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Happy 14th Anniversary, Tokyo DisneySea!

On September 4, 2001, Tokyo DisneySea had its grand opening. Like EPCOT Center before it, DisneySea demonstrated the quality and ambition possible in a second gate. I’ve gushed over Tokyo DisneySea time and time again on this blog, repeatedly calling it the greatest theme park in the world. It’s hard for me to believe DisneySea has

Top 10 Disney Parks Night Photography Tips

Night photography is tricky, but can be incredibly fun at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and other Disney Parks. This post covers my top tips and tricks for night photography in the parks based on common questions I’ve received. It touches upon everything you should know about nighttime photography, from what equipment you need to settings and other

Nikon D750 Impressions & Sample Photos

This post features my real-world impression and photos taken with the Nikon D750, my opinion on it as compared to the Nikon D810 (including why I think it’s the better all-around camera), the pros and cons of the D750, and other assorted thoughts about why I think this is the best all-around DSLR for photography

An (@f/1.4) Day at Disneyland

The spirit, the charm, the beauty of Disneyland is not found in its rides. Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion are all nothing in isolation. The magic of Disneyland is found in its quiet moments, its meticulous details layered on over the course of some 60 years, its people who work hard to make it

What’s In My Camera Bag – 2015 Edition

Wondering what’s in my camera bag? I previously shared the camera, lenses, tripod, and other photography equipment I carry, in response to questions I receive about what camera I use, how I carry my gear into the Disney Parks, and other assorted questions. That was nearly a year ago, and some things have changed since