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Unique Cinderella Castle Photos – Part 2

Disney’s castles may not be as grandiose and historically significant as the “real” castles in Europe…but the ones in Europe aren’t surrounded by theme parks, so I’d say advantage: Disney. All castles, however, are surrounded by fantasy lands…because only the kind of person who is a bit ‘removed from reality’ builds themselves a castle to

Cinderella Castle Halloween HDR

One of my biggest personal reasons for attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party each year is the unique lighting utilized in the Magic Kingdom during these parties, and how that lighting makes for interesting and different photos. For this same reason, I’ve shared that I’m also personally looking

D23 Magic & Merriment Review

We attended D23’s Magic & Merriment in December 2010 at Walt Disney World. The three day event was held in early December, and overall, was a fun time. In 2012, Magic & Merriment will be two separate 2-day events. This review is of the 2010 Magic & Merriment. UPDATE: We attended again in 2011 and

Dreamy Sunrise Over Cinderella Castle

Before we traveled to Walt Disney World the week between Christmas and New Year’s, which is notoriously the busiest week of the year, a lot of people asked us whether we were crazy. Yes, of course we are, but that had nothing to do with our decision to visit during that week. The decision to

Partners and Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle and Partners are incredibly photogenic anytime, but when you add a beautiful bed of flowers and some nice, puffy clouds, you have a scene that begs to be photographed. On our last few visits to Walt Disney World prior to this trip the flower bed had been sort of drab and plain. I

The Path to Cinderella Castle Photo

Ahhh, Cinderella Castle. Although I spend so much time simply gazing at Cinderella Castle on each of our Walt Disney World trips, I have to make a conscious effort to photograph it. I seem to be so entranced by it that I forget to put the camera to my eye to snap photos of it!

Cinderella Castle At Main Street’s End

Cinderella Castle is such a beautiful sight at the end of Main Street, USA, especially at night after the Magic Kingdom has cleared of guests following a long day at Walt Disney World. This shot “from the archives” is actually from one of the longest days–and best days–at Walt Disney World: the first day of