Universal Orlando Terra Luna & Stella Nova Resort Opening Dates & Details

Universal Orlando has announced details about its two newest hotels: Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort. This shares opening dates, starting prices (and a cost comparison to Walt Disney World’s Value Resorts), amenities, and other features, plus our commentary about these accommodations additions to Central Florida.

Brought to life by the award-winning Universal Creative team and co-owned and operated by Loews Hotels & Co, the alluring hotels place guests in the center of marvelous galaxies and diverse planetary elements for an experience unlike anywhere else in the universe according to Universal Orlando. Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort offer tranquil sleeping accommodations, entertaining amenities for the whole family to enjoy, various cosmic-inspired dining options and more.

Boasting a combined total of 1,500 luminous, ultramodern and surreal guest rooms (all Universal’s words, not mine), Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort provide accommodations options for guests to seamlessly experience all the jaw-dropping thrills of a Universal Orlando vacation at an affordable price point starting at $147 (per night, plus tax) based on a stay of four nights or more.

For reference, this $147 rack rate puts Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort in the Prime Value Hotel tier, right alongside Universal’s Aventura Hotel and Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Both are above the lowest-tier Value Hotels, which is a slot occupied exclusively by Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Dockside Inn & Suites and Surfside Inn & Suites.

As a comparison to Walt Disney World, this puts Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort slightly above the All Star Resorts, which have a starting rate of $133 per night. However, it’s below Pop Century and its $183 per night starting rate. Same goes for all of the Moderate Resorts, which have a starting rack rate of $260 per night.

Of course, rates can be lower with discounts or higher during busier times of the year. But that’s true of all of these resorts, and is not unique to Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando hotels. The only wrinkle between these is that Universal’s rack rates require a 4-night stay. Based on my spot-checking searches, it looks like nightly rates are $20-$30 more expensive for one night stays during the off-season at Universal Orlando.

Guests can now make room reservations and book vacation packages at Universal Stella Nova Resort, opening January 21, 2025, and Universal Terra Luna Resort, opening February 25, 2025. To learn more and to book a stellar getaway, visit the official Universal Orlando page for these sister hotels or contact your travel agent.

Below is an overview of Universal’s Stella Nova and Terra Luna Resorts via Universal Orlando…

Universal Stella Nova Resort is a place where guests will take off for amazing adventures at the theme parks and touch down for relaxation and recharging in between the fun. Designed to reflect the infinite vastness of the universe – where galaxies spiral ever outward and unknown worlds revolve around unnamed stars – this hotel is highlighted in serene teals and calming purples to instantly put guests at ease.

Universal Terra Luna Resort represents another world within Universal Orlando – inviting guests to explore the unknown and step onto planets that have yet to be discovered. Here, guests will find themselves in the midst of an extraordinary landing zone within an awe-inspiring solar system – accented with fresh surroundings and terrestrial greens and golds.

Both properties offer 750 double-queen guest rooms that comfortably sleep up to four guests and feature spaceship-styled windows – making this the ultimate escape for guests looking to rest amongst stars and planets.

Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort offer a variety of unique dining options for guests looking to have a meal or grab a quick snack in between visits to the parks, including:

• Cosmos Cafe and Market at Stella Nova Resort and Omega Cafe and Market at Terra Luna Resort – these quick service restaurants feature made-to-order American classics for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a selection of grab-and-go items.

• Galaxy Bar and Galaxy Grill at Stella Nova Resort and Moonrise Bar and Moonrise Grill at Terra Luna Resort – guests can enjoy burgers, quesadillas and salads at these walk-up service pool bars and grills. Plus, guests 21 and older can purchase cocktails, beer and wine.

• Nova Bar at Stella Nova Resort and Luna Bar at Terra Luna Resort – each hotel’s lobby bar will offer specialty cocktails, along with the classics.

Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort are more than just places to sleep; each hotel offers a variety of amenities, including:

• Resort-style Pools – each hotel features a nearly 10,000 square foot pool with a relaxing hot tub, comfortable lounge and table-top seating in the pool area, a firepit and more. Plus, the whole family can enjoy the resorts’ recreational activities like poolside movies and outdoor games.

• Fitness Centers – guests can take advantage of complimentary, state-of-the-art fitness centers featuring a variety of strength and cardio equipment – and, locker rooms with showers available for use on arrival and departure days.

• Game Rooms – guests of all ages can enjoy a variety of standard arcade and video games in the hotels’ dedicated game rooms.

• Recreation Rooms – each hotel features approximately 1,000 square-feet of multi-purpose space for small gatherings.

• Universal Orlando Resort Stores – guests can purchase everything from sundries and necessities to Universal Orlando merchandise to commemorate their vacation.

Staying at any Universal Orlando Resort hotel is the best way to experience all that the destination has to offer with the inclusion of exclusive theme park benefits. Guests staying at Stella Nova Resort or Terra Luna Resort, or any of the other Universal Orlando hotels, can take advantage of Early Park Admission to Universal Volcano Bay and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida or Hogsmeade at Universal Islands of Adventure) up to one hour before the park opens (valid theme park admission required), complimentary shuttle bus transportation to the theme parks and Universal CityWalk, resort-wide charging privileges, complimentary merchandise delivery and more.

Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort are adjacent to Universal Epic Universe and just minutes away from the existing Universal Orlando theme parks. Despite this location near Epic Universe, there’s absolutely no reason to believe Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort will offer unlimited Express Pass at Epic Universe. That would defy past precedent with the Prime Value Hotel tier, and given the cost, we cannot fathom these hotels having that perk.

Now, Universal Helios Grand Hotel is a totally different story. That is the in-park luxury hotel with 500 guest rooms, one-of-a-kind views of Epic Universe and its very own dedicated entrance into the theme park. I could see that offering unlimited Express Pass or some other kind of perk as an alternative if Universal wants to get away from that (and no longer has the contractual requirement with Loews to offer it to new hotels).

But also, Universal Helios Grand Hotel is almost certainly going to be the most expensive hotel at Universal Orlando, with price points starting at over $400 per night. (Portofino Bay Hotel is currently top dog, with starting prices of $393 per night.)

Turning to commentary, I don’t have any truly strong opinions about this Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort. I see a lot of hot takes about these sister resorts, especially attempts to dunk on Walt Disney World for not offering hotels this cheap. (Except, they do–see above.) Lots of comparisons between Spring Break rack rates at Pop Century and the published starting prices for these two, which is disingenuous for reasons that should be obvious.

My takes here are pretty lukewarm. First and foremost, I think Loews is an excellent hotelier and I would argue that hotels are the thing Universal Orlando does best. Don’t get me wrong–Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Halloween Horror Nights, and other things at Universal Orlando are excellent. But hotels are consistently excellent. I really can’t think of anything in the parks that has this stellar of a track record–the hotel side has virtually no misses.

With that said, I think some people should probably adjust their expectations with these hotels. They look to me like plussed-up versions of Endless Summer, but with earth and outer space stylization instead of ocean. Which is great! The design language with the swooping lines and ultramodern appearance evokes the original Tomorrowland with its Space Age style. However, I would expect this to be limited to areas of the lobby and pool, which is probably why the concept art only shows a few areas.

The guest rooms look perfectly fine (albeit small), and I suspect part of what’s impressing people about them is the star-filled sky outside. At the risk of stating the obvious…this is not what you’re actually going to see when looking out these windows. So arguably, the most impressive part of the art is not real. I’d still expect the rooms to deliver on a substantive level and utilize the space effectively–just like the options at Universal’s Aventura Hotel.

Personally, I think the exterior of the hotels is hideous–but that’s purely subjective, and I can respect anyone who disagrees with me on that one. Nevertheless, I can appreciate Universal Creative trying to do something different and covering the exterior in those colorful, reflective tiles that have an almost iridescent quality.

It doesn’t work for me, but it’s arguably better than Endless Summer. It’ll be interesting to see how it ages and what people think of this a decade from now. I’m also open to changing my mind after spending some time poolside and gazing up at the entrancing reflections!

Finally, there’s how Universal Terra Luna Resort and Stella Terra Resort slot in alongside the other hotels at Universal Orlando. This strikes me as a mix between Aventura and the Endless Summer Resorts, which occupy the last three spots on our Universal Orlando Hotel Rankings & Reviews. That’s not necessarily criticism–Universal’s hotel lineup is stacked, and every single option has compelling selling points.

Personally, I’d probably rather pay the same amount and stay at Cabana Bay Beach Resort (our #2 Universal hotel) or spend less and stay at Endless Summer. The former has a great location, incredible theme, and excellent amenities. The latter are two budget hotels that look a lot like this, and are also located outside of the legacy Universal Orlando theme park ‘campus’ and thus require shuttles.

(Although adjacent to Epic Universe, there’s no word on whether Terra Luna and Stella Terra Resorts will be walkable. That’s a big selling point, from my perspective, if there is a walkway.)

Ultimately, it’s great to see the theme parks building more budget accommodations. Above all else, that’s really the key here–and it’s very difficult to quibble with anything about Universal Terra Luna Resort and Stella Terra Resort given the price points. I love that Universal has built 4 massive hotels in the last several years that offer cheaper accommodations. While I don’t expect these starting prices to hold firm in 2026 or beyond once Epic Universe starts gaining momentum, they still won’t be exorbitant.

We’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but it really cannot be overstated: if you’re visiting the theme parks and are a bottom dollar traveler, it’s almost impossible to justify off-site accommodations at this point. This is true with the All Stars at Walt Disney World and with Endless Summer and Terra Luna & Stella Terra at Universal Orlando.

All of these options offer tremendous bang for buck and perks, to the point that it’s very difficult for any third party options to be priced low enough to bridge the gap after taking transportation and everything else into account. Honestly, you’re hard-pressed to find quality, non-sketchy third party hotels that are this competitive on pricing even if you are not visiting the theme parks.

Finally, just as we all win as theme park fans when Universal and Disney have to compete for our business, so too do we win with the hotel explosion currently happening in Central Florida. While Epic Universe is undoubtedly going to induce demand for travel, I’m skeptical that it’ll induce that much to offset the tens of thousands of new room inventory that has been or will be added in the next couple of years. (Can it even? MCO is almost bursting at the seams as it is.) At some point, this should put downward pressure on prices–we probably already saw the start of that with 2025 Walt Disney World Resort Rates, most of which held flat or actually decreased year over year.

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What do you think of Universal’s Stella Nova and Terra Luna Resorts? Impressed by the style or substance? Or will you stick with Endless Summer, Aventura, or Cabana Bay? Think Epic Universe will be a third gate that’s a worthy addition to Universal Orlando Resort…and potentially on par with Disney’s best lands? Expect Disney to “respond” with a big announcement of its own at the 2024 D23 Expo? Any questions? We love hearing from readers, so please share any other thoughts or questions you have in the comments below!

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