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Caribbean Beach v. Coronado Springs Resort

Two Moderate Resort hotels at Walt Disney World–Caribbean Beach and Coronado Springs–are currently in the midst of significant construction projects, and vacation planners might wonder which one they should choose during this work. This head-to-head smackdown between the two answers that question. (Last updated June 3, 2018.) Beyond the construction, a choice between Caribbean Beach and

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Review

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is a Moderate Resort at Walt Disney World with a Southwest theme. This hotel review features room photos, our thoughts on staying at Coronado, including during the midst of the construction project that has already started. (Last updated June 1, 2018.) Coronado Springs is very spread out with Lago Dorado, a 22-acre

Disney World Hotel Reviews

Not sure which Walt Disney World resort is right for you? Our hotel reviews feature room photos, strengths and weaknesses of each hotel, our opinion as to whether they are worth the money, and an idea of what type of guests (families, honeymooners, commando tourists, etc.) will like or dislike each hotel. We also include reviews of Walt Disney

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Review

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a Moderate Resort hotel at Walt Disney World with a tropical theme. This review has been substantially updated with numerous new room photos and thoughts concerning the new rooms and other changes at the resort based on our recent stay here. Before the bulk of this review, we’ll offer an update

Port Orleans Riverside v. French Quarter

Now and for the foreseeable future, Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside are the Moderate Resort hotels at Walt Disney World that we recommend. So…which is the better option for your WDW vacation? This post offers our head-to-head smackdown between the two to answer that question. First, we have to admit that there’s no one-size-fits all answer