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Disney World May 2012 Trip Report Pt 4

The next morning repeated my popular refrain: I got up really early to wander around the resort. There’s a reason I don’t call these vacation reports (besides the fact that “trip report” was a common term before I started writing my own reports) and that’s because the word vacation implies some sort of relaxation. Our

EPCOT Center Photo Search!

Do you have old EPCOT Center photos? If you have “vintage” EPCOT Center photos, we want your help! In celebration of EPCOT Center’s 30th Anniversary on October 1, 2012, we’re looking for old EPCOT Center (or Epcot) photos and park maps or various other ephemera scans from your personal archives to compile into an article

Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2012 Preview

Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival at Disney World begins on September 28, 2012 and ends November 12, 2012. During this culinary celebration, guests can taste (and drink!) around Epcot’s World Showcase.  The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is one of our favorite events at Walt Disney World, and is one reason why we

Another Spaceship Earth Night Photo

With each Spaceship Earth photo I post, it becomes more and more difficult to come up with something to say about the shot. I’ve said all of this before, but it bears repeating… Spaceship Earth is my favorite photo-subject at Walt Disney World. It’s an amazing and unique icon. It is the embodiment of what

“It’s Not Horizons…” Photo

Mission: Space is not Horizons. For this reason alone, I don’t think it will ever get a fair shake among serious Disney fans. To be sure, I’m not saying that Mission: Space is superior to Horizons. While I have incredibly vivid memories of Journey into Imagination, World of Motion, Body Wars, and other EPCOT Center

Epcot Monorail Race Photo

This scene of two ‘racing’ monorails, Spaceship Earth, and the flower bed at Epcot has become one of my Walt Disney World “Signature Shots.” The original from 2009 is one of my most popular Flickr photos of all time, and that photo (which was inspired itself by a Walt Disney World press photo from the

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth Photo

Illuminations is my favorite nighttime show at Walt Disney World by a colossal margin. To me, it transcends the normal Disney label of “fireworks spectacular” as it is so much more. In fact, when discussing “Remember… Dreams Come True” last year, I carefully reclassified Illuminations: Reflections of Earth as a “Sensory Tribute to Humanity” rather