Top 10 Disney Theme Park Attractions

Disney has hundreds (if not thousands, I’m not counting!) of theme park attractions and rides at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland. Obviously, not all of these attractions were created equally. At their best, Disney attractions are timeless classics that have multi-generational appeal. At their worst, they’re dressed up versions of amusement park staples.

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of what I consider the 10 best attractions worldwide. As there are literally more Disney parks than there are attractions on this list, some great ones are bound to be snubbed, but I’m keeping to a strict 10 attraction limit. Even if I had a list with 40 more honorable mentions, I’d be still be snubbing some very worthy attractions. As it’s a multi-continent list, it’s not like this top 10 has any functional utility anyway…it’s more geared at being a fun conversation piece for Disney theme park fans. I want to do more worldwide lists like this, so if this one is popular, it will be the first of many more to come. I enjoy comparing and contrasting all of the different parks, and want to do more posts like that, anyway. They’re a nice change of pace from the normal trip planning material here.

A few notes about the list before we get started. First, while it’s my personal list, I’m considering not just what I like the best, but also what I consider to be objectively the most impressive and captivating attractions. I don’t have any specific scoring criteria–it’s basically just a mix of my gut reaction and analysis. Second, only attractions that are currently operational are eligible. It’s very easy to say Horizons or Journey into Imagination should be #1, but there’s no perfect way to tell how those would have aged or if opinions today are clouded by the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia. Third, only the best version of each attraction (we’ll call this the “Tower of Terror” rule). Finally, this list is a moving target based partially on how I feel when I’m writing it. If you ask me my top 10 tomorrow, you might get different answers.

With that said, here’s the list in no particular order!

American Adventure, Epcot

American Adventure was the last attraction to make the list, and it edges out several attractions that I actually prefer to American Adventure. However, objectively, seeing as American Adventure is an only-of-its-kind achievement that represents the best of the incredible Imagineering that went into bringing EPCOT Center to fruition, I felt it deserved a spot on the list. Powered by an impressive “war wagon,” The American Adventure is an Audio Animatronics-driven montage stage show of key moments in American history. The scenes are detailed and insightful, and impressive as they rise from the stage and engage the audience. This is a powerful show that may make the eyes of patriotic Americans leak a bit.

Monster’s Inc. Ride & Go Seek, Tokyo Disneyland

Ride & Go Seek is probably the only attraction on this list that receives mixed reviews from people who know what they’re talking about (negative reviews of the American Adventure are common, and prove there is such a thing as a “bad opinion”), but I just do not see the basis for any of this criticism. Its Audio Animatronics are advanced and lifelike with very fluid motions. Sets are immersive and include a ton of detail. The interactive twist of revealing monsters and other effects by shining a flashlight on them is fun, and adds to the re-rideability of the attraction, as you likely will not see it all on one ride-through. These flashlights are also the controversial element, but since they’re optional, I don’t see the harm. Apparently most Tokyo Disneyland guests agree, as it’s the most popular attraction there.

Radiator Springs Racers, Disney California Adventure

Okay, maybe there are two controversial picks, but this one only seems controversial with those dead-set against this big of an attraction (and an entire land) based on Cars. Radiator Springs Racers makes the list because of its scale and scope, with both a beautiful outdoor section through the mountains and well done indoor dark ride. The outdoor section alone would be enough to put it among the upper echelon of Disney coasters, but the way that is integrated with the dark ride scenes put it over the top. This will be the most popular attraction at Disney California Adventure for years to come, and for good reason.

Indiana Jones Adventure, Disneyland

From the incredible queue to the hilariously dry pre-show (my favorite part of the attraction) to the special effects-laden adventure, Indiana Jones Adventure still is one of those attractions that leaves me impressed after each time I ride it. It’s one of those rare attractions where, while you’re on it, even as an adult you suspend disbelief and feel as if you’re participating in an adventure. As Sallah would say, “it is unlike anything you have ever experienced, I assure you!” Several special effects upgrades it received in 2013 push it ahead of the Tokyo DisneySea version for me, but it’s still a tight race. All things considered, it’s my favorite attraction at Disneyland, which is a feat since Disneyland has so many attractions.

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Tokyo Disneyland

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt is the gold standard for Fantasyland dark rides, and I will never look at the rest the same after Hunny Hunt. The trackless ride system is key, and the way Hunny Hunt’s ride vehicles dance with one another and engage their environments makes this one of Disney’s most immersive attractions. From the vehicles “gathering” around for story-time to bouncing with Tigger to spinning in Pooh’s dream with Heffalumps, you feel like an actual participant in this highly imaginative ride. It doesn’t hurt that all of the sets and Audio Animatronics are highly detailed and advanced, either. To me, this is a game-changer for Fantasyland dark rides, and it’s hard to believe that 15 years after its debut, the technology utilized in Hunny Hunt hasn’t made its way to the United States.

Tower of Terror, Tokyo DisneySea

Being a huge Twilight Zone fan, it was difficult for me to place this version on the list and leave off the original, but this one is the best and my personal favorite, despite lacking that tie-in. Here, the New York City Preservation Society gives tours to the hotel previously owned by dubious explorer and collector of exotic artifacts, Harrison Hightower. The story centers on Hightower’s disappearance, which was supposedly caused by idol Shiriki Utundu. The sheer amount of detail in the queue and different pre-show rooms, plus the various styles of storytelling here (newspaper clippings, live tour guides, pre-show room, artifact rooms, the main show itself, and the post-show) make this Tower of Terror the best overall attraction in Disney’s best overall park. It’s so layered that it’s easy to forget that the “highlight” is supposed to be that drop sequence. Take a look at every version of the Tower of Terror in this blog post.

Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, Tokyo DisneySea

What can I say about Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage that I haven’t already said? How about that whether I made this list solely in terms of objective quality without considering my personal feelings, I still think Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage would make the list. Sindbad’s deserves this spot because the boat ride features a cast of over 100(!!!) Audio Animatronics, a catchy song, and lovable characters. Each of the scenes is well-presented in a storybook style, and there’s so much to see that the attraction has incredible re-rideability.

Haunted Mansion, Magic Kingdom

One of only a handful of early-era Disney attractions that have truly stood the test of time, the Haunted Mansion is as impressive today as when it first opened in Disneyland in 1969. The debate over which Haunted Mansion is best is interesting, as each version has its strengths and arguably could be #1. The Magic Kingdom’s not only takes the cake for me, but is one of the best attractions in the world. Its approach through Liberty Square and the upgrades made during its 2007 refurbishment are key for me. Some of the changes to it since have been a mixed bag, but the Walt Disney World version is still king.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland Paris

Pirates of the Caribbean is another one of those early-era attractions that still holds its own, but in this case, the version from the 1990s is the clear winner for me. Pirates of the Caribbean is housed in a beautiful, bunker-style fortress in Disneyland Paris, with an elaborate queue containing a lot of detail. It has most of the same “extra” scenes as the Disneyland version and the arrangement of these scenes is better. Add to that a handful of new effects that take the attraction to the next level, and make this the best attraction at Disneyland Paris and one of the greatest Disney attractions of all time. The fact that it is the only version without Captain Jack Sparrow and his rag-tag band is not outcome determinative, but it doesn’t hurt.

Mystic Manor, Hong Kong Disneyland

Mystic Manor put Hong Kong Disneyland on the map, and on the radar of theme park fans everyone. Its opening was essentially the coming out party for the previously much-maligned park. Mystic Manor combines great special effects with excellent music, memorable characters, and great gags. The trackless ride system is used perfectly, and ties the attraction together as an immersive tour. As I wrote in our Mystic Manor Photo Tour & Review, Mystic Manor is the pinnacle achievement (so far) of this generation of Imagineers.

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list of the best Disney attractions out there, it’s just my personal top 10. Even now as I finish it, I am really tormenting myself over how I left off X or Y, but such is the nature of making a strict top 10 list, I suppose! Regardless, it was fun to give some thought to my top 10, even if I wish it were a top 10 with an asterisk with about 20 additional picks snuck in there.

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Your Thoughts…

What are your top 10 Disney attractions? It doesn’t matter how many parks you’ve been to, I’m still interested in knowing some other favorites. Do you think I missed any that should have made the list, or made any poor choices? What other worldwide top 10 lists would you like to see?  If you have any other questions or comments, please leave them below.

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51 Responses to “Top 10 Disney Theme Park Attractions”

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m curious about which rides narrowly missed the cut for you. Although, that would be a good blog post on it’s own.

    I agree for the most part (although I haven’t experienced a few of these). I would add in the Kilimanjaro Safaris because, to me, there is nothing quite like it at any of the other parks. It may lack in theming but it makes up for it in experience to me. It doesn’t hurt that I love animals.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I am going to avoid saying which ones missed the cut. I don’t like top 10 lists that actually end up being 20, so I’m going to stay strong on this one.

      With that said, Kilimanjaro Safaris is a good pick. Even given the back and forth they’ve done on the fake storyline, it’s still up there, and scores points for its novelty.

      • Sean says:

        i swear they pick and choose what days they wanna do the fake “elephant poaching” story-line. I’ve had it, not had it, had it, not had it.

        Still a great experience though!

      • Tom Bricker says:

        That storyline was completely removed last year. So you have no chance of seeing it now! 😉

  2. Chuck says:

    Awesome list Tom!

    I was excited when I saw that you posted this list! I had been asking and you delivered!

    Your top 10 lists are my favorite and I love that you incorporated every park! Keep the Top 10’s coming!

  3. Kiki says:

    I agree on Haunted Mansion. Another favorite of mine is Fantasmic.

  4. Justin Cummings says:

    So, which do you prefer Disneyland or Disney world? I’ve been to Disney World, but not Disneyland.

    • Rob Stevens says:

      Having been to both, it’s almost not fair to compare them. They can be very different experiences. For people who want to go on a lot of rides, the ride density at Disneyland Resort (DLR) is higher than at Walt Disney World (WDW), and you don’t lose ride time commuting. The sense of immersion between lands and parks at WDW is better, however, because they have more space to work with. You really feel like you’re immersed in Disney at WDW, while I never quite get that feeling at DLR.

      Really, they’re both great experiences, and I’m sure everyone has their favorite. For me, I’ll take the immersion of WDW every time (and I live on the West Coast!). Also helps that it was my first Disney park. 😉

  5. Josh says:

    The ideal Haunted Mansion (for me) would probably be a slapped together version of the currently existing versions that are not Phantom Manor (that, to me, is a separate entity). It would have the exterior and queue of the DLR version, the portrait corridor from Tokyo, the Library and Music room from WDW, the Conservatory and Endless Hallway from any of them, the DLR Corridor of Doors and Clock Hall, the Seance Circle of DLR, the ballroom of any of them, the Attic from Tokyo, and the Graveyard/Mirrors from WDW.

  6. Kevin says:

    I’ve only been to the US parks, so that knocks out a lot of your list. I’d definitely put Kilamanjaro Safari’s in my top 2, probably #1 with Tower of Terror as the #2.

    After that, it gets tough although I definitely agree with the inclusion of American Adventure.

  7. Stephen says:

    Awesome lost Tom! And I’m glad HKDL made the list!

    As for me I’ve only been to HKDL (numerous times) TDR (Twice, I just got back two days ago from my second visit!) and DLR (Once) so my RIDE rankings would be:

    1) Mystic Manor (HKDL)
    2) Tower of Terror (TDS)
    3) Soarin (DCA)
    4) Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (HKDL)
    5) Journey to the Center of the Earth (TDS)
    6) Splash Mountain (TDL)
    7) Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage (TDS)
    8) Radiator Springs Racers (DCA)
    9) Indiana Jones Adventure (DL)
    10) Haunted Mansion (DL)

    Honorable Mention: Pirates of the Caribbean (DL), Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek (TDL), Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (TDL), Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (TDL), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (TDS), Stormrider (TDS), It’s a Small World (HKDL), Jungle River Cruise (HKDL)

    If I was ranking SHOWS it would be:

    1) Fantasmic (TDS)
    2) The Legend of Mythica (TDS)
    3) Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: Dreamlights (TDL)
    4) Happiness is Here Parade (TDL)
    5) Flights of Fantasy (HKDL)
    6) Disney in the Stars (HKDL)
    7) The Golden Mickeys (HKDL)
    8) Festival of the Lion King (HKDL)
    9) Mickey and the Magical Map (DL)
    10) Big Band Beat (TDS)

    Honorable Mention: World of Color: Winter Dreams

    I went to DL during Christmas, which is why Soundsational is not in the list. In addition to that, Belive in Holiday Magic was cancelled mid-performance when I was at DL so it didn’t make the list either.

    Hope to see more Around the World lists!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I really like the inclusion of Big Grizzly Mountain on your list. Good pick.

      I like that you’ve done a separate list for shows–that’s my next list. Your list is actually a very good start for my own!

      • Teri M. says:

        I am surprised no one mentioned Disneyland California Adventure’s “Aladdin” show. I feel it is the best kept secret at DCA. It is on the level of a great Broadway production with the costumes and special effects and is beyond belief. It gets overlooked by many who go to the parks and yet I find I can’t ever leave my DL visit without seeing it twice.

  8. Spirit of 74 says:

    Sometimes (just sometimes!) it is scary how much you and I see eye to eye on things, Tom.

    I don’t like Top 10 lists, and I’ve played the game on various online forums for close to two decades now, but I think you nailed it quite well. I can’t argue with any choices. I love all of the attractions, although I haven’t experienced MM yet, I’ve heard nothing but universal love from people I respect.

    There are so many great attractions that I’d need a Top 25 to feel I’m being fair. And while I understand why you took only one version of each attraction, I’d have a hard time leaving off ToT (WDW), PoC (DLR, TDL) and Indy (TDS) too. And then there’s Kilimanjaro Safaris (WDW), Phantom Manor (DLP), Splash Mountain (TDL), JTTCoTE (TDS), BTMRR (DLP) just for starters.

    Like I said, I couldn’t do it. But I think you did a great job!

    But c’mon, where’s the love for either version of Little Mermaid?!! 😉

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I can’t argue with any of the omitted attractions you added.

      Little Mermaid…oh shoot! 😉 Honestly, I’m not sure Little Mermaid would make a top 50 list.

  9. laura b says:

    I agree with all except American Adventure. I always fall asleep during that show!

    I would replace it with Peter Pan. I love the uniqueness of the hanging ship.

  10. DRToohey says:

    Having only been to Disneyland, Disney World, and Tokyo Disney, my ten favorites (in no particular order)…

    1. The Great Movie Ride (MGM) – not only an unsung queue champion, but totally blame it for why I’m such a movie buff now. And I love that it actually does *real* classics (I’ve heard some people talk about updating the movies….)
    2. Sinbad (TDS)
    3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull (TDS) – the effects and designs are just stronger than they are in Anaheim (the eye shooting is clearer, Indy and the ball are closer), it doesn’t break down every few minutes, and the shooting mouth!
    4. Haunted Mansion (DL) – pushed over the top for me by Haunted Mansion Holiday.
    5. Radiator Springs Racers (DCA)
    6. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (TDL)
    7. Monster’s Inc Ride and Go Seek (TDL)
    8. Stormrider (TDS) – the fun of the original Star Tours with some really clever effects
    9. American Adventure (Epcot)
    10. Peter Pan (MK/TDL) – toss up – I like it being in English in MK, but hte TDL one has a bit of a less creepy-looking Peter.

    So our lists are pretty similar. Tower I think is held back by me because the drop (and especially the ascension) at TDS are so tame. So the MGM and TDS towers unfortunately work against each other in my top ten: I want MGM to have TDS’s theming and detail and TDS to have MGM’s thrill.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Nice list. I like the inclusion of Great Movie Ride, which too often gets criticized.

      For me, Tower of Terror isn’t about the thrill. That’s just icing to an awesome multi-dimensional attraction.

      I don’t quite know what to think about the inclusion of StormRider. I really like it, but I’m not sure if that’s for the right reasons. I always find myself laughing at the end.

      • DRToohey says:

        Oh, I’m laughing too…but I think (or at least hope) it’s supposed to be the point: it’s a big bunch of cheesy fun. The intro show and the general concept seem to be so ridiculous* that I’d be surprised if it is just an accidental hot mess.

        Tower, to be fair, I’d probably need to do again in Tokyo to fully evaluate it. The first time I was purely in love but then weak drop took me so off guard (like biting into a delicious cake without any icing)…maybe if I were to go in knowing not to expect that it might crack my top 10. As is, it’s probably number 12 or 13 anyway, so it’s not too low.

        *The intro guide also kinda tonally reminds me of the intro video in Battle Royale – i.e. perky japanese girl introducing dangerous situation – that I may (rightfully or not) be projecting a level of self-awareness of a tone/threat mismatch.

  11. Andrew says:

    I loved it. Great list!

    The American Adventure is my number attraction at WDW.

    I recently compiled my own top ten of the most under-appreciated WDW attractions. Check it out:

  12. SkipperKelly says:

    Tom-you forgot Primeval Whirl. ;o)

  13. Will says:

    Here’s my current Top 10 in no particular order (May change after I head to WDW this summer for the first time since 1998):

    Pirates (DL)- For me, the definitive version (I have not experienced Paris’ yet)

    Sinbad (TDS)- A great ride overflowing with detail. Precisely the type of ride I would like to see more of in the U.S. Parks, cheerful, upbeat, memorable, and highly repeatable.

    Indiana Jones (TDS)- I’m not sure when the new effects came along to Disneyland’s version (I went in June last year), but whether I experienced them or not, I have to give the edge to Tokyo’s. I like the way the show building gives an imposing presence to the area and thought the queue was much, much better at DisneySEA. I also think the ride is smoother and has less jerky-for-the-sake-of-it movements, which is my main complaint about the ride. Not to mention a MUCH smoother single rider line experience (I found several of DL’s Single Rider Lines to be needlessly convoluted), and TDS is the clear winner for me.

    Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare (TDL)- This one grew on me rapidly over the course of my visit. My first ride I didn’t really get it, but as I rode more I came to appreciate this entirely new take on an old classic. I look forward to experiencing the California version someday.

    Haunted Mansion (WDW)-This one is mostly on here because it was my favorite ride as a child. I hope that my visit to WDW will help convince me that this ride belongs here because I have to say it didn’t fully gel for me at Disneyland last year like I had expected it to.

    Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (TDL)- Dramatically different from the other pooh rides and expertly uses updated technology to better tell the story rather than detract from it.

    Splash Mountain (TDL)- The best version of Splash, exploding with detail.

    Star Tours: The Adventure Continues (DL)- One of my new favorites.

    Matterhorn Bobsleds (DL)-on the lower end of the Top 10, but still a favorite. Only rideable for me in the front of the car, but still classic and a great source of nostalgia for me as one of my first roller coasters.

    Space Mountain (TDL)-This one was tough in that I wanted to give it to California for the on-ride music, but ultimately gave it to Tokyo mainly because it’s better themed and significantly less convoluted to get to.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Good list!

      The new effects in Disneyland were added around last August or September.

      Interesting that you separate Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare from regular Haunted Mansion. I probably wouldn’t. I also didn’t think about that when I weighed whether I should give the nod to the Tokyo or Florida version of Haunted Mansion. Considering the 2 for 1 nature of Tokyo’s, now I am sort of leaning towards it…

  14. Dan Heaton says:

    I’ve only been to Paris, Florida, and California, so no amazing Japan or Hong Kong attractions on this list. It’s also hard to not include great rides of the past. Here goes (in no order):

    Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland)
    Phantom Manor (DLP)
    Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (DHS)
    Indiana Jones (Disneyland)
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (DLP)
    Enchanted Tiki Room (Disneyland)
    Splash Mountain (Disney World)
    Carousel of Progress (Disney World) – sentimental pick
    Spaceship Earth (EPCOT) – despite the awful finale
    Space Mountain (DLP)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Disneyland Paris’ Space Mountain? So I take it you like to punish your brain! 😉 (Good list, by the way.)

  15. LindaG says:

    Great to see someone give kudos to e American Adventure. I never leave there is a dry eye.

  16. Erin says:

    I haven’t been to any of the parks except Disneyland and DCA, but I have to agree with the inclusion of Indiana Jones and Radiator Springs Racers! These were my two favorite rides in Anaheim, and it makes me really excited to go to the rest of the parks to ride the remainder of these wonderful rides!

  17. Kristina says:

    I’m very happy to see American Adventure be given some credit (finally). Voices of Liberty is the best preshow of any park.

    Having never been in Pooh in TDL but having been on Antarctica in SeaWorld….I have to say, having a trackless ride system does not always make for a great ride.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You’re absolutely right about the trackless ride system not automatically equaling a good ride. I’m always weary of any tech-first approach where the ride engineers are so excited about the underlying technology that they gloss over the storytelling. I think that has happened on a few occasions, and I’m a little worried it might happen with the swinging cars in Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (I so hope I’m wrong).

      With that said, the trackless ride system enables a type of immersive storytelling that just cannot be accomplished without it. It allows taking a good story and otherwise good attraction to the next level and really making guests part of the experience. Obviously, that requires good execution on the underlying attraction in the first place.

  18. Sean says:

    I’m surprised Spaceship Earth didn’t make your list, although maybe just because it’s a favorite of yours (and mine), doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a “must do” (although, i believe it is haha).

    • Tom Bricker says:

      The new descent and touch-screen “story” knocked Spaceship Earth down a couple of rungs for me. I still love the attraction (or at least the first 75% of it), but it’s not top 10 material because of the last 25%.

      • matt m says:

        agreed, they blew it with watching a tv screen on the decent at spaceship earth.. so much space and opportunity to keep the rider in an environment…as it formerly had…

  19. daffystardust says:

    Nice list!
    I sure wish I could check all of these out in person.

    The one change that needs to be made to the American Adventure is that they need to REMOVE LANCE ARMSTRONG from the video clips! He is now an admitted cheater who ruined other people’s lives in order to maintain his lies. His work for cancer charities is nice, but does not mean he should be retained.

    The Haunted Mansion is my absolute favorite, but I’m betting if I saw the one in Tokyo it would become tops for me.

    • Kevin says:

      I agree completely about Lance Armstrong, and I’d add Tiger Woods as well.

      And while we’re at it, can we go back to the original version of “Golden Wings” and not the one they “updated” in the 90’s?

      • Tom Bricker says:

        To me, Lance Armstrong is more problematic (although if I made it today neither would be in there). Tiger Woods is far from a saint, but what he did was in his *personal* life and just blew up and became public. If others from the film lived in the internet and 24 hour news cycle, I wonder how many would have had similar scandals.

        Still, your point stands. I just can’t stand Armstrong now…

  20. Teevtee says:

    Ok Tom… I may need to rip you off again already!

    I have been to all the parks many times: I like Mystic Manor but I doubt that it would make my top 10.
    This could be a long debate but suffice it to dud that it does not work for me as well as it does for you.

    Much of the experience for me is the build up and transition before and after the actual ride. In that regard as well as the ride Journey to the Center if the Earth is awesome. In surprised it missed your list.

    I’ll be riding Mystic Manor again in a matter of hours but as cool as it is it’s still kind of pedestrian for me.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I’d like to see this article ripped off, but what I’d really like to read is an article articulating your position on Mystic Manor. That really surprises me.

      Journey to the Center of the Earth is certainly great, but I felt it was a bit anti-climactic. I felt it could have used more outdoor track, or an initial encounter with the monster, and then a final “escape” encounter. It’s awesome, no doubt, but not in my top 10.

  21. Richard says:

    Your list is good but as you say there will be differences…

    My wife and I really like Midway Mania (DCA) where she seriously kicks my butt. I get in the Mid 400 thousands and she regularly gets 600 – 650 thousand!

    Then on the other side (DL) we both like Astro Blasters where I get to return the favor! My current highest score is over 3,000,000 and that was without stops or breakdowns!

    I do agree with the rest of your list and like others I’d like to see Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods removed, no only because of their past but because rides which may have a long lifetime shouldn’t include current references.

  22. Jaleen says:

    I just wanted to ask you what’s the difference between Mystic Manor and the Haunted Mansion? I heard that they were very similar but I don’t know the difference. Great list by the way!

  23. Josie says:

    I was so happy to see Indiana Jones make the list. That ride is absolutely fantastic.
    I’ve only been to the 4 parks in Florida and Disneyland (with Disneyland being just 1 day too), but this would be my top 10:
    10. It’s a Small World, Disneyland
    The outside facade just takes my breath away. I also like the immersion of Disney characters.
    9. Festival of the Lion King, Animal Kingdom
    I know this is a show and not a ride, but that show gives me chills every time. I love it. I’m excited for it to get its own theater because the parade float Pumba and Simba should really have permanent spots and not be…floats.
    8. Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom
    Despite the fact that the Yeti seems to never want to work so they flash lights on him instead, the detail that went into this ride and it’s creative track reversal system make this one of my favorite coasters.
    7. Haunted Mansion, Magic Kingdom
    Just pray you never get stopped by the screaming headstone ghost like my family did. It always amazes me when I see the special effects of this ride and how they still hold up today.
    6. Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland
    Pirates has always been an attraction that I enjoyed and riding the Disneyland version after the Magic Kingdom version made me like the Disneyland version even more because I appreciated its “extra” scenes more than had it been the other way around.
    5. Spaceship Earth, Epcot
    Spaceship Earth has always been a favorite of mine and my family’s. I love the scenes and narration. It’s always been a magical trip through time for me.
    4. Peter Pan’s Flight, Disneyland and Magic Kingdom
    I couldn’t decide which version I prefer as I don’t remember large differences between the two. This is #4 mainly for nostalgia and my love of the Peter Pan story.
    3. Space Mountain, Disneyland
    While I love the Magic Kingdom version, I would argue that the Disneyland version was better.
    2. Splash Mountain, Magic Kingdom
    Splash Mountain has always been pretty much my favorite ride in Magic Kingdom. I love how it combines Disney storytelling while being a thrilling ride as well. Plus, it kicked up the perception of the traditional flume ride 100 notches.
    1. Indiana Jones Adventure, Disneyland
    It’s just so detailed and I hadn’t been in true awe from a ride in a long time until I rode this one. I thought it was incredible from a thrills, Imagineering, and details standpoint. Spectacular.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I totally agree regarding Festival of the Lion King. It’s a great show, and really deserves better (hopefully it’s getting better with the new location!). It also runs in Hong Kong Disneyland, and is in some ways a better show there because it isn’t just old parade floats. Great list!

  24. Kevin P says:

    Tom, I would love to see your “bottom 10″ list also!

  25. Danielle says:

    I never know where your pictures are from, since they aren’t labeled. What is the first picture on this post?

  26. Ratko Boric says:

    Wow! I myself have never been in such a Park. No, I was in Gardaland in Italy. Some expectations are that near Split in Croatia will be some aqua-park soon… But, I’m astonished with all that, must-see one soon! I have 5 children, we live in Podgora, Croatia, and ‘must take them to Disneyland!

  27. Timothy Murray says:

    Tom, anxiously awaiting your next blog post! Maybe a Top 10 Disney Park Restaurants?

  28. matt m says:

    nice list! think it’s the ASTOUNDING animation that makes Aladdin swing…it’s unlike anything else… kind of horrible to think that breakthrough in fluid movement has to stay in tokyo, while they give us 3rd rate mermaid in fla… seriously? and with pooh’s hunny hunt a constant 2 hour wait (and worth it), couldn’t they have repeated it in orlando?
    Journey to the Center of the Earth is possibly my favorite for detail and immersion, while my heart sticks with WDW’s space mountain and splash mountain (no doubt because of sneekily beautiful orchestrations that leave you happy as a clam)…

  29. Rachel says:

    Great list! Personally, I think Crush’s Coaster at WDS at DLRP is one of the most AMAZING attractions I have ridden! The spinning turtle shell along the EAC (aka Space Mountain in the ocean) with slower parts featuring Nemo characters make it delightful and exciting!! If only it could get a FP…

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