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24 Best Restaurants at Disney World for 2024

We have a lot of top 10 lists for eating at Walt Disney World. Ones for table service restaurants, counter service, bars & lounges, character meals, resorts, fireworks views, themed dining, and more. This ranks our absolute favorites–places we love, repeat for fun, and would recommend to friends planning 2024 trips. (Updated December 5, 2023.)

Magic Kingdom’s Biggest Love-Hate Restaurant

It’s probably fair to say that we have a love-hate relationship with most Magic Kingdom dining options. There’s only one restaurant we love (and other fans are split about 50/50 as to whether it’s awful or awesome), and everything else is conditional or circumstantial. Meaning that we enjoy aspects–atmosphere, characters, specific menu items, etc–but there’s always a

Top 10 Magic Kingdom Rides at Night

When the sun goes down at Walt Disney World, the party gets started! Well, maybe not the party, but nighttime is when the parks are best experienced, and most outdoor attractions are enhanced in the evenings. This list ranks the 10 best night rides at Magic Kingdom. (Updated November 16, 2023.) Although the party part