Cars Land “Empty Park” Sunset Photo

Cars Land Sunset Photo

During the June 14, 2012 preview of Disney California Adventure, Cars Land closed at 7 pm. Disney “encouraged” attendees to head to Buena Vista Street for its Grand Opening prior to this, and by about 6:30 pm, not many people were left in Cars Land. So few, in fact, that we rode Radiator Springs Racers four consecutive times without getting out of our car since no one else was in line. When the attraction finally closed, in typical Bricker fashion, we lingered about Cars Land taking empty park sunset photos. We figured that we’d have plenty of opportunities to enjoy Buena Vista Street in the future, but we’d probably never have another chance to photograph an empty Cars Land at sunset. Shooting conditions were not ideal, as there were a lot of radio station tables set up and other temporary infrastructure, so a lot of angles I took to shoot around these things were a bit odd (for example, I normally would have stood back and centered myself here). I can’t complain, though, as it was an awesome opportunity!

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