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Extra Magic Hours: Pros & Cons

Extra Magic Hours at Walt Disney World are extended park hours available to Disney resort-hotel guests. On certain days of the week, guests can enter a Walt Disney World park one hour before it opens to the general public, or stay in a park two hours later than normal operating hours. This post covers the

Disneyland Secrets & Hidden Details

Disneyland is rich in details and history, and thanks to that, there are a lot of little “Easter Eggs,” secrets, quirks, and fun minor experiences to be discovered, most of which go unnoticed by casual guests. They’re obviously not major elements of attractions or substantial things, but they are layers of detail that really enhance

Typhoon Lagoon Wave Pool Tips

The Surf Pool at Typhoon Lagoon is one of the water park’s coolest features, and also one of its most dangerous (cue overly dramatic music). Actually, the pool is quite safe, it’s just that many guests don’t quite understand it or are not properly prepared for it. That might seem odd. After all, it’s just