Each day, Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, opens with the Storm Troopers high atop the Pan Pacific turnstiles cautiously allowing guests to enter the park after some “screening” and warnings. If they’re not above the turnstiles, the Storm Troopers appear inside the park on elevated platforms doing essentially the same thing. It’s a fun little show known as “Storming the Park,” (at least that’s what we call it–not sure that it has an official name!) and the Storm Troopers engage guests in fun ways. It’s also great for some photo ops.

To see the ongoing show, you’ll want to arrive to Disney’s Hollywood Studios just prior to park opening. Usually guests are allowed to enter early during Star Wars Weekends, anyway. It’s not a major show, but it is a great way to start your day during Star Wars Weekends!

Here are some of our best photos of the Storm Trooper opening from the first weekend of Star Wars Weekends. Make sure to check out our full Star Wars Weekends Tips & Tricks post, to read strategy for doing Star Wars Weekends, plus photos and more!

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