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Hello and welcome to our Disney blog! We’re Sarah & Tom Bricker, and we founded this site as a place to assemble our photos, tips, and opinions about Disney. Our goal is a fun website providing information and entertainment to like-minded Disney fans and tourists. With that, we take seriously being objective and critical, but we still enjoy the parks a lot (despite any criticism to the contrary). If we didn’t, we wouldn’t visit the Disney parks so regularly or have a blog devoted to the subject. We also started the site for the purpose of surpassing Google as king of the internet. Sadly, this day has not come (yet), but it has been a good ride, nonetheless!

We think this site presents a fairly frank and candid assessment of all things Disney. You will seldom find things described with meaningless fluff words like “magical” here, and this blog most certainly is not “sprinkled with pixie dust.” This is written by real people trying to offer real advice based on actual experiences visiting the Disney theme parks.

We take that our honesty and integrity very seriously, and are proud of how we cover all things Disney. While we don’t believe we are biased towards anything (aside from excellence), as you can see, there are ads on the site. You can read more about the various bribes, kickbacks, hush money, potential conflicts of interest, and blood diamonds we receive on our marketing disclosure page.

Since first opening the doors on DisneyTouristBlog, we have been honored and humbled at the response to our website. The site has seen a strong surge in readership, growing from 2 readers (our parents!) back in mid-2011 to over 11 readers today (the dog and cat count, right?).

There has also been a precipitous increase in hate mail, and the undeniable highlight of the site’s history is when it was attacked by robot walruses. That last part hasn’t actually happened yet, but we fully expect it to occur in the year 2055. Here’s where most websites would feature some reader testimonial quotes showcasing its greatness. Unfortunately, we could only find two such quotes that weren’t laced with vulgarity:

“Wow, this site rules.” -Tom

“Cool site, dude.” -Sarah

As you can plainly see, our “fans” love the site. Actually, I have been cited by the New York Times, MarketWatch, Huffington PostYahoo, BuzzFeed, Examinerand a myriad of other resources far more reputable than this one…oh…and Perez Hilton! 😉

As for the future of Well, there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow (and robot walrus) shining at the end of every day!

About Us

We make the trek to Disneyland a few times per month (it’s within driving distance…we don’t fly that much), Walt Disney World a few times per year, and also regularly visit Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Resort. While experiencing attractions matters, we approach trips from a more laid back perspective and try to experience the unheralded gems of Disney.

We enjoy the art of the Disney theme parks, fine dining, and the exceptional ambiance that makes Disney theme parks so much more than just simple amusement parks or kiddie parks.

By the way, all photos on this blog are by us as are all of the blog posts. You will never find a guest post here, because we strive for this blog to have a consistent voice. If you’re interested in purchasing Disney photo prints for your office or restroom, check out some recommendations and tips (and where you can just download my photos for free).

If you’re  interested in writing us, please visit the Contact Us page. If you’re interested in advertising or partnering with us, please visit our marketing page.

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