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TRON Lightcycle Run at Disney World

TRON Lightcycle Run is a new roller coaster by Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World. This covers everything you need to know: opening date, previews, problems, and answers to common questions. (Updated April 11, 2023.) To bring you up to speed, TRON Lightcycle Run is now open at Magic Kingdom. The

EPCOT In-Park Hotel “Rumor” Returns

It’s that time of year when the EPCOT hotel “rumor” returns! The previously-abandoned project is supposedly on the table again to become Walt Disney World’s first in-park resort. This shares thoughts on the revived rumors, its likelihood of coming to fruition, and comparisons to similar hotels at Tokyo DisneySea, Disneyland Paris, and Disneyland Resort. (Updated

Should You Skip EPCOT in 2023?

With Epcot’s central spine behind construction walls and an overhaul that won’t be finished until Christmas 2023, some fans question whether they should skip Epcot on upcoming Walt Disney World vacations. This post covers what’s happening, when projects will be completed, and how they’ll impact your experience on upcoming visits. When it comes to radical

2023-2024 Disney Vacation Club Resort Refurbishments & Construction Timeline

Disney Vacation Club has released its timeline for room refurbishments, resort reimaginings, and other construction projects at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and beyond in 2023 & 2024. This resource provides the scheduled dates and details for work on the Deluxe Villas, and what to expect from each overhaul. Typically, resort refurbishment schedules are released at