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Should You Skip Epcot in 2022?

With Epcot’s central spine behind construction walls and an overhaul that won’t be finished until 2023, some fans question whether they should skip Epcot on their 2022 Walt Disney World vacations. This post covers what’s happening, when projects will be completed, and how they’ll impact your experience on upcoming visits. (Updated May 30, 2022.) When

Epcot Overhaul Ends in 2023

The 2021 Destination D23 event at Walt Disney World offered some morsels of information about the Epcot overhaul, while disappointingly omitting other key pieces of information, concept art, opening dates, and even entire attractions and pavilions. Going into the weekend, our hope and expectation was that Imagineering would release new concept for the Epcot overhaul–in