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Tom’s Top 7: EPCOT GOATs

The EPCOT Center of the mid-1980s through mid-1990s is my favorite theme park of all-time. As much as I praise Tokyo DisneySea (and consider it the modern analogue), I would take the EPCOT of my youth any day if I could choose. Part of that is the prospect of revisiting childhood nostalgia. Another part is

Tom’s Top 7: Audio Animatronics at Disney World

I’d describe myself as an old school Walt Disney World fan. I far prefer slow-moving dark rides to quick thrills, I love original theme park creations but am fairly ambivalent towards film IP, and I’m not particularly keen on screen-based technology. When you combine all of that, it amounts to me enjoying long, methodical attractions

Top 10 Queues at Disney World

Ah, the best queues of Walt Disney World. For those of unfamiliar with the parlance, “queue” is fancy Frenchspeak for “line.” For whatever reason, that’s how Walt Disney World refers to its line (maybe to make them seem more pleasant?) But we digress. If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, you’ve waited in queues. Probably

Top 10 Magic Kingdom Rides at Night

When the sun goes down at Walt Disney World, the party gets started. Well, not party, but nighttime is when the parks are best experienced, and most attractions that have outdoor portions are at least somewhat enhanced at night. At night, the parks come alive with a wonderful energy. This is especially true at the

Top 10 Disney World News Stories of 2017

It was a colossal year for news at Walt Disney World, with more credible rumors and announcements than at any point in over a decade. Beyond the formal announcements and rumors, there were also updates on previously-announced projects, such as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (the model that stole the show at the D23 Expo) and

Top 10 Disney World Hotel Lobbies

One of the defining features of the best Walt Disney World hotels is their lavish lobbies. This may seem like hyperbole, as location, on-site perks, and theme are usually what convinces guests to book one resort versus another. However, the hotel lobby is often what makes the first-impression upon arrival to Walt Disney World, that

Top 10 Disneyland Attractions

In this post, we rank the best Disneyland and Disney California Adventure attractions, narrowing the list to the 10 best from the two parks. Narrowing it to only ten attractions was no easy task. How do you rank the timeless Walt-era Disneyland attractions alongside newer offerings that are more technically-advanced, but may not stand the