The Quick Service Disney Dining Plan is $44 per adult and $19 per child ages 3-9. This is the lowest tier of the Disney Dining Plan, and what’s typically included with “Free” Dining at the Value Resorts. Each day, the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan includes:

  • two counter-service meals per person
  • one snack
  • a refillable drink mug

The counter-service meals consist of:

  • 1 entrée or complete combo meal
  • 1 dessert
  • 1 single-serving, non-alcoholic beverage

Children ages 3-9 must order from the Children’s Menu (if one is available).

If you haven’t used the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan in a few years, note that it now offers only one snack per person per night. Disney touts that the the Quick-Service Disney Dining Plan can save you up to 15% on dining, although we’ve actually found ways to maximize savings to achieve even better value.

The value of this package actually decreases slightly the more nights you stay, as you only receive one refillable mug per person per trip, regardless of how many nights you stay. So if you stay 4 nights, the daily value of the mug is its cost divided by 4, whereas if you stayed, say 14 nights, the daily value would be cost divided by 14. Not a significant difference, but it is interesting that Disney includes something that can have a variable value to Guests.

Disney Dining Plan prices increased March 2016 and are expected to increase again late-2016 and/or early 2017.

Your Thoughts…

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