Thanks for subscribing to the Disney Tourist Blog email newsletter! Your support really does mean a lot to us. As a thank you to our readers, we are offering free Walt Disney World eBooks, which you can download on this page via the text links below (if you see ‘download’ images, those are ads–do not click those!).

These include our Walt Disney World Christmas eBook, plus our Money-Saving Walt Disney World Tips eBook and our Pandora – World of Avatar Expedition Guide eBook. You’re welcome to download one, two, or all three of these eBooks–all totally free!

We’ve created these eBooks because we wanted to offer a token of our appreciation to regular readers who have supported the site by reading our drivel day-in and day-out, through the bad jokes and the occasional good ones, and have just generally been loyal readers.

These eBooks are PDF files that are optimized for reading on an iPhone or iPad via iBooks, but since they are PDF files, you can also use a PC or virtually any other device with a screen. Each book is filled with useful tips and photos, and should be a fun way to prepare for (or relive!) your Walt Disney World vacation.

Please note that these eBooks have not been updated following the reopening of Walt Disney World. Too much is “temporarily abnormal” and changing regularly. We anticipate updating these eBooks again in November 2021, at which time things–including the upcoming holiday season–should mostly be back to normal.

First is our Vacation Kingdom at Christmas eBook (for those of you newbies, “The Vacation Kingdom of the World” is one of Walt Disney World’s nicknames, hence the title) is filled with 100 pages of photos, information, tips, and planning advice. This is basically an expanded version of our Ultimate Guide to Christmas at Walt Disney World post.

This version of the eBook has had a number of updates made to it for the Christmas season, including a chapter on Animal Kingdom’s all-new Merry Menagerie and other holiday offerings, expanded coverage of the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays, a fresh look at the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail, and more.

As you probably know, the holiday season is our favorite time of the year at Walt Disney World, and our goal with the eBook is to help you make the most of your visit during this incredible time of year. Or, if you’re not visiting this Christmas, give you a small dose of holiday cheer! 🙂

You can download your free copy of our Vacation Kingdom at Christmas eBook here:

Next up is our Pandora Expedition Guide, released as a counterpart to our Ultimate Guide to Pandora – World of Avatar. Please note that the text of these eBook is almost identical to that guide, so if you’ve already read that and do not want to see any spoilers, you should AVOID this eBook.

The main reason we created this eBook was because our Pandora – World of Avatar posts have been and will continue to be spoiler-free for the foreseeable future, and many readers have requested photos of Pandora. It’s a truly gorgeous land, so this makes sense. Also, I’m really eager to share some of the photos I’ve captured in Pandora, so this seemed like a good way to share ~100 of them in an easy-to-read ~50 page eBook.

You can download your copy of our Pandora: World of Avatar eBook here:

Please note that due to bandwidth limitations, at periods of high traffic, this download may be temporarily suspended for up to 24 hours. If you receive an error message, please try back again ~24 hours later.

Finally, our Money-Saving Tips for Walt Disney World eBook…

Our Money Saving Tips for Walt Disney World eBook is 50+ pages, includes 70+ photos, when to visit Walt Disney World for the cheapest prices, where to stay to save money, whether the Disney Dining Plan and “Free” Dining are good deals, souvenirs to purchase before your trip to cut costs, specific restaurants at Walt Disney World that are less-expensive alternatives, and much more—everything from cheaper airfare to park tickets, we have you covered.

There are a lot of good tips for saving money in there, and pretty much everyone except Walt Disney World frugality ninjas will find some new and useful information in it. Please note that the eBook does not attempt to be a comprehensive all-in-one planning guide for Walt Disney World. Instead, it’s focused squarely on money-saving tips. Quite often, these overlap with general trip planning, but we’ve tried to keep things focused and concise.

You can download your copy of our Money-Saving Tips eBook here:

REMINDER: Bandwidth is limited on these eBooks, and once they have been downloaded ~1,200 times in a day, downloads will be capped for the rest of that day. We don’t anticipate hitting this cap, but if you have an issue downloading, that’s probably why.

If you have any questions, need assistance downloading, are unable to download the eBooks, or have thoughts/feedback on the eBook, please post below in the comments, and we will do our best to assist or respond as appropriate. Thanks again for reading Disney Tourist Blog!

We hope you enjoy the free Walt Disney World eBooks!

~Tom & Sarah

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