Guide to Lunar New Year 2023 at California Adventure

Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure is a celebration of Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese traditions that runs January 20 through February 15, 2023. It’s the first big event of the year at Disneyland Resort, and in this post, we’ll share tips & info for visiting, plus photos from the annual event. (Updated November 22, 2022.)

Disney is ringing in the Year of the Rabbit during the Lunar New Year celebration at DCA! The Chinese zodiac calendar plays a significant role in shaping the traditions, holidays, and foods enjoyed in Asian communities all over the globe. In Chinese culture, the rabbit has the unique characteristic of waiting for an opportune moment and then leaping into action. More than any other zodiac animal, the rabbit symbolizes luck.

Disneyland will also be recognizing the Vietnamese zodiac calendar during the Lunar New Year celebration, which marks 2023 as the Year of the Cat. During this limited time event, you’ll be able to partake in a joyous cultural celebration with a touch of Disney magic, featuring Asian-inspired food and drinks, vibrant décor, keepsake merchandise, rare characters, and exciting entertainment.

Lunar New Year celebrates the celestial journey of the sun and the moon on their voyage toward another year. Disneyland Resort’s special festival invites you to make memories with your family and friends while sharing wishes for good health, luck and prosperity throughout the year to come.

Culturally, Lunar New Year is a multi-day annual tradition that is the customary time to reflect on the past and step into a new life of hope, prosperity, and happiness. Much like ¡Viva Navidad!, which is like an event straight out of circa-1982 EPCOT Center, Happy Lunar New Year also combines authentic culture with Disney fun.

It’s a great little celebration, and really makes me wish that Disney went through with its plan for a series of “Small World Celebrations” that began several years ago with Opa! A Greek Celebration. Perhaps now that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is open, DCA will start offering some counter-programming to draw locals away from Disneyland.

The Lunar New Year entertainment is great. There’s an educational component that feels inspired by actual Lunar New Year celebrations. This provides guests an authentic slice of culture alongside the fun of the Mulan processional and special character meet and greets.

Thankfully, it’s not simply characters from Mulan and Mickey Mouse in traditional Lunar New Year garb–there’s actual substance to this.

For Lunar New Year 2023, there are a few big changes. First, Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession is a cavalcade rather than a small processional with a show stop in front of Paradise Garden. In 2023, the procession will be extended throughout all of Disney California Adventure along the parade route from Paradise Gardens through Hollywood Land.

Second, the culinary landscape will expand for 2023, with the addition of two new Lunar New Year marketplaces: Bamboo Blessings and Wrapped with Love. They will join the returning marketplaces, including Lucky 8 Lantern, Prosperity Bao & Buns, Red Spice Traders, and Longevity Noodle Co.

“Hurry Home – Lunar New Year Celebration” also returns, presented prior to “World of Color.”

This heartwarming nighttime water show tells the tale of a little lantern’s quest to reunite with family for the annual celebration of good luck and fortune. During the celebration, you can check the Disneyland app for showtimes.

Last year, Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession debuted a gorgeous new float with Mulan, Mushu, Goofy, and traditional Chinese drummers. Decorated in red and gold to symbolize good fortune and happiness, the float features bright bunches of red firecrackers with golden tassels, and delicate red and gold lanterns that come aglow for after-sunset performances.

My favorite viewing spot–and where I shot these photos–is near Prosperity Bao & Buns, with Mickey’s Fun Wheel (or whatever they’re calling it now) in the background.


The costumes are stunning in the processions. If you can go to a late afternoon show, do that, as the light hitting the performers makes for some really nice photos.

There are a ton of performers in the Mulan procession–probably about 20-30.

We’d also recommend catching the last procession of the day, as it occurs after dark and the lanterns on the floats are illuminated.

Given this and the high quality of the performances, I’m surprised Disney doesn’t try to extend the Lunar New Year celebration a bit longer. It’s a really nice draw, probably not that expensive to put on, and is really popular with guests.

Additionally, the Paradise Garden Bandstand presents daily live performances featuring enchanting traditional musical instruments, along with Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese folk dancers.

The San Francisco-based musical group Melody of China performs a fusion of Chinese folk, classical and contemporary instrumentals.

Of course, character meet & greets are part of the event, which is a nice touch for families. Enjoy special appearances by Disney characters at the Paradise Gardens Gazebo, where you may spot Tigger, Mulan and Mushu, Mickey and Minnie, and the Three Little Pigs–all dressed in their festive finery.

On top of that, the titular character from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film Raya and the Last Dragon, makes her official debut at the Disneyland Resort during the Lunar New Year celebration. Under a forest canopy deep in the heart of Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, you may encounter the heroic Raya.

While in Paradise Gardens, head over to the Lucky Wishes Wall to share your own special wishes of hope, health and happiness that roar with confidence for the Year of the Tiger.

There’s also complimentary arts and crafts, including dragon’s pearl coloring craft and Chinese calligraphy with local artisans. Plus, new face painting opportunities have been added to the celebration, available for purchase.


The best part about Lunar New Year at DCA is that it doesn’t feel like it’s simply a ruse to sell some expensive event merchandise and overpriced menu items to locals (although that’s part of the equation). There’s a genuine effort to make this an enriching and entertaining experience for guests, and this is exactly the kind of thing that belongs in EPCOT.

There are lots of cool decorations up around Paradise Garden.

It may not seem like it from the photos here, but there’s a lot to see outside of the procession.

In addition to this, there’s other live entertainment on the band stand stage that you can enjoy while eating, plus stations where guests can get their faces painted, art stations for kids, and several spots set up with educational info about Lunar New Year in the various cultures that celebrate it.

Even though it’s the winter “off-season” at Disneyland Resort, Lunar New Year will still draw crowds. Expect that to hold true for the duration of the event. The food booths are especially busy, as are the meet & greets, which routinely have hour-plus lines.

On the plus side, you can grab a last minute spot for the cavalcade and have a great view. Same goes for the entertainment in Paradise Garden, which is a relatively uncrowded area of Disney California Adventure.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the food being served up at DCA’s Lunar New Year festivities…

Lunar New Year Food Menus

One of the highlights of Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure is the marketplaces, serving a variety of Asian-inspired dishes prepared with a Disney twist. These include Longevity Noodle Co., Lucky 8 Lantern, Prosperity Bao & Buns, and Red Dragon Spice Traders.

These food booths are the same stands used for DCA’s Food & Wine Festival and its Festival of Holidays. While Lunar New Year’s culinary component is not as fleshed out as those events, it’s starting to expand and come into its own. We’ve already tried several dishes from the last two incarnations of the event, and have generally liked what we’ve tried.

Note that due to there being so few food booths, the lines can get long. We recommend rope dropping the marketplaces, ordering as close to 10:30 am as possible. From what we’ve seen, Longevity Noodle Co. has the longest lines, with guests stretching back through the World of Color seating area throughout the day for this marketplace. Prioritize this one.

Alternatively, you can place orders at a single marketplace, and then go to the pickup lines at other booths from there. Those return lines can still be lengthy, but you’ll save a good amount of time this way (assuming Disney doesn’t “disable” the multi-booth ordering, which does happen from time to time).

For the best value in your epicurean adventure, we recommend buying the Sip & Savor Pass. This provides six vouchers, redeemable for food and nonalcoholic beverages at Lunar New Year Marketplace kiosks and other select dining locations.

We usually make a pass of the marketplaces before redeeming any vouchers, making note of the items that are most expensive out of pocket, and thus offer the best bang for buck with the Sip & Savor Pass. A good rule of thumb is paying for the desserts out of pocket and using the Sip & Savor Pass on the more ambitious savory snacks.

Longevity Noodle Co. Food Menu:

  • Garlic Noodles: Long noodles tossed in a zesty garlic butter with Parmesan cheese
  • Spicy Pork Dandan Noodles: Pan-fried noodles with ground pork and a spicy tri-chile blend sauce

Longevity Noodle Co. Beverage Menu:

  • Salted Pistachio Cold Brew featuring Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. French Bistro Blend Coffee
  • Pale Ale with mandarin and bergamot zest
  • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

Lucky 8 Lantern Food Menu:

  • Shrimp Fried Rice with garlic bacon edamame
  • Beef Bulgogi Short Rib on rice with green onion salad

Lucky 8 Lantern Beverage Menu:

  • Peach Yuja-Ade: Peach syrup, yuja, dragonfruit, lemon, and butterfly pea flower tea
  • Soju Peach Yuja-Ade: Soju, peach syrup, yuja, dragonfruit, lemon, and butterfly pea flower tea
  • Lager
  • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

Prosperity Bao & Buns Food Menu:

  • Char Siu BBQ Pork Bao: Pickled red onions and jalapeño
  • Mickey Chinese Hot Dog Bun: Brioche-style Mickey-shaped buns stuffed with hot dog and finished with sesame seeds and scallions

Prosperity Bao & Buns Beverage Menu:

  • Prosperous Tiger: Vodka, cream of coconut, bitters, triple sec, mandarin purée, and vanilla bean paste
  • Lychee Celebration: Gin, prosecco, lychee purée, lychee syrup, grapefruit juice, and yuja
  • Bamboo Lager
  • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube

Red Dragon Spice Traders Food Menu:

  • Spicy Three-Cup Chicken served on a bed of jasmine rice
  • Impossible Lion’s Head Meatballs: Mini plant-based pork meatballs served with cabbage and Shaoxing wine reduction
  • Mickey Purple Sweet Potato Macaron: Red macaron filled with purple sweet potato buttercream and crème fraîche center

Red Dragon Spice Traders Beverage Menu:

  • Dancing Firecracker: Pineapple juice, guava purée, spicy honey syrup, hibiscus syrup, and lime juice
  • Jasmine Tea Lager
  • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

Lucky Fortune Cookery Beverages:

  • Hong Kong-style Milk Tea: Black tea sweetened with condensed milk served over ice (non-alcoholic) (New)
  • Mulan Sipper with choice of: Fountain beverage at time of purchase, Hong Kong-style milk tea, or Vietnamese iced coffee (non-alcoholic)
  • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

Paradise Garden Grill Food Menu:

  • Korean-style BBQ Chicken: Half chicken with steamed white rice, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, and sesame seeds (Sip and Savor portion available)
  • Pork Banh Mi: Grilled pork belly with pickled daikon, carrots, cucumber, jalapeño, cilantro, and seasoned mayonnaise on a crispy baguette (Sip and savor portion available)
  • Spicy Kung Pao Tofu: Deep fried tofu with zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, red peppers, peanuts, and fried rice garnished with garlic deep-fried chips (Sip and Savor portion available) (New)
  • Whole Fried Fish: Crispy whole fish, sweet and sour sauce, steamed rice, stir-fried vegetables and chicken soup — served family-style for two
  • Green Tea Raspberry Parfait: Green tea mousse, raspberry jelly, white sponge cake, white chocolate mousse, and candy pearls
  • Sides of steamed or fried rice

Paradise Garden Grill Beverage Menu:

  • Tiger Milk Tea with brown sugar boba (non-alcoholic) (New)
  • Soju Cocktail: Soju, ginger beer, lemon, basil, Fresno chile, lychee flavor-filled boba (non-alcoholic) (New)
  • Mulan Sipper with choice of fountain beverage at time of purchase (non-alcoholic)
  • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

Lamplight Lounge Food Menu:

  • Korean-style BBQ Nachos: Bulgogi pork belly, cheesy corn sauce, gochujang crema, fresh radish, and spicy cucumbers on house-made chips (New)
  • Kung Pao Bao: Kung Pao-glazed crispy pork belly, chili peanuts, steamed bao bun, red pepper, and green onion slaw
  • Oolong Donut: Oolong-dusted beignet donut served with oolong crème anglaise, and orange soy pudding dipping sauces

Lamplight Lounge Beverage Menu:

  • Lunar Cocktail: Baiju Chinese liquor, smoked orange syrup, orange bitters and lemon juice garnished with orange peel (New)

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa Holiday Cart Menu:

  • Lantern Whoopie Pie: Whoopie pie filled with vanilla buttercream and dipped in pearl sprinkles
  • Assorted Pretzel Sticks: Tiger-striped chocolate pretzel sticks
  • Mickey-shaped Tiger Sugar Cookie: Sugar cookie dipped in red chocolate with gold Mickey-shaped tiger
  • Mickey-shaped Tiger-striped Sugar Cookie: Sugar cookie dipped in red chocolate with gold tiger stripes

As shown above, Paradise Garden Grill has a special menu for Lunar New Year, and a few other options can be found at the Festival Food and Beverage Cart.

Our favorite tends to be Paradise Garden Grill, as it serves full meals that are ambitious and delightful. One of our favorite “traditions” during the event is joining Guy Selga of to devour the Whole Fried Fish, which tastes so much better than it looks. I’m also a big fan of the Bánh Mì, if you want something a bit more…conventional.

Overall, Happy Lunar New Year is an event that’s well worth experiencing if you’re a Disneyland local, really into cultural experiences, or are thinking of an early-year Disneyland Resort vacation. We were really impressed by the overall quality of Happy Lunar New Year, and ended up spending about half the day over in Paradise Garden enjoying it. It seemed very popular with other guests, and we’ve never seen Paradise Garden this busy–it’s even busier during this than during Viva Navidad.

As an added bonus, January and February are generally great months to visit (if you don’t mind some refurbishments) as the crowds are at their lowest points of the year, and “winter” in Southern California has air quotes around it for a reason. The event itself is a very high quality little offering you could spend a couple of hours experiencing, and is a nice gesture for locals and those who want something new or unique. For most people, it isn’t going to be something around which a trip should be planned, but considering that it’s only running for 4 days, it’s excellent.

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Does Lunar New Year Celebration look like a classic “edutainment” experience, or does it look uninteresting to you? If you have been, what do you think of Happy Lunar New Year? Any tips to add? Hearing from you is half the fun, so if you have additional thoughts or questions, please share them in the comments!

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