Best & Worst Disney Springs Counter Service Restaurants

Looking for the best counter service meals at Disney Springs? This top 10 list ranks our favorite fast food spots at Walt Disney World’s shopping, dining, and entertainment complex from worst to best. (Updated June 21, 2022.)

Following its huge redesign and expansion, Disney Springs is now an all-day destination at Walt Disney World, and a place where you’ll want to have multiple meals. While we’d ideally recommend multiple table service meals since that’s where Disney Springs truly excels, arriving for a light lunch, followed by some shopping, then a large dinner and some nightlife is a great way to approach Disney Springs.

This list focuses solely on quick service restaurants, but that’s only very small part of what you need to know about Disney Springs. (Note: since originally publishing this, we’ve removed the bakeries and dessert spots–there’s a growing number of those, so we’ll do a separate list soon!) For more advice about visiting this shopping and entertainment district, refer to our Disney Springs Tips & Tricks post…

T10. Blaze Pizza – My biggest issue with Blaze is that it’s becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Call me sentimental, but on a Walt Disney World vacation, I like to do things that are special or that are distinct to WDW. Even real-world restaurants like Earl of Sandwich or (shudder) Rainforest Cafe are far less common, and could have that quality for some people.

With that said, Blaze Pizza offers great value for money, uses quality ingredients, and is a definite change of pace from the norm at Walt Disney World. After a long vacation of inflated prices, it could be very easy to look past Blaze’s real-world presence and go here for an affordable and filling meal of pretty-good, custom-made pizza.

T10. Earl of Sandwich – The OG of counter service restaurants back in the Downtown Disney-era, Earl of Sandwich has a strong reputation among Disney fans, but time has passed it by. It was once hyped for its cheap, high-quality sandwiches, but over time those prices have risen and we find it tough to justify the prices for such small portions.

Don’t get us wrong–Earl of Sandwich still has good food. The problem is that Blaze Pizza offers similarly good value (hence the tie), and a number of places offer better taste. While we’re certain Earl’s legion of loyal subjects will staunchly disagree, we are ready to go to war with Sandwich. (It’s just a small town–they could never match the military-might of Disney bloggers.)

8. B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. – This is an under-the-radar spot, one of the kiosk locations similar to AristoCrepes and Daily Poutine, all of which opened around the same time at Disney Springs. Don’t let its inconspicuous setup fool you: B.B. Wolf’s serves the best hot dogs at Walt Disney World.

While that might seem like super-duper high praise, the competition isn’t exactly staunch. Moreover, when you start comparing B.B. Wolf’s to other restaurants at Disney Springs, it doesn’t hold up all that well. There’s no indoor seating, no theme, and its menu is a one-trick pony (err…Wolf?).

7. Morimoto Asia Street Food – The walk-up window outside Morimoto Asia, this spot serves up a limited menu of ramens, ribs, egg rolls, and takoyaki. There are also usually some seasonal choices on the menu, and the quality of those can be very hit or miss (we’ve had excellent and awful meals).

The ramen here is fairly middling; you can do far better at pretty much any other Disney Springs counter service restaurant. However, the famed Morimoto Ribs are fantastic and the takoyaki is worth trying if you’ve never had it. These two dishes make Morimoto Asia Street Food worth a stop…but probably not for a full meal.

6. Cookes of Dublin – Being the counter service arm of Raglan Road, which is one of the best table service restaurants at Disney Springs, expectations for Cookes of Dublin are high. Unfortunately, our experiences at Cookes of Dublin have been much more mixed. We’ve had some tasty meals, and some disappointing ones.

The bigger trouble is that Cookes of Dublin lacks the atmosphere and live entertainment that really elevates Raglan Road. Even a “bad” meal there is still fantastic, simply by virtue of being at Raglan Road. Regardless, Cookes of Dublin is perhaps worth trying for yourself–especially if you don’t do the full Raglan Road. It’s one way to at least get a taste of that iconic experience.

5. The Basket at Wine Bar George – Like the table service restaurant that shares this space, the Basket at Wine Bar George has developed a cult following among certain Walt Disney World fans. The walk-up window offers some spectacular small bites–namely, the Crispy Mac and Cheese Bites.

The only reason that the Basket isn’t higher on this list is that it’s arguably better viewed as a snack spot, walk-up bar, or an alternative to a stop at the full Wine Bar George. Honestly, that’s how we treat it. As much as we like Wine Bar George, going here for those Mac & Cheese Bites and a drink gives us our “fix” on the table service restaurant.

5. Pizza Ponte – These hearty squares of pizza are more substantial and higher quality than in-a-flash thin pizzas at Blaze, and are even slightly heftier than what you’d find at Via Napoli. There’s a nice light char on the underside of the Pizza Ponte crust that provides added texture and flavor, and the slices are loaded with toppings.

The pizza has a liberal amount of cheese and toppings, and is the greasy type of pizza you’d order at a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint. We really enjoy the oversized squares at Pizza Ponte–it’s open late and is a great way to end a long night at Disney Springs!

4. Chicken Guy – Like Guy Fieri himself, Chicken Guy is an excellent exercise in excess. It’s fun comfort food taken a step further than you’d expect–in this case, via the the Signature Sauces that really put the chicken tenders here over the top. This is a Guy Fieri restaurant, so it’s “necessary” to be over the top in some way, and that promise is delivered upon via a staggering lineup of 22 dipping sauces.

The result with Chicken Guy is a communal experience and a tasty one at that. For most Walt Disney World guests, it’s not going to be a must-visit “destination” dining spot, but the prices make it attractive if you’re on a budget or want something to tide you over until an ADR. In fact, Chicken Guy has become one of our Disney Springs go-to restaurants, a sleeper hit that is deserving of its crowds.

3. 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck – Ask Orlando locals about the best non-Disney restaurants in Orlando. One of the most common replies you’ll hear is 4 Rivers Smokehouse. Their Winter Park, Florida location is one of the best BBQ places I’ve ever visited, with incredible Texas Brisket, Kansas City Burnt Ends, Tri-Tip, and more. (It’d be the #1 restaurant on this list by far.)

This food truck at Disney Springs isn’t as good as the local chain’s flagship Florida location, but it is decidedly different and nonetheless excellent. The taco cones and burrito bowls are among the most satisfying meals you can have at Walt Disney World for a modest price.

2. D-Luxe Burger – Without question, D-Luxe serves the best counter service burger at Walt Disney World. From its signature beef blend (a mix of brisket, angus, chuck, and short rib) to the freshly-made buns, the ingredients here are high quality and the results are delicious. While the prices are on the high side, they are no worse than any counter service burger, and the quality here rivals the best table service burger at Disney Springs (an honor going to the Boathouse).

For a slightly more economical meal from D-Luxe Burger, order one of the duos, which includes two burgers, two drinks, and an order of fries. Depending upon which version you order, you’re basically getting the drinks for free. (Pro tip: upgrade your duo’s fries to a large size and request one of each dipping sauce–trust us on this.)

1. Polite Pig – Another sister location to a beloved real-world Central Florida restaurant (the Ravenous Pig, a gastropub in Winter Park, Florida created by a husband and wife team). As with 4 Rivers, that garners near-unanimous rave reviews from Orlando locals. Polite Pig isn’t quite that good, but it’s still destination-worthy dining and has now been recognized by the Florida Michelin Guide.

It’s impossible to deny the quality of countless dishes at Polite Pig. The Baby Back Ribs with the polite rub and layla’s sweet bbq sauce are the best at Walt Disney World. The Pork Shoulder and Half Chicken are similarly fantastic. These are all quite pricey, but the quality is undeniable. For cheaper options, the sandwiches do not disappoint. Ditto the shareables and market sides.

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What is your favorite counter service restaurant at Disney Springs? Least favorite? Do you agree or disagree with these rankings? How would you rank the Disney Springs quick service restaurants at which you’ve dined? Any questions? Hearing your feedback about your experiences is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts or questions below in the comments!

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