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Castillo Del Morro – Disney Photo of the Day

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite Disney attractions. While I prefer the version of the attraction at Disneyland to the version at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, the Magic Kingdom’s exterior is definitely better. Nothing against the New Orleans Square charm of Disneyland’s version, I just prefer the look of

Disney Fireworks Photos

Disneyland and Walt Disney World show a number of fireworks shows on an almost nightly basis. At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Wishes! is the main show with HalloWishes and Holiday Wishes! shown seasonally. Epcot also gets in the fireworks act, with the beautiful Illuminations. Disneyland’s main show is called “Remember… Dreams Come True,” and

Astro Orbitor – Disney Photo of the Day

In Disneyland, this attraction is called “Astro Orbitor.” In Walt Disney World, it’s called “Astro Orbiter.” See the difference? Does California use a different corpus than Florida? Was this accidental? Was it completely intentional and the result of an intricate backstory written by WDI of which I’m unaware? These are the kind of things that