eat much of something this sweet, but it was so good that I just couldn’t stop. This rates as one of the best desserts at Walt Disney World, and is highly recommended. Two people can probably share it.

Overall, Raglan Road is an incredible restaurant that alone can justify a visit to Downtown Disney. Thanks to large, memorable entrees, great dessert, and an incredibly energetic atmosphere, Raglan Road is the type of restaurant that we could see entering the regular rotation for some guests and a place that’s a “must do” each time you’re in Downtown Disney. For pub food, the prices are slightly on the high side, and there don’t seem to be many healthy options on the menu, but the portions are huge, and who wants healthy food on vacation, anyway? If you’re already planning on being in Downtown Disney, dining at Raglan Road is a no-brainer. If you’re not planning on visiting Downtown Disney, Raglan Road might be enough to justify a stop. Raglan Road is quickly becoming one of Walt Disney World’s most hyped-up restaurants, and unlike in other cases, Raglan Road absolutely lives up to the hype.

Overall Score 10/10

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Your Thoughts…

Have you tried Raglan Road? Did you enjoy it? If so, what did you try? Thinking of giving it a try? Please share your thoughts and questions about Raglan Road in the comments!

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39 Responses to “Raglan Road Review”

  1. Sean says:

    Raglan Road is an absolute MUST every time I visit WDW. I haven’t eaten at as many of the restaurants as you have I’m sure, but I would wager that this is one of the better restaurants on property. Maybe not top 5, but I would say definitely top 10.

    Whether you’re getting dinner or just stopping in for a Guinness, this is certainly a GREAT place to be later in the evening. Great food/drinks/entertainment!

  2. Don Livingston says:

    We sat at the bar back in January. This is my 3rd visit to Raglan and I would like to add that they have excellent bartenders who are knowledgeable about the near infinite variety of beer they carry. Outstanding restaurant.

  3. Tori says:

    We tried Raglan January 1 and were seated within 5 minutes right near the stage and just before the Irish dancing started up. My son, who was turning 21 that week, was treated like royalty. A tip: I found a lot more availability through Open Table for reservation times we preferred than through the Disney Dining option. A pint of Guinness, the Pie in the Sky, and Bread Pudding: excellent!

  4. Becky says:

    No mention of the Guiness reduction served with the bread? That was one of our favorite parts, and it turns out to be pretty easy to duplicate at home. I totally agree with your rating. My husband and I don’t get to go to Disney very often, and with so many good dining options, we feel bad repeating any from recent trips. That being said, during our trip at the end of this month, Raglan Road will be our only repeat restaurant from our last trip – we loved it!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Ahhh, I can’t believe I didn’t mention that! While the bread was pedestrian, THAT was awesome. I’ll edit the review when I have a chance!

  5. Amanda says:

    Thank you for the awesome review! I knew from previous posts that you weren’t a fan of Downtown Disney and always wondered what you thought of Raglan Road. It is one of my favorites! I’m glad to see you had a great experience too. My favorite dish is the Lambo and I definitely love the bread pudding.

    My dad is an Irish musician and so my family has visited lots of Irish pubs. This one is a great option! On one visit my dad brought his whistle and actually was allowed to join in with the band!

    We have had many great experiences at Raglan Road.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      That’s awesome about your dad and the whistle. Since you’re experienced with Irish pubs, what would you rate Raglan Road purely in terms of authenticity?

      • Amanda says:

        I would say it is authentic in a “Disney-fide” sort of way. It has all the elements of a great Irish pub- music, good food, beer, great service, but it is a little more pristine than a traditional Irish pub.

        In terms of the food they have all the right dishes, but they’ve put a modern twist on them and their plating. I love the little detail of the dishes having funny names-that is totally spot on…Irish pubs usually have a great sense of humor.

        As far as the music goes it is totally authentic. The dancing is a little over-the-top…(the only times I’ve seen dancers at an Irish pub is when local girls are in dance school and get practice performing at the pub), but it is a great chance to be exposed to Irish dancing without being in the celtic music scene.

        All in all, Raglan Road is a great version of an Irish pub with the Disney sparkle. And I love it.

  6. Dan Heaton says:

    We went to Raglan Road back in 2012 for my birthday, and we did bring my three-year-old daughter. We were there at 7:00, however. She did fine and enjoyed the dancing and fun atmosphere. The food is incredible, and my only issue is that it’s really pricey. Still, I’d go back there in a heartbeat.

    I also agree about Downtown Disney. I like Earl of Sandwich, but it’s so packed on weekends and not worth the effort for a bunch of third-party restaurants.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Even at 10pm, it wasn’t an excessively ‘no kids’ environment (maybe on weekends?). I’m sure anytime before 9pm is absolutely fine, and even later is okay if you don’t mind them around a bar atmosphere.

  7. Kylie says:

    We went to Raglan Road and had a decent experience. We had the Dalkey Duo and did not feel like it was too rich. I preferred them dunked in the mustard sauce, but my boyfriend liked them plain. Neither of us were too crazy about our appetizers. My sod the stew was dry, and my boyfriend’s steak wasn’t great quality.
    The desserts though– my boyfriend had the almond cake and I had the bread pudding. AMAZING!!!
    We feel similarly that Downtown Disney is NOT our favorite place to be, besides lunch on our first day, so we probably won’t be back for awhile, either.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Sorry to hear that. I haven’t heard from many people who didn’t like Raglan Road, so maybe you caught them on an off night? I’d give them another try once Disney Springs opens!

  8. Crystal says:

    My mom, for some reason I cannot explain, is obsessed with Downtown Disney and always wants to go there and if I do not enough time in she gets mad. She loves gift shops so that probably has something to do with it, personally, I can skip most the shopping. Our compromise is if I agree to go shopping then we do lunch at Raglan Road since it is my favorite place to eat at Downtown Disney. I may have to try dinner some time since they don’t have the entertainment at lunch.

  9. Amy Wilson says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! I hadn’t been before my trip in May, and we chose the restaurant based on high reviews from the “Unofficial Guide” folks. My group of friends all arrived in Disney World in the evening. Too late to waste a day off our park passes, but we still wanted to start the trip off with a distinctly Disney bang. We all LOVED Raglan Road, although I think being there on a night with the live band certainly helped. Everything from the celebratory atmosphere to the friendly service to the delicious food screams “YOU’RE IN DISNEY WORLD!” Perfect way to kick off a trip, if you ask me!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head. We went before our cruise since the parks were all closed (at 10pm!), but for anyone who doesn’t want to use park tickets on their first night, I will admit that Downtown Disney is a good option.

  10. James says:

    I sadly missed out on a visit to Raglan Road for mostly the same reasons you haven’t visited Downtown Disney since 2008. Plus if I’m at Downtown Disney it’s usually to eat at Earl of Sandwich. Might have to make an exception next time based on this excellent review. Hoping Disney Springs will provide more unique concepts once completed.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I really like Earl of Sandwich, but I definitely think Raglan Road is a better “Disney” option. Plus, I’m sure you can get your fill of Earl at Disneyland Paris!

  11. Julie says:

    Great photos and review! We just had our first visit to Raglan Rd a few months ago. The bread pudding was one of my husband’s favorite food item of the whole week! The meal was great, entertainment was fun and our server was outstanding and really seemed to enjoy her job. This will become a tradition on our WDW trips!

  12. Gage says:

    RR is great! But if you want a real authentic Irish restaurant and some of the best Irish food in the state of Florida, period, if you ever find yourself in Jacksonville (or even St. Augustine. Trust me it’s worth the drive!) you HAVE to go to Culhane’s Irish Pub. Sorry for the non-Disney related post, it’s really THAT good haha

  13. Ryan Spruce says:

    Great post! This really makes me want to find a way to work Raglan Road into our Dec trip. My husband and I share your feelings on Downtown Disney, but I have been curious about this restaurant. Have you heard any reviews on the brunch? Was thinking it might be an option for the day we go to MVMCP, so we don’t use a day on our regular park tickets that day, in addition to the party tickets.

  14. Janice Brady says:

    Raglan Road has been our first night at WDW family tradition for years! Love the food and the atmosphere! Also a great way to start our trip.

  15. Jim says:

    We visited in January for our second time. We love the place with and with out the kids. One of the dancers even asked my 4 year old daughter to dance, she declined, I was hoping she would. The staff has was fantastic as was the food. It takes my wife and I back to our college days when we would hang out at an Irish pub in Seattle.

  16. Kate G says:

    Raglan is an absolute MUST for us every time we visit WDW. I adore the bread with its reduction and the bread pudding….OMG. I mean, I really can’t describe how delicious it is. Its buttery and light and heavy all at the same time. Does that even make sense? I don’t care, it was that good!

    I often get the Banger & Booz which is fantastic. Meat and potatoes are always good in my opinion. My boyfriend swears by the Fish and Chips. He says they are significantly better than the ones at Epcot from the Yorkshire stand.

    My fave is the Shepard’s Pie. Im a huge fan of Shepard’s pie and their version is scrumptious. The flavors are warm and spiced to perfection. I love it so much that it was my pre-race meal before last year’s Tower of Terror 10 miler. I’m already planning on having it again before this year’s race!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Personally, I think the fish & chips at Yorkshire County in Epcot are overrated. I seem to be about the only one who thinks that, though.

      Is Shepard’s Pie something that should be consumed before a race? I know very little about running, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I’d want to eat before running! :)

  17. Joanne Ashton says:

    We always go to raglan road and it’s the only reason we usually go to downtown Disney!! The Irish stew is awesome!!! My husband won’t go to disney unless its food and wine festival and we eat at raglan road. It was my moms favorite and she passed away in 2011 and we have gone back every year since in November always food wine, raglan road and beach or yacht club!!! Makes me feel she is still with me when we are there😊

    • Tom Bricker says:

      It’s great that you can relive that memory of your mom with Raglan Road! I’ll have to give the Irish Stew a try, sometime. Thanks! :)

  18. Kristina Smith says:

    First time visit was incredible! Food, service, entertainment, the whole experience was exceptional. Waiter recommended bread pudding for dessert which is not normally high on my list, but WOW he was so right!!! Next time we visit WDW we will be back!

  19. Bethany says:

    Great review Tom! LOVE the cover photo! We are like you, Downtown Disney isn’t for us. But we ALWAYS stop in at Raglan Road every trip to Disney. The Heaven on Earth is something we crave every time we think of Disney (or Chicago since the flagship restaurant is there). So glad you got to try it! We highly recommend hitting RR up for Sunday brunch. It’s incredible, authentic, and entertaining with the dancers. The brunch menu is only served Sunday and is OUTSTANDING!

  20. jeff says:

    With our Ireland trip completed now almost a full year ago I can attest to the authentic question..The theming of Raglan Road is marvelous theres no questioning that, however the food offerings, although close, are not like Ireland’s at all.
    It’s irish in that they have hit on some Ireland heritage items like shephards pie and Fish and Chips but its Americanized. For example the fish and chips. Anywhere in Ireland you get Fish and chips you are guaranteed mushy peas, I don’t even remember getting tarter sauce with them over there. Its a great restaurant, but its not real irish food.

    • Tina says:

      You do get mushy peas with your fish and chips. As far as how they taste (authentic taste?) I’m clueless having never been to Ireland. :(

  21. Tina says:

    We always go to Raglan Road, every time we go to WDW, either for lunch or dinner. This year we were lucky enough to go the week before St Patrick’s Day. My friends, husband and I had a wonderful time. Part of the entertainment was that a couple of the dancers asked all the children to come up on the main stage and dance with them. It was adorable! The food, including the bread and dip they serve, is always delicious!

  22. Maureen says:

    I have dined at RR several times.. my fav was It’s Not Bleedin Chowder. My last visit I think there may have been something off with it.. because it left me off for a couple days :/ Anyway, regardless I love RR and the chowder is delish and that bread pudding is to die for. One visit we had a gentleman come into our area, put down a piece of flooring and begin to river-dance… loved it!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Unfortunate to hear that the chowder was ‘off’ on your last visit, but good to hear that it doesn’t sound like that’ll keep you from going back. Hilarious about the riverdance!

  23. Kelley W says:

    We went to Raglan Road on March 13 and loved it. Reserved a late lunch at 2:15 and were just in time to hear the house band perform their first set of the day, they’re great! Lunch is more affordable for those who don’t want to pay the higher evening prices and the food portions are so huge we didn’t eat dinner that night! Missed the dancers as they don’t perform until later. Stayed at Saratoga Springs so it was a 10 minute walk, will return again!

  24. MissKassie says:

    I’m 23 and I got engaged at wdw last October. Raglan Road was our best disney experience of that trip (aside from becoming betrothed, of course). However, our advice, if you want an amazing Irish night of partying, is to get there just after dark and stand at the bar outside before you are seated. You can easily make friends with the members of the authentic irish band. They will be your best mates all night. Yes, the interior of Raglan is nice, what with the dancers and all, but the outside can be a much more intimate party. The band asked us what we wanted to hear the entire night, and drank with us, too! It was a night that made my boyfriend and I fall in love all over again!

  25. Monica says:

    Reserved Raglan Road for our first trip back to Disney in 10 years (Google reviews are excellent) and this post just makes me feel better about it. We are going with my in-laws (who said make the plans – we will do whatever you decide:}) Haven’t been back since they changed Pleasure Island (as a former Cast member-College program participant-the Adventure’s Club was the BEST thing on PI-not to mention “backdooor” at Fireworks on Thursdays for cast members-the 21 Rum salute…)so looking forward to exploring the new Downtown Disney…

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