Best World of Color Viewing Spots & Photography Tips

World of Color is a fountain-based nighttime spectacular at Disney California Adventure (Disneyland Resort). Since the show debuted in 2010, the best World of Color viewing spots has been a hot topic online. This is understandable, as the show remains incredibly popular and dining packages, FastPass, and frequently changing seating “zones” make it difficult to comprehend just how World of Color seating works.

A lot has been previously written about the various seating zones for World of Color, and even though some of this information is now obsolete, I recommend reading this guide put together by posters on the MiceChat forums. It provides a nice frame of reference if you’re unfamiliar with World of Color, and covers ground with regard to the main Paradise Park seating area that I won’t cover in this article. Just keep in mind that the seating areas have changed since that guide was written, so disregard the color designations on the map. With the advice in this article, you won’t need to worry about those designations, anyway.

This article is best read with the World of Color soundtrack playing, so fire it up and let’s get started!

Best World of Color Viewing Spots

Within Paradise Park, not all spots are created equal. I’m not going to spend a ton of time dissecting all of the spots within Paradise Park, because I have a clear favorite and I think once you’ve seen the show from that spot, it’s tough to watch it anywhere else in Paradise Park. Plus, after that spot, I think the differences between other locations isn’t all that significant.

My favorite spot in Paradise Park is the front row. More specifically, at the edge of the zone that extends farther out into Paradise Bay (if you can’t visualize that, it’s where R6 and Y5 meet on this map). Unfortunately, this area is typically part of the VIP/reserved seating, and even then, it can be difficult to get this spot. Since this became my go-to spot, I’ve been able to snag it almost every time I watch World of Color. To get it, you need to get a FastPass, preferably for the last showing of World of Color (if that’s not what’s being distributed, ask a Cast Member for a later FastPass). This is important because the last show is significantly less crowded than the first one, so it will be easier to get a spot here. (more…)

“Glow with the Show” World of Color Photos

“Glow with the Show” and a scene from Pixar’s Brave are the latest enhancements to Disney California Adventure’s World of Color nighttime water spectacular. “Glow with the Show” is an enhancement to World of Color that utilizes Mickey Mouse Ears that guests can purchase to create a shifting sea of color among the audience. This is accomplished by the Ears reacting to different portions of the show, and the location of the guests, to determine when and which color to light up. At certain moments in the show, guests’ ears will light up a certain color depending upon where they’re standing. The technology also works with Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure and is expected to be rolled out to enhance select attractions at Disneyland Resort in the near future.

The World of Color “Glow with the Show” ears were introduced on June 15, 2012 at Disney California Adventure for $25 including tax. However, invited media were all given complimentary pairs of the ears for an exclusive showing of World of Color the night before. Everyone in the crowd had a pair of the ears, and that made the show incredibly impressive. The effect definitely seems contingent upon a fair percentage of the crowd wearing the ears, and at $25 a pop, the price seems steep. That said, the technology behind the ears is very impressive. Plus, they are really cool–not just a merchandising gimmick–and give the show some extra dimension. So there’s a good chance they’re worth the money! Disney is offering Annual Passholder preview events for the ears, and at these events AP holders will receive free pairs of the ears, too, so it appears that Disney is attempting to “seed” the ears to a number of people so other guests will see them and will be convinced to buy pairs. If not enough are seeded through the AP previews, I suspect similar events will be held for D23 and/or Disney Vacation Club members. Disney may also look to increase the price of World of Color dining packages, and include the ears in those packages. Personally, I hope the ears catch on, as they make for some interesting photo ops! :)

A segment featuring Pixar’s Brave also debuted during the June 14, 2012 World of Color media show. Below you can find my photos from the media preview of World of Color “Glow with the Show” and the World of Color’s Brave segment. (more…)

World of Color “Glow with the Show” Long Exposure Photo

World of Color "Glow with the Show"

We experienced World of Color “Glow with the Show” during its premiere on June 14, 2012 at Disney California Adventure, and we were absolutely stunned by what the interactive light-up Mickey Mouse ears added to World of Color. I had a strong suspicion that “Glow with the Show” would debut that night, and had already mentally planned on how I would photograph the show. Unfortunately, the plans I had crafted in my head didn’t mesh with the realities of the viewing area, which I quickly discovered when I got to the spot I wanted. After that, I rushed to the bridge by Paradise Pier for an alternate view, but the ‘front row’ there was full. So then I settled for this spot, which didn’t end up being half bad. I captured this long exposure as guests entered the Paradise Bay viewing area while wearing their hats.

Initially, I wasn’t all that excited for “Glow with the Show.” I figured it was created mostly for merchandising, and while that may be the case, the beauty, richness, and color all of those ear hats add to the show is undeniable. It definitely upped the “wow” factor of World of Color, especially with everyone in the audience wearing a pair. It was so cool seeing the waves of color flow through the crowd and interact with what was happening in World of Color. I really hope “Glow with the Show” catches on (the effect is definitely dependent upon many/most guests wearing the ears) and is introduced to other attractions and experiences. Many guests might balk at the $25 price of the hats, especially when they, themselves, don’t benefit from the visual effect of wearing the ears. Here’s hoping that the upcoming AP previews “seed” enough of the ear hats that other guests see them and are convinced that they’re worth the money!

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World of Color Photos

World of Color is a nighttime water show at Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort. World of Color is held one or more times per night in Paradise Bay, and features colorful water jets, projections of classic Disney animated films (and Pirates of the Caribbean) onto “screens” of water, and various other water and special effects. I’ve previously written a full description and viewing guide for World of Color, so read that if you need for background information or viewing tips. This post is just going to be about pretty pictures! Or, if you’re curious for even more information about World of Color, including construction photos, check out our Disney California Adventure Historical Retrospective.

As we prepare for our Disney California Adventure grand reopening coverage, we thought we’d share some of our favorite photos from World of Color! (more…)