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Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory Review

Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory is the food court at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort in Walt Disney World. This review has food photos, thoughts on the cuisine, and a general look around this “interesting” counter service spot that serves a menu of American and Cajun-inspired food. In terms of money-saving info, it participates in the Disney Dining Plan as

Cinderella Castle Suite Tour & Photos

This post features a photo tour of our visits to the Cinderella Castle Suite in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, a popular spot for celebrities and what used to be an exclusive prize for promotional giveaway winners. The Suite was built in 2006 by Walt Disney Imagineering out of a location in Cinderella Castle at

Waldorf Astoria Orlando Hotel Review

The Waldorf Astoria Orlando is a hotel near Walt Disney World and featuring luxurious rooms and amenities that make it one of the top resorts in Florida. This review features room photos, thoughts on the amenities and service caliber, and my pros & cons of staying at the Waldorf (or “The ‘Dorf” or “The Wald-izzy”


For the Walt Disney World photo I’m sharing today at the bottom of this post, titled EPICOT VI, a little history is in order. This is my sixth version of the same shot concept, which is a follow-up to one of my favorite photos ever. If Jaws 6: Jaws in Japan and Rocky V taught us anything, it’s that

Disney Pin Trading Tips

Disney Pin Trading is a popular hobby for Walt Disney World guests wanting unique souvenirs. This post offers money-saving tips & tricks for getting into trading, so you or your kids can get your feet wet, so to speak, without breaking the bank. Disney Pin Trading began during the Millennium Celebration. Since then, Disney Pins have