In a non-confrontational effort, a lot of people will tell you there is no “wrong” way to do things (these are the same people who think there are no stupid questions). This may very-well be true for some things, but it is not true for a visit to Walt Disney World.

For instance, if one of the un-assimilated (say, a co-worker, for example) came became from Walt Disney World bemoaning the long lines, terrible food, and poor transportation, would you simply shrug it off, thinking, “they must have done it right, since there’s no wrong way to visit!” Of course not! I’m sure most of us have encountered a co-worker just like that, who equated a trip to Walt Disney World with a romp at Six Flags. After all, “they’re both just theme parks.” Once we cringe at their account, we think of ways that they could have done things better, and maybe even make suggestions for future trips.

This section of the DisneyTouristBlog is predicated on the same philosophy: that we can all improve our Disney experience. While we aren’t necessarily doing things wrong, we could do things “better,” and to that end, this section will offer reviews of unique experiences and events offered in Walt Disney World, in the hopes that we can all broaden our borders past the theme park attractions. Many of these experiences are lesser known (for example, did you know that you could go scuba diving in The Seas or have a private dinner in select theme park locations after closing?), but many are more common things that may go overlooked for whatever reason.

With that said, we present the Widen the ‘World — Disney Tips section of the DisneyTouristBlog. Partaking in these lesser-known experiences is going to be a tough job for us, but somebody has to do it!