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Royal Banquet Hall Review

Royal Banquet Hall is a character meal at Shanghai Disneyland, located inside Enchanted Storybook Castle. This is the only table service restaurant in the park (as such, it’s also the only character meal), and it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This review will assess the quality of the ambiance, cuisine, and character components of our

Shanghai Disneyland Trip Report

We had the fortune of attending Shanghai Disneyland’s opening day! In this trip report, we will share hundreds of photos from the first 3 days of Shanghai Disney Resort’s celebration, thoughts on the park, restaurants at which we dined, the best and worst attractions, and more. For us, this was the first time we’ve had the

Shanghai Disneyland Review & Impressions

Counterfeit tickets. Broken rides. Food shortages. Plumbing issues. 100-degree weather so hot it softened the partially-set pavement. As compared to Disneyland’s “Black Sunday” opening day some 60 years ago, Shanghai Disneyland’s opening day was uneventful. Although there are radical differences between the launch of Walt Disney’s big, personal gamble on his park, and the one financed