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Disney World Hotel Reviews

Need help choosing the right Walt Disney World resort? Our hotel reviews feature room photos, pros & cons, whether they’re worth the money, and what type of guests (families, honeymooners, solo, etc.) will like or dislike each style of accommodations. We also include reviews of Walt Disney World-area hotels in and around Orlando, Florida. (Last

More New Hotel Merchandise at Disney World

We’re back by popular demand with another look at new resort-specific merchandise around Walt Disney World. In this post, we’ll share photos of hotel souvenirs from Yacht Club, BoardWalk Inn, Coronado Springs, and the All Star Resorts. This is a sequel to our New Hotel-Specific Merchandise at Walt Disney World post, and to a lesser

Pop Century Review

Disney’s Pop Century Resort is a value hotel in Walt Disney World, and a top pick for money-saving options. In this review, we’ll share newly-refurbished room photos, offer thoughts on amenities, compare Pop Century to other Value Resorts, and more. Pop Century has a reputation among frequent Disney guests as being the favorite ‘value pick’

Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Lodge

Over the past couple of months, we’ve done several stays at Wilderness Lodge in an effort to improve our coverage. It’s our #1 hotel not just at Walt Disney World, but in the entire world, so we thought it’d be worth sharing a rundown of our posts and provide quick tips and info about Wilderness

Photos & Video: New Rooms at All Stars

We recently stayed All Star Movies Resort in a new room style that is coming over the next few years to all of the All Star Resorts in phases as part of Walt Disney World’s comprehensive hotel overhauls. In this review, we’ll cover everything from  our experience staying in these redesigned rooms to the schedule

Animal Kingdom Lodge Kilimanjaro Club Level Review

This post reviews Kilimanjaro Club, the concierge level at Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World. We detail our experience here, with photos and thoughts on the lounge food and other amenities offered by this resort’s Club Level. Historically, we’ve been critical of Club Level at Walt Disney World. Our first big complaint has revolved