Seasonal Disney World Events

After the Walt Disney Marathon this weekend, Walt Disney World will enter its slow, no-events season for the first time since before Halloween. Do you prefer 'nothing going on' season, or do you like to visit during seasonal events? Seasonal events calendar:

Walt Disney World has various seasonal events, from Halloween and Christmas Parties to Marathons to a Food & Wine Festival, that enhance standard year-round offerings. To help you plan the best time to visit, we’ve assembled this list of some of the biggest seasonal events!

As you likely read in our “When to Visit Walt Disney World” guide, these events can impact crowds. Since these events (besides the aggregate of the Christmas special events) are mostly celebrated in a single park, the crowd impact of each event is most felt in that particular park. However, the special events bring additional visitors to Walt Disney World, causing crowd levels to spike a bit when each of these events occur.

This listing doesn’t take into account national and school holidays, and those typically have a far greater impact on crowds than any of the special events that Disney hosts.

Here’s our list of the major happenings at Walt Disney World around which you might want to plan your vacation:





Make sure you consider more than just these seasonal offerings when determining when you should visit Walt Disney World. Most are a lot of fun, so plan to visit during an event if it appeals to you, rather than avoiding it! Most don’t impact crowds too much. If you are concerned about crowds, consult our “When to Visit” guide, which gives you a rundown of crowds, weather, and other important considerations!

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If you are planning a Walt Disney World trip, make sure to also read our comprehensive Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide to make the most of your experience!

Your Thoughts…

If you are a Walt Disney World veteran, are there any other smaller events that you would you add to this? Which do you think are the best events? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

2 Responses to “Seasonal Disney World Events”

  1. Aubrie says:

    Hi guys,
    Just wondering if there is a website that has the dates for the fall events. I can’t seem to find anything with specific dates yet. Or would you know when the exact dates get released?

  2. Titi says:

    I’m going to Disney World after xmas 2014/new year 2015. Is it still a good time to go? I read your post for the season, I’m from Australia and the season in Australia is opposite to USA, I’m not sure if after new year is spring or still winter in USA? (It is summer time in Australia)
    This is my first time visiting Disney World. I have read most of your posts to learn as much about Disney World as possible.
    Do you think it’s still a good time to visit Disney World after xmas/new year? Am I going to miss out all the good things about Disney if I go around this time? Should I visit Disney World before xmas/new year to make the most of it?
    I’m going to visit a friend in Tampa, and they said we can drive to Orlando for Disney World. We are planning to stay in Tampa for about 5-7days. I’m not sure how far away between tampa and orlando, and not sure how big the parks are? we don’t want to bother our friends too much so we are planning to hire a car.
    Please give me some advise. Thank you.

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