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1-Day Epcot Itinerary & Ideal Day Plan

This Epcot touring plan details our itinerary for a perfect day in Walt Disney World’s second theme park. It offers step-by-step strategy to minimize time waiting in lines for rides, avoiding crowds, seeing shows, dining at the best restaurants, and enjoying World Showcase’s atmosphere. (Updated February 23, 2020.) This post continues our series of Walt Disney

1-Day Disneyland Itinerary

Our 1-day Disneyland touring plan offers a step-by-step itinerary to efficiently do shows, rides, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We list restaurants at which we’d dine, things we’d do, and the metaphorical roses we would stop to smell. Essentially, this is our perfect day in California’s castle park. (Updated January 24, 2020.) Now that Star

1-Day Hollywood Studios Itinerary

Our 1-Day Disney’s Hollywood Studios touring plan offers an efficient itinerary & strategy for avoiding Walt Disney World’s crowds, for minimizing time waiting in lines, and maximizing rides. This covers attractions, restaurants, shows, details, and includes Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. (Updated December 6, 2019.) This post continues our series of Walt Disney World Park Itineraries

2-Day Disneyland Plan

Taking a longer California vacation and want to do 2 days in Disneyland? This time-saving touring plan offers a step-by-step strategy for park’s most popular attractions and experiences, including Star Wars Land! In so doing, our 2-day itinerary also offers suggestions for leisurely ways to “stop and smell the roses” and enjoy the exceptional Disney

1-Day Tokyo DisneySea Itinerary

This touring plan covers our “perfect day” at Tokyo DisneySea, offering a single-day itinerary for everything we would do in one day. This includes an efficient plan of attack for rides, restaurant & snacks recommendations, and most importantly, ways to slow down and enjoy the park’s exceptional atmosphere. (Last updated July 25, 2019.) In our

1-Day Typhoon Lagoon Itinerary

Our Typhoon Lagoon touring plan covers our “perfect day” at this Walt Disney World water park, offering an itinerary for everything we’d do in one day. This includes an efficient strategy for raft rides and body slides, leisurely lounging, where to eat, and ways to slow down and enjoy Typhoon Lagoon’s exceptional themed atmosphere. In