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Disney World Refillable Mug & Rapid Fill FAQ

Walt Disney World uses refillable mugs in its resort hotels via a system called Rapid Fill, which provides unlimited refills…with some caveats. This Disney refillable mug guide answers whether Disney refillable mugs are worth the money, and addresses frequently asked questions about refillable mugs. We also cover some of the oddly-prevalent controversy surrounding the mugs.

Is Free Dining Worth It?

With the Free Dining Plan at Walt Disney World promo now available for August through December 2018 travel dates, I thought it’d be a good time for a refresher on this post. At first blush, whether Free Dining is worth it might seem like a silly question. After all, Free Dining is free, right?! Of course not. There’s

2019 Disney World Free Dining for UK!

2019 Walt Disney World Free Dining is now available…for United Kingdom residents! (Sorry, for those of you sitting on pins and needles about the likely release of 2018 Free Dining for U.S. residents next week.) In this post, we share dates and details about this promotion, and whether the discount might make sense for you.

2018 Free Dining Predictions

As promised, we have some Free Disney Dining Plan promotion predictions for Fall/Winter 2018 at Walt Disney World. Up front we want to be clear: we do not yet know what exact dates will be (but we do have rumored 2018 Free Dining dates here). Rather, this post offers predictions about what you can expect in terms

How We Saved 50% on the Deluxe Dining Plan

For years, the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan has been an unheralded way to save a lot of money at Walt Disney World restaurants. It’s unheralded because it’s totally impractical. For most people, it’s the equivalent of buying a 30 pound tub of mayonnaise from Costco. Sure, everyone loves mayo, but when you buy more of