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Super Nintendo World Wish List

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is the best 2023 addition at any theme park in the United States. Its counterpart in Japan is even better, and the version coming to Epic Universe in Florida will almost certainly surpass both. Expansion is already on the way, with a Donkey Kong mine cart roller coaster

Top 10 of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

After an 18-month run beginning in October 2021, Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary is finally over. This milestone celebration had been anxiously awaited by fans, with many fondly recalling the 25th Anniversary and hoping for something similar. Others planned multi-generation homecoming trips years in advance, excited for how the company would pay tribute to 50

22 Best Restaurants at Disney World

We have a lot of top 10 lists for eating at Walt Disney World. Ones for table service restaurants, counter service, bars & lounges, character meals, resorts, fireworks views, themed dining, and more. This ranks our absolute favorites–places we love and would do again and again. For this, we’re going to do things a little

Top 10 Toilets at Disney World

This post covers the top toilets at Walt Disney World. This list is a combination of great hidden away locations, top-notch restrooms, and a couple of bathrooms that make the list because they’re flat out bizarre. Picking a favorite restroom is like choosing a favorite child, but it’s also important to do. (Updated December 23,

10 Attractions That Aged Poorly at Disney World

Many masterpieces of Imagineering age like fine wines, getting better and becoming even more iconic over time. However, there are a lot of rides at Walt Disney World that have not fared so well, instead becoming increasingly outdated or even obsolete. This list covers the attractions–both big and small–that are in need of overhauls or