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Sanaa: the Best Disney Food You’re Not Eating

Like the Costanza household, my family accumulated old issues of TV Guide. I remember my jubilation one day while perusing the collectible when I saw Sports Night named as the Guide’s “Best Show You’re Not Watching.” Being a sports fan who came of age during the heyday of the Olbermann and Patrick-helmed “Big Show” and loving its early-era Sorkinisms, I

Tony’s Town Square Review

Tony’s Town Square is a table service restaurant in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom serving Italian cuisine in a Lady and the Tramp-inspired setting. This review features photos of food, our thoughts on the ambiance, and whether it’s worth dining here. In terms of basics, Tony’s Town Square is a Disney Dining Plan participant as a one-credit table service

Teppan Edo Review

Teppan Edo is a table service steakhouse in Epcot at Walt Disney World. The restaurant is in the World Showcase Japan pavilion on the second floor of the the Mitsukoshi Department Store adjacent to Tokyo Dining. In this post, we’ll share food photos and thoughts about our meal. We’ll also discuss how Teppan Edo compares to both

How We Saved 50% on the Deluxe Dining Plan

For years, the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan has been an unheralded way to save a lot of money at Walt Disney World restaurants. It’s unheralded because it’s totally impractical. For most people, it’s the equivalent of buying a 30 pound tub of mayonnaise from Costco. Sure, everyone loves mayo, but when you buy more of

Ale & Compass Restaurant Review

Ale & Compass Restaurant in Yacht Club Resort is a mid-range table service dining option at Walt Disney World. It’s decidedly unremarkable, so boring you’ll be asking “where did we eat lunch?” by dinner time. About the only thing you could say it’s the best at is being the dullest table service restaurant at Walt