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Quarantine Rules for Disney World Travelers

Quarantine rules & travel restrictions to Florida from many states apply to visitors returning home from Walt Disney World. This covers reopening timelines, international travel ban rules, 14-day self-isolation mandates & recommendations, updates on case numbers, and the new option to “test out” of quarantines. (Updated December 3, 2020.) Let’s start with the good news:

Winter Disney Packing Tips

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland during the winter months of November through February, what to consider packing will be different than summer visits. In this post, we’ll offer tips to prepare for unseasonably cold weather in Florida. (Updated December 1, 2020.) Earlier today, we were in Magic Kingdom and it was comfortable.

Super Nintendo World Opening Date & Details!

Universal has announced the grand opening date and details for the first Super Nintendo World, a blockbuster $580 million expansion that will bring Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventure attractions to life. In this post, we’ll share everything we know so far about these iconic characters finally being realizing in theme park form. The first Super

Cyber Monday 2020 Deals for Disney Fans

Cyber Monday has arrived, with retailers offering special holiday discounts and their biggest sales of the year! This post rounds up the best deals for Disney fans, with a look at the best discounts on everything from Disney books to toys to travel.  It’s been a crazy year and that continues for Cyber Monday. While

“Revenge Travel” at Disney World in 2021

Well, it’s another Halloween here in the Tainted Twenties. Everything is worse than ever now. And we’re mostly stuck around the house to prove it. Oh, and here’s something else that’s new. I just heard a new term today on the internet. (Updated November 30, 2020.) Fellow says, we’ve go something now called ‘revenge travel.’

Help Give Back to Disney Cast & Community

Layoffs and indefinite furloughs at Walt Disney World, other theme parks, and throughout the hospitality industry have had a disproportionate impact on Central Florida. So many have been negatively impacted–either directly or via family & friends who have lost jobs or are nervous about what the future holds. It’s nothing short of heartbreaking. (Updated December

Inside Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Restaurant

“We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad. You must be…or you wouldn’t have come here.” That sentiment applies to Disney fans in general, but especially Alice in Wonderland fans, who are a particularly ardent group. Despite the passion, there isn’t a lot in the parks. There’s Mad Tea Party plus characters at both Walt

Disney Visa Credit Card Review

This Disney Visa credit card review covers sign-up bonus info, rewards, and perks, including discounts at Walt Disney World & Disneyland. It also compares the regular Chase Disney Visa v. Premier, the pros and cons of each card, and whether the Disney Visa credit cards are worth having. (Updated November 29, 2020.) Disney Visa credit