The EPCOT Center 30th anniversary photo posts that wouldn’t have been possible without the extremely generous contributions of dozens of other Disney fans. Some of these people spent hours digging through shoeboxes of old photos, scanning photos, and emailing them to me. I am honored and flattered that people would take so much time and effort to assist me with this project, without receiving anything in return besides gratitude and the happiness in knowing that their photos would be enjoyed by many others. Many of you have told me that looking through your old photos was a great stroll down memory lane, too, which is great to hear.

Here is a list of the readers who contributed photos to this project. You can see who took which photos by hovering your cursor over a particular photo on a particular post. The reader’s name who submitted the photo will be at the end of the dialogue box that appears.

Although the series of posts has started to go up, we’re still hunting for more photos! We are especially interested in any photos taken inside the original attractions (we have very few inside Spaceship Earth and Horizons, in particular), photos of restaurants, and photos of The Living Seas and Wonders of Life, but we’ll accept anything!

Please note that while all photos taken on this site are normally licensed for any non-commercial use via Creative Commons, that is not true of these photos. Since I am not the photographer of the photos in these posts, nor have I requested any license to use the photos beyond Disney Tourist Blog, I cannot grant anyone the right to reproduce these photos in any way.

Thanks so much to everyone who shared photos to be used in this project!

Adrienne Spratford
Allen Pinney
Amanda Schumaker
Amber Johnson
Amy Walker
Ashley Amerson
Ben West
Benjamin Stitzer
Bruce Heidel
Brian Hubbard
Caitlin Corsello
Chad Erickson
Chareen Stevenson
Charles Brabec
Chris Gardiner
Christine Costello
Courtney Ketzler
Craig Lordan
Danielle Magnuson
Elizabeth McCoy
Grisel Rey
Heather Harvey
Ian Garnett
Isabelle Boivin
James Becker
Jeff Carson
Jeff Lipack
Jennifer Gardner
Jennifer Hyland
Jennifer Lazzaro
Jessica Durfee ([email protected])
Jim Knepley
Joelle Berry
Johnny Kunzer
Jon Herman
Julie Zanolla
Justin Wheeler
Katie Bray
Katina Williams
KatyBeth Schmid
Kim Hammons
Kimberly Baum
Kristine Banas
Lauren Baines
Lauren D
Lisa Pinney
Loren Javier
Lori Leinard
Matt Carrera
Melissa Knight
Michelle DeStefano
Morgan Ditta
Nicole Eule
Nora Martinez
Patricia Brown
Paul Sac
Rick Hayden
Ron Duphily
Ronda Keiser
Sara Pirraglia
Sarah Vineyard
Sharon Blickensderfer
Sue Berringer
Susan Drake
Tammy K
Tiffany Abundis
Todd Witkowski
Victoria Keech

Again, thank you all so much for sharing your photos. How about an internet round of applause for these folks?! ((clap, clap, clap))