Disney Dining Plan Archive

Is Disney World’s Dining Plan Worth It?

One of the biggest decisions when planning for Walt Disney World is whether to buy the Disney Dining Plan. It’s incredibly polarizing–some WDW fans love it and others hate it. This cuts through that to weigh the pros & cons and value for money to help you determine whether the Disney Dining Plan is worth

2024 Free Dining at Disney World Dates & Info

The Free Disney Dining Plan is a great Walt Disney World vacation package discount. This covers info, tips for booking, current dates, predictions & rumors for future dates around Halloween & Christmas, and answers to questions including whether this deal is “worth it.” (Updated April 11, 2024.) Let’s start with the good news, which is

2024 Free Dining at Disney World FAQ

We’ve received a lot of questions about the 2024 Free Dining deal at Walt Disney World for select dates in July through December 2024. This FAQ answers those common inquiries about eligibility, value for money, whether it’s actually free food, how it compares to other room-only and dining discounts, and much more. (Updated April 8,

2025 Disney Dining Plan Price Increases

2025 Disney Dining Plans prices are now known thanks to Walt Disney World’s release of vacation packages for next year. Like clockwork, there are price increases–especially unsurprising given food inflation. This covers how costs have changed for kids and adults on the various tiers of DDP, plus our commentary about potential explanations for new pricing.