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2-Day Magic Kingdom Plan

If you’re spending 2 days in Magic Kingdom, this provides a time-saving plan for efficiently experiencing Walt Disney World’s most popular park. Our itinerary covers step-by-step ride recommendations, dining advice, tips & tricks, and how to “stop and smell the roses” to enjoy the exceptional atmosphere. (Updated March 15, 2022.) This 2-Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary

1-Day Islands of Adventure Itinerary

Our 1-day Islands of Adventure itinerary offers a step by step plan for an ideal visit to Universal Orlando’s second theme park, with strategy for spending less time waiting in lines and avoiding crowds. We offer advice for rides, restaurants, shows, snacks, entertainment, and more. (Updated January 26, 2022.) Central Florida theme parks are currently

Tom’s Day at Magic Kingdom Not Using Genie+

As an alternative to regular standby lines, Walt Disney World’s new Genie+ ride reservation system launched for select attractions in Magic Kingdom and the other parks. This walks you through my step-by-step day not using Genie+, from park opening until closing, with a look at everything I accomplished without spending any extra money. It’s a

1-Day Disneyland Paris Itinerary

This 1-day Disneyland Paris itinerary features a step-by-step touring plan for maximizing rides plus restaurant recommendations, shows we’d see, and the details we’d enjoy. Our 1-day itinerary is our perfect day in Disneyland Paris, balancing an efficient touring plan with opportunities to slow down and enjoy the ‘Disney Details.’ (Updated August 8, 2021.) Note that