October 2011 Disney World Trip Report, Pt XI

Prior to the trip, I had heard about the new menu at Cosmic Ray’s, which sounded decidedly disgusting. Josh at EasyWDW described it in very unflattering terms, and based upon his accompanying photos, his description seemed quite apt. It really sounded as if someone created these menu items after getting the munchies. A pizza burger? Really?! With Cheech and Chong at the menu-design helm, it seemed likely that the next addition would be a Funion, Moose-Track Ice Cream, and Slim Jim Burrito. Despite, or maybe because of, me being very critical of this new pizza burger, I just felt compelled to try it. Sarah and Henry both warned me against it, but it was luring me like a Siren’s Song.

I knew I shouldn’t do it, I really did. Everything told me that I was making a mistake, but I ordered it anyway.

It was surprisingly mediocre. Actually, shocking mediocre. It wasn’t as good as a normal bacon-burger, but it wasn’t as gut-wrenchingly disgusting as I anticipated. Definitely something I wouldn’t order again, but it was at least marginally palatable.

Following lunch, we headed over to Peter Pan’s Flight before making our way through Adventureland to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, where we met up with Lou Mongello and his family. We were a little shocked that Lou had recovered so quickly from his 40-hour show, but I guess when you’re Disney Fan #1, you have the stamina of 10 lesser fans! To think, if he only put that stamina towards something noble, like staying really late in the parks to take photos–then, he’d be a true legend!

I don’t even know what we talked about in line with them, as the entire time I was focused on my stomach, which was churning, growling, and being punched by my other organs, as it cried to me, “why did you subject me to that pizza burger?!”

In an attempt to maintain at least a sliver of decorum on this already crass website, I will skip ahead to when I met the rest of the group after they exited the Tiki Room. Suffice to say, I did not end up seeing the show.

Kids, let that be a lesson to you: unless you have a stomach of steel or really enjoy misery, don’t order the pizza burger. It’s a trap.

Lou and family were leaving at that point (at least that’s what they told us!), presumably because sleep deprivation had caught up to him, so we parted ways and headed to Pirates of the Caribbean. Before queueing up, we explored the courtyard in the area of the attraction, and Henry pointed out a lot of things we had never noticed. Even Henry is my arch-nemesis (mostly because he loves and embodies all things evil), he has a great eye for detail and can point out a lot of really interesting things. Although I have previously credited his domination in every single Disney scavenger hunt he’s ever entered to cheating or some sort of nefarious methodology, perhaps it’s actually because he has great knowledge of Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

We saw a lot of cool things in the courtyard, and after we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, we continued to explore Adventureland and Frontierland as Henry pointed out more details. It was really fun and we saw many things that even we, experienced Disney vets who look for the Disney Details, had never before noticed. As I’ve said before, this great attention to detail is one of the big reasons why we keep coming back. Even if 99% of Guests never notice these special little touches, it’s great that Disney keeps creating them to enhance the experience for the fanatical 1%.

As long as we’re complimenting Henry, his next best talent (scratch that–his BEST talent) is his ability to inadvertently make awkward faces while I’m taking photos. I don’t know if this is a talent so much as it is just awesome, but whatever.

Our next stop was Fantasyland, where we hit a number of attractions in succession. No interesting stories to be told here, but we did hit PhilharMagic, Winnie the Pooh, and the Mad Tea Party all within 41 minutes. That has to be some sort of record!

By the time we were done with these attractions, it was 4:30, and our time in the Magic Kingdom was drawing to a close. We had time to do one more thing, so of course we chose the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover. Really, this was our de facto choice, as we either had to ride it or leave because all other attractions had too long of waits. In any case, we love the TTA, and it’s often our last attraction of the trip because we enjoy it so much. What better way to cap off a trip than a long, relaxing voyage around Tomorrowland that offers great views of the Magic Kingdom?

We thought we still had a little time left, so after we exited the attraction we wandered Tomorrowland briefly, taking a few more photos. On the way out, Sarah applied for, and was immediately hired as a balloon-salesperson Cast Member. Apparently they had seen her audition tape on YouTube and were really impressed with her balloon marketing abilities. Thanks to the income from her new job, I headed to Golden Oaks and purchased a home, and we enjoyed fireworks from our front porch for the rest of our lives, living happily ever after.

…More or less, that’s probably the day-dream that was going through both of our heads (the Golden Oaks part–probably not the balloon-selling part) as we waited for the bus to Caribbean Beach Resort. Unfortunately, that’s not how our fairy tale ends. Instead, it concludes with us just missing a bus to Caribbean Beach, waiting quite a while for a subsequent bus, getting off at the first stop and hoofing it to the Customs House (because the Customs House is the last stop) and just barely making our Disney’s Magical Express bus. Not exactly my type of fairytale ending, but it’s better than missing our DME bus….or is it?!

All-in-all, it was another amazing trip to Walt Disney World. Somehow, despite increasing the frequency of our trips, each trip we take is an amazing, special, and (dare I say) magical experience. We find new ways to enjoy the parks, they’re always fun and amazing to explore, and we never get sick of it. Never. The day we get back, Disney withdrawal always sets in, and we begin anticipating our next trip. While we have issues with some aspect of Disney and contemplate these objectively ex post facto, very rarely when we’re actually touring the parks are we pessimistic about anything. In fact, our excitement level is usually at an 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. (I could be cliche and say it’s at 11, but if the scale maxes out at 10, you can’t reach 11.) As we prepare to head out on our third-ever Disneyland trip, and first-ever trip for Christmas, our favorite time of year at Walt Disney World, our excitement for the next trip is palpable.  We have a couple of exciting projects that will arise out of this trip about which we’re really excited, and of course we absolutely ecstatic about seeing the Disneyland parks decked out for Christmas!

With that said… SEE YA REAL SOON!

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