Disney Dining Plan Archive

Disney Dining Plan Returns: 2024 Info & Changes

Walt Disney World has updated and expanded its official pages about the Quick-Service Disney Dining Plan and the regular DDP in advance of 2024 vacation package bookings starting on May 31, 2023. This covers everything announced thus far, including what each tier will include, what they exclude, major changes, and more. Let’s start with the

2023-2024 Free Dining at Disney World

Free Disney Dining Plan is a special offer that’s a great Walt Disney World vacation package discount. This covers promo info, tips for booking, historical dates, predictions & rumors for 2024 Free Dining, and answers to frequently asked questions including whether Free Dining is “worth it.” (Updated May 16, 2023.) Let’s start with the bad

Guide to Refillable Mugs at Disney World

Walt Disney World uses refillable mugs at resort hotel food courts that offer unlimited refills. This guide offers pricing info, photos of designs, and answers frequently asked questions: whether RapidFill is worth the money, where to use these cups, and more. We also address some controversy surrounding them. (Updated May 2, 2023.) The refillable mug

Minnie’s Springtime Dine Character Dining Review

Walt Disney World is lacking when it comes to Easter entertainment and chic character costumes. While there are some decorations, desserts, egg displays, and a few meet & greets, that’s about it. Fortunately, Minnie’s Springtime Dine is perfect for those looking for fashionable fun and food. (Updated May 11, 2022.) Minnie’s Springtime Dine is the