Tokyo Disney Resort Archive

Sweetheart Cafe Review

Sweetheart Cafe is a bakery and counter service restaurant in World Bazaar at Tokyo Disneyland. While you’ll mostly find baked goods and sweet (hence the name) treats here, there are a few savory options as well if you’re so inclined to parlay the experience into a full meal. This review features food photos, thoughts on the

Magellan’s Review

Magellan’s is a fine dining table service restaurant at Tokyo DisneySea. In this review, we’ll share photos from the “secret” dining room and the food we’ve had here, thoughts on the ambiance, and whether we recommend a meal at Magellan’s. (Short answer: absolutely!) Nestled within Fortress Explorations in Mediterranean Harbor, Magellan’s is an unrivaled experience in

Sherwood Garden Restaurant Buffet Review

Sherwood Garden Restaurant is a buffet at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. This is one of the best Disney buffets anywhere, and it’s a great option for those with “westerner” appetites wanting a high-quality and good-value option. Our review covers why, and includes food photos. In terms of pricing, Sherwood Garden Restaurant is about $40 to $50 depending

Tick Tock Diner Review

Tick Tock Diner is a counter service restaurant in Disney’s Ambassador Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort–but it’s probably more noteworthy as a bakery. This review features food photos, thoughts on the baked goods & sandwiches here, and how this might fit into your itinerary. Tick Tock Diner is arguably the biggest culinary hidden gem at Tokyo

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort Review

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort is an official hotel within walking distance of Tokyo Disneyland and near Tokyo DisneySea on the monorail loop. This review features room photos, thoughts on the resort, and our overall recommendation on whether you should stay at this hotel. It’s typically not one of the cheaper options at Tokyo Disney Resort,

Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay Review

Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay is an on-property “Official Hotel” near Tokyo Disneyland. This review features room photos from Hotel Okura, thoughts on the hotel, and our overall recommendation on whether you should stay here. Interestingly, we’ve found Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay to be the cheapest monorail loop hotel about half the time when searching for rooms

Tokyo Disney’s Duffy Monorail is Kawaii-tacular

If you’ve ever thought, “the monorail is fun, but I’d rather the highway in the sky have its Duffy-factor dialed up to 11,” then the Duffy & Friends Resort Liner servicing Tokyo Disneyland is for you! This Duffy-themed monorail features a wrap with Duffy & Friends on the outside, and interior cabins styled to Duffy, ShellieMay, and