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Disney World Hotel Reviews

Our Walt Disney World hotel reviews feature room photos & video, pros & cons, top choices for families, honeymooners, solo, adults, and other travelers. We also rate off-site resorts in Orlando, including Universal, with everything you need to choose the best accommodations for your Florida vacation! (Updated February 5, 2023.) We have personally stayed at

Cambria Hotel & Suites Anaheim Resort Review

Cambria Hotel & Suites Anaheim is a relatively new resort near Disneyland, featuring a water park, restaurants, free breakfast, and more. It offers multi-room accommodations at cheap prices, while still being within walking distance of the theme parks, shopping, and more. This review features photos, thoughts on amenities, and pros & cons of booking at

Ranking Deluxe Resorts at Disney World

Our rankings of all Deluxe Resorts at Walt Disney World, the highest tier of hotels there, take into account theme, value for money, amenities, location, pools, and more. These luxury accommodations have a lot to offer, and can be great for a splurge. They’re all easy to love…if you don’t get sticker shock first! (Updated

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel First Resort Review

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel First Resort is located within walking distance of Tokyo Disneyland, and located on the monorail loop. This review features room photos, details & info, thoughts on my stay here, and to whom I’d recommend the hotel. (Updated January 16, 2023.) From many of the guest rooms at Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel

Buying a Night in Cinderella Castle Suite?

“How much does a night inside Cinderella Castle Suite cost?” That’s a surprisingly common question from readers who have seen  photos from inside Walt Disney World’s most lavish “hotel” room. This answers that, with the sale price a rare 1-night stay in Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle Suite. We’ll cover how this room works and is