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Top 10 Disneyland Rides at Night

Some attractions at Disneyland are better at night. Actually, just about all of the ones that take place at least partially outdoors are better at night. That’s probably because Disneyland, overall, is better at night. During the evening, Disneyland comes alive with vibrant color from the show lighting, fireworks, and other nighttime entertainment that just

My Top 10 Disney Experiences (So Far)

Someone recently asked me what my all-time favorite Disney moments had been. Having been going to the Disney theme parks all of my life and having numerous major life milestones occur there, that’s a difficult question to answer. Not only that, but favorite is somewhat of a moving target. Moments that seem significant today may

Top 10 Awesomest Disney Blog Posts

This post one features my 10 favorite Disney Tourist Blog posts from this year. This list features a variety of topics, from Disney photography to Disney dining to the 24-hour party! As noted, these are my favorite posts of the year, not necessarily the most popular or the best ones. Most were fairly popular, which