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It’s a Good Year for Figment Fans!

We’re less than one week into 2024, and it’s already been a good year for Figment. No, there still has NOT been an announcement of Journey Into Imagination 4.0, but we’re on record saying it’s time to reimagine Imagination. Rather, because of a couple of much smaller-scale wins. It isn’t just the 2024 calendar year

Figment Meet & Greet Coming to EPCOT

Figment is returning to EPCOT and will have a new meet & greet for a limited time. In this post, we’ll share everything we know, plus some commentary and a look at the last time Figzilla appeared in the park near Journey into Imagination. (Updated September 9, 2023.) This announcement was made during the “A Boundless Future:

Our Figment Christmas Ornament Collection

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Figment is my favorite Disney character. For me, putting the two together is like combining bacon and cupcake, but more awesome. (Seriously.) Even as I’ve downsized my Figment collection that I’ve shared previously, my Figment ornament collection has grown. I acquired my first Figment ornament in college, either when my

Ultimate Guide to Collecting Disneyana

Hi, my name is Tom and I’m a Disneyana eBayoholic. A recovering Disneyana eBayoholic. For years, I had multiple, complex saved searches on eBay delivering me daily results for a myriad of Disney collectibles & merchandise. The postman actually asked me once why so many packages came to our apartment. Our “roommate” was the boxes

#FigmentFriday: The Flight to Imagination

The opening act of the original Journey into Imagination was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Shortly after boarding your omnimover ride vehicle, you entered the clouds. There, guests spotted the silhouette of an eclectic blimp-like machine with a vacuum on the front and bagpipe on the rear. We were greeted by the affable voice of