Disney Donates Medical Supplies & Food

During the current closures of Walt Disney World, Disneyland, plus the international theme parks and Disney Cruise Line, the Walt Disney Company has focused on finding new ways to help make a difference in the world. Many hospitals are already over-capacity and under-supplied, which puts their hospital staff at risk. Those on the frontlines are

Top 10 TV Shows Set at Disney World

Synergy between ABC’s television shows and Walt Disney World is a tale as old as time. For over 25 years, sitcoms have done Disney theme park episodes that got kids hyped up and showed families everything new. This top 10 list will showcase the best of these WDW-ABC crossover episodes, and cover how they were

Disneyland Closed Until Further Notice

Disney has announced an extension to the current closure of its Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks, plus the three official hotels in Anaheim and Downtown Disney, all of which are now closed indefinitely. This follows the original closing announcement, and began with Disneyland and DCA temporarily pausing operations through the end of March 2020.