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HalloWishes Fireworks – Short(!) Exposure

Before our October 2012 Walt Disney World trip, I came to a realization: I had not photographed Magic Kingdom fireworks in a “normal” manner since October 2009, when I used a Nikon D90. Since then, I had been using either a fisheye lens (for perimeter bursts) or a neutral density filter (for more chaotic photos).

Spooky Main Street Photo

Last week, I mentioned the difficulty of photographing Main Street, USA during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party due to the harsh and uneven lighting. Here is that lighting at play at the end of the night, and although this shot wasn’t quite as tough to capture as it would have been if the entire

Sandy Claws – Disney Photo of the Day

I’m working on detailed attraction pages with commentary, photos, and ride-through video for both “it’s a small world” holiday and Haunted Mansion Holiday. For now, I’ll just say that we were absolutely blown away by Haunted Mansion Holiday. I lost count of how many times we rode it, but I think it was around 20.

Heart of Darkness – Disney Photo of the Day

Happy Halloween! Although this photo doesn’t SCREAM Halloween at Walt Disney World, I think it embodies the best aspects of Halloween and any Walt Disney World vacation: the fall colors on Main Street, USA and seeing Cinderella Castle looming in the distance. There is nothing quite like seeing Cinderella Castle in the distance (well, except