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Food Guide to Halloween 2023 at Disney World

Walt Disney World has released its Halloween 2023 menus of fall-themed snacks, dishes, drinks and desserts available at Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, and the resort hotels. This food guide offers a full list and photos of the Halloween treats. This comes over a month after fall food season started at Magic Kingdom,

Zootopia Coming to Animal Kingdom, Plus (Maybe) Encanto & Indiana Jones Lands

Walt Disney World has shared potential big expansion plans for Animal Kingdom, with areas proposed for Encanto and Indiana Jones. Additionally, a new Zootopia attraction has been officially announced for DAK. This post shares details, concept art, and everything we know about the plan–plus comprehensive commentary about why this is happening and whether we think

Zootopia Land News: ‘Hot Pursuit’ Police Chase Ride, Dining, Shopping, Entertainment & Details!

The world’s first Zootopia land will open in late 2023 in Shanghai Disneyland, featuring the new trackless ride dark ride, Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, as well as entertainment, dining, and shopping. Here’s everything we know about the blockbuster area featuring Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, plus commentary about this expansion potentially coming to Animal Kingdom. (So

2023 Destination D23 Announcement Predictions for Disney World, Disneyland & Beyond

The big Parks & Resorts presentation by Chairman Josh D’Amaro at the 2023 Destination D23 is exactly one week away, with announcements expected for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. This post predicts what’ll be revealed–separating out our own wishful thinking with what’s actually likely in terms of new entertainment, attractions, overhauls and opening dates. Before

Disney Restaurant Reviews

Our Disney restaurant reviews offer food photos, menus, info & tips, and thoughts on 300+ counter and table service dining spots at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo, Paris, and beyond. We cover best & worst meals, value for money, and more to help you choose where to eat based upon theme, ambiance, cuisine & cost.

Why Are Weekends So Slow at Disney World?!

Much has been made of the slowdown at Walt Disney World, with media reports dubbing the parks dead or ghost towns. If you’re skeptical about the claims that crowds are nonexistent or attendance is anemic, you’re smart. Calling the parks any degree of “empty” is an exaggeration, to put it charitably. Let’s start with what

Attendance Increases As Disney World Loses Market Share to Universal Orlando

Last year’s attendance report that covers Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando has been released by the Themed Entertainment Association. This post takes a look at the winners and losers in the first almost entirely normal year post-reopening, with commentary about changes and trends for both Central Florida theme park heavyweights. For starters, the Global