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I recently got back from a trip to Walt Disney World, and had the idea for this post after I posted a couple of Instagram “selfies” (the pictures are in this post) and received a few comments and messages as a result. Since we already have a post that answers common questions regarding the dresses and other outfits I wear to Walt Disney World, etc., I’m just covering accessorizing for Disney in this post.

Disney’s big promotion this year is “Disney Side” and one of the ways people are supposed to show their Disney Side is through the outfits they wear to the Disney Parks. A lot of people like to go all out, dressed head to toe with Disney hats, shirts, pants, painted fingernails, hair bows, bags, and even painted shoes! Some people also like to put together outfits that are all individually non-Disney articles of clothing, but come together as a fashionable ensembles that evoke a certain character. The Disneybound blog and trend are a prime example of this.

My preference is to do something in between. I like putting together regular outfits that are park friendly, but fashionable. Comfortable footwear is obviously a must, my current go-to choice is the OluKai Ohana sandal. They perfectly combine comfort and cuteness. In the past, I’ve done Mickey Crocs and tennis shoes, but I think both look too clunky with the light summer dresses I normally wear.

Speaking of dresses, the dresses I wear come from a variety of places, from Target to Nordstrom to J.Crew, but all have one thing in common: lightweight comfort. However, I’ve already covered dresses, and this post is about accessorizing.

What I really like to do is pair my normal style of clothing with a flair of Disney. An example of this would be a pair of Minnie Mouse ears with a dress. I think this creates a good contrast, especially if you are dressed nicely. If you look back at old family photos or vintage photos, you see a lot of guests dressed nicely, but wearing mouse ears. This look is incongruous, but not in a bad way, and it makes the outfit fun. This style of dressed up guests with playful Disney hats is still common in Tokyo Disneyland, where guests actually take the idea to the extreme. Take a look below.


Maybe Tom is a bad example! This hat was very popular in Tokyo Disneyland this Christmas, with many guests pairing it with suits, dresses, or school uniforms. Simple and cute Minnie or Mickey Mouse ears work a lot better for this look.

Other accessories that I think work really well to give an outfit a dash of Disney are handbags, watches, necklaces, and bracelets. I generally don’t wear jewelry but do prefer jewelry that’s on the subtle side instead of the colorful stuff. This makes it more wearable in everyday settings when you might not want to broadcast that you’re a Disney fan.

I typically carry an It’s A Small World LeSportsac bag at the parks, and what I really like about this bag is that the pattern looks Disney-related to anyone familiar with Disney, but for normal people, it just looks like a stylized pattern. The bags I’ve carried have all been durable and I don’t mind if they get wet. If you’re not a fan of the LeSportsac bags, recent bags from Dooney & Bourke and Vera Bradley are popular and have interesting designs of their own.

These are just a few of the ways that I accessorize to give me outfit a fun Disney feel when we’re in the parks. I’d love to hear other ideas you have in the comments!


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How do you like to accessorize for Disney? Have any questions about how I’ve accessorized here? Let me know if you have any questions!

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