October 2011 Disney World Trip Report, Pt IX

The next morning, we were unsurprisingly a bit tired, which caused us to start out the day a little later than normal. With the Disney Food Blog meet relatively early in the day, we couldn’t sleep in too long, though. Not that we wanted to, anyway.

After getting ready, we boarded a bus headed for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The meet was in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, so we walked there from the Studios. Along the way, we ran into Nick, and headed to the meet with him. We also got to see the beauty of the Epcot Resort Area–again–during the daytime.

Since we stayed at BoardWalk on our honeymoon last year, this area has quickly risen to the top of my list for favorite resort-areas in Walt Disney World, surpassing even the monorail loop. Even the Swan and Dolphin, which I used to view only as over-sized eyesores, I now really appreciate. In fact, we have so fallen for the Epcot Resort Area that immediately after the trip, we began trying to book the Beach Club Villas through Disney Vacation Club. We were surprised to get Beach Club on our very first try, but have since actually changed the reservation twice as our booking window (7 months out) has started to include “better” dates.

We were able to book a room for the weekend of May 19 and 20 (well, actually the following Monday and Tuesday since the points are cheaper, but the stay revolves around that weekend). We did this because we have a strong suspicion that this will be the first weekend of Star Wars Weekends and the last weekend of Flower and Garden Festival (the latter is definitely true–the dates have already been announced for it!). If Star Wars Weekends also falls on this weekend, that will make for quite an awesome two-fer, and staying within walking distance of both will be especially great! We’re quite excited for that trip, and our first stay at the Beach Club Villas!

Back to the day in question on our October 2011 Disney trip, we continued walking to the Disney Food Blog meet, getting lost inside Yacht Club along the way. Luckily, the Captain showed us where we were on his handy map!

I enjoy attending meets like this, but I still have to work on socializing a little better at them. Invariably, we end up standing in a corner by ourselves at these meets, talking to the same people the entire time. I know I should go up to people and introduce myself, but I’m always reluctant to do so. Between this and the Jason Surrell encounter I referenced a few installments back, you probably think we’re incredibly socially awkward. That is 100% accurate. Sarah and I are easily the most socially awkward people you will ever meet.

We hung out at this meet for a while before beginning to head to Epcot. Right as we were leaving, we ran into Henry Work, TouringPlans developer and Betamouse podcast host. If you’ve read my other trip reports, you know that Henry Work is, more or less, my arch nemesis. Henry had been at some sort of robot soccer or squash tournament the previous few days, so he missed the 40th anniversary festivities. I wasn’t surprised that he chose robot squash over Disney. It’s obvious where his loyalties lie.

We quickly ditched Henry, and headed to Epcot. On our way, we passed Beaches and Cream, which beckoned us inside. We had yet to eat anything, and we love Beaches and Cream, but we resisted. In retrospect, I have no idea why. In December, we’re definitely eating at Beaches and Cream! Perhaps we wanted to fill up on Food & Wine Festival samples instead? I’m not really sure.

Unfortunately, most of the Food & Wine Festival kiosk lines were really long. In fairness, I was glad to accept slightly longer lines and temperate weather. One of our first stops was Canada, where I got the Chicken Chipotle Sausage with Sweet Corn Polenta. This was delicious, especially the sweet corn polenta. Sarah then stopped…somewhere…and got some sort of fish. Nothing special. Next year, I’m definitely photographing the names of the items we purchase so I have a reminder of what we sampled weeks later.

At some point, we passed Norway.

One of the things that I hope happens in the coming refurbishment is that Maelstrom is updated to refer to Norway as the “land of trolls, oil rigs, and School Bread.” Whenever we pass Norway, I have to fight the urge to stop and pick up some School Bread. This begs the question: why resist? On this occasion, we didn’t.

Once in line, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to explore the menu a bit. I really want to sample as many of the different foods at Walt Disney World as I can, and the Cloudberry Horn looked excellent. Even though I love School Bread, who’s to say I wouldn’t like the Horn even more?! The Cloudberry Horn was excellent, but alas, it was no School Bread. There’s always next time.

Mexico was the next stop on the agenda, and with the TouringPlans meet starting relatively soon, we didn’t have much time to go to any other country. Instead, we rode Gran Fiesta Tour and wandered around inside the pavilion taking photos of things. Nothing amazing, but some neat details shots, I think.

For this next shot, I positioned Sarah next to a warm lamp in the Mexico pavilion in lieu of using the flash. I really like this shot, and think the lighting looks nice. Sarah isn’t really a fan. What do you think?

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