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Skyliner Update: Summer 2018

Over the course of our Walt Disney World trip, we took Skyliner gondola station construction photos at Hollywood Studios and Epcot that will connect the parks to four different resort hotels. In this post, we’ll offer a lot of my commentary on the gondola’s impact on sightlines and whether we should care, plus a brief

Epcot Construction Update: Summer 2018

Continuing updates from our Walt Disney World trip, Epcot is our next stop. There are currently several projects under construction: Guardians of the Galaxy and Ratatouille attractions, the Space Restaurant, and Skyliner gondola transportation. Despite this, it doesn’t feel intrusive to the guest experience. This visit to Epcot was our first in a while outside

Wall Street, USA at Disneyland

It’s refurbishment season at Disneyland! Normally, that means a pretty lengthy list of refurbishments as Disney attempts to do as much routine maintenance and improvements during a time of the year that’s historically off-season (last year being the exception). In addition to the normal refurbishments like Haunted Mansion and it’s a small world (both of